Pornstar : Adi Hadad


Adi Hadad’s energy is infectious. You can’t be around him and not get all wound up and excited. He’s so handsome and has this anything goes attitude that is so amazing. At 25 years old, this dark haired stud has been working the live chat like nobody’s business. He’s been working his lean muscular body like crazy and getting tighter and more ripped with each passing week. And he’s got just the right amount of dark hair splattered across his olive skin that covers just the right parts of his body. It makes you just want to run your hands all over him. He’s so eager to please and up for anything. He loves showing off his nice big cock and that beautifully round ass of his. He bends over and reveals the perfect fur rimmed hole that you either want to lick or fuck. And you know he’d let you because he’s down with whatever.


Photo credit : Randy Blue 

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    I could definetly date a porn star…In the past my feelings have been hurt from partners cheating. i feel. Like if man told mehe was a hard core top in porn i would be ok. maybe view the relationship as a business agreement. i have always been self conscious of my dick size even if there is no reason except i can be a size. queen. Maybe lettkng him top and do rmthe things he needs is fine. Maybe i could bottom for a couple really well named men.
    ocassionally get fucked in a video. Power
    bottom for him once in a while.
    i know i could show a man how to make me want to do things for
    him, the business and the larger.


    Could a porn star who feel in love handle lhis paofessional partner totally slutting him or herself out with other movie stars? .
    He would either have to be in charge of videos he had me take dick from him and others.

    be his slut once a year to but also every night at home. if he gave me the dick when i wanted it
    and made sure he could allow other men do some dawson shit, through out the year.
    i fall in love with the man arhe dick is
    secondary. if i am horny i will bottom blow slut fot him in a video for him. but if he ud tired he needs to tell me who to fuck how many and
    film that
    for him. when i am isn heat he has furst dibs but neefs

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