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Donna Summer passed away this morning at her home in Florida. She was battling breast cancer and was trying to keep it the more secret possible.

The Queen of disco was actually working on a new album.

Her biggest hits include “Hot Stuff”, “Bad Girls”, “No More Tears” with Barbra Streisand and “Last Dance”, my personal favorite from this 5 time Grammy Award winner.

The gorgeous woman inspired other singers of her generation and many others after. Her legacy will live on!

May she rest in peace!

(see music video of “Last Dance” after the jump)


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  1. wayne g

    Donna Summer was truly A diva and my favorite performer.Her music and legacy will live in my heart forever—Rest in Peace Donna

  2. robert

    i cant believe this and i refuse to beleive that this butiful singer is gone my heart goes out to her freinds family may she rest in pease and may god bring her family pease at this time im so sory to hear this

  3. jim

    Thank you Donna for putting a smile on my face
    Lifting my spirits when i was down
    the energy
    on the dance floors!

  4. Dave

    Actually, I heard Donna died of lung cancer–not breast cancer. Anyway, I’ve always been a huge fan. She was so talented. Saw her in concert twice. A true artist, she was gifted vocally beyond words (no lip synch, no autotune); a voice which seemed to improve with age. She also leaves a legacy of great songs. Another one who died too soon.

    RIP Donna.

  5. Rocnroll

    I have just spent 4 hours bouncing from video and music posts on YouTube reliving my love for Donna Summer. She was and will always be my Super Star. No other voice moves me like hers.
    I am saddened by her departure and will miss her greatly.
    Peace to her and her family.
    I find comfort in knowing that I got to see her once in concert.

  6. david gold

    you no she was just a another person who was two faced gay people made here famous and then she turn around and said how bad they were and she only had one hit after that i am sad to see anyone pass but she was just another confussed soul talked about being religoues but here first song was banded on some station in the 70

  7. greggo

    After a busy day, I sat on the sofa watching the News Hour on PBS last night. Near the end of the broadcast, anchor Jeffery Brown uttered the daily phrase, “…and finally tonight,” marking the last story of the show. Surprise and a bit of shock overcame me as he introduced a tribute to Donna Summer. I didn’t even know she was sick, and now she’s dead.

    It was hard to even pay attention to the story, as I was, somewhat confusingly, overcome with emotion. We regularly hear of the passings of famous entertainers. Momentary sadness, a nod to a great talent, and we move on. But somehow my reaction to this was different.

    For sure, I was touched by the deaths of Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, Ella, Mel Torme, and many others. But they were all part of our parents’ generation. The recent death of Levon Helm touched me. But I realize now that Donna was more a part of the fabric of MY life than I knew.

    How could she be gone? It is seemingly only yesterday that every night at the disco clubs the DJs signaled the end of the party with Donna singing “Last Dance” (and half the crowd – myself included – singing along with her as we danced our final dance of the night).

    Even before the report ended, I called my friend Bill in San Diego, who’s a walking encyclopedia of pop culture. It was just a few years ago, after he interviewed the Disco Diva for a magazine story, that he and I actually saw her perform her string of hits. When I expressed my ignorance of her illness, he said, “Of course not. She was a classy lady and wouldn’t play it for sympathy as others might.”

    In attempting to help me calm my emotions, he wisely suggested that the best thing to do is just think of the great music and celebrate all the good memories. Her long collaboration with Giorgio Moroder gave us “Love To Love You Baby,” “I Feel Love,”” Macarthur Park,” and several other hot cuts. I hear in my mind the fugue-like vocals with Joe Esposito on “Heaven Knows.” She and Barbra Streisand nailed it with their rocking duet on “Enough Is Enough.” So many great songs… so many great memories.

    So, as part of that celebration, I write this. I am grateful for all the good times, of which her music was an integral part. She WAS the “Queen of Disco.”

  8. p c

    Donna Summer was a great artist! She will be missed greatly! I love all her music. She was in my era and I had a bond with her music as many of us have. So sad to hear the news. But she will live forever through her wonderful and unforgettable music!!

  9. Vinny

    Mrs Donna Summer may u rest in PEACE have restful eternal slumber u worked hard 4 your money 2 bring us good music…

  10. 100% pure love

    U never know the dirt about a person until they are dead , well here is some news for the queens that said she did not like gays she loved me an she was a very good Cusin an we allways had fun an she loved me , so B***hes F off

  11. MLBennett

    Donna dahling, I love you, really I do! How many nights have I danced to the wonderful music of this Diva RIP my Queen, you have left a legacy for the world to enjoy

  12. Bob

    I lived in San Francisco during her hey day and she was definately the queen of disco. No other artist of that era came anywhere close. She did disappoint once though. I was in Atlanta where she was scheduled to perform at the legendary Fox Theater. I paid top money for the best seats in the house and finally she came on stage. She broke into her first set and did a wonderful. After 30 minutes she took a break and we all assumed she would be back. She actually left the theater and was not seen again. There was such an outcry that the theater had to give everyone a refund. I lost a little respect for her that day but she always remained deep in my heart. She will be sorely missed but I hope she fins peace and happiness in the hear after.

  13. Dave

    To Alexander and David Gold:

    Donna addressed the article that basically stated she hated gays. She was misquoted but the rumors persist because people like you still hold a grudge.

  14. Kayne

    First off, Ladonna had both Breast AND Lung Cancer.
    Second, Those comments attributed to her were false. Anyone who followed her career would know that. Third she was an Aids Activist… Anyone that correctly Remember history will remember that proceeds from ” Live And More – Enocore- bot the tour and the album – produced by Sony and VH1 went toward Aids Research.

    She was A born Again Christian. and yes she abandonment a lot of what she did in her past- she had an adulterous affair when she was married in Germany to Sommers, her first husband. Whether or not she agreed with homosexuality was totally irrelevant. Hell, Even Cher had a “problem” with Gays if anyone wants to remember.

    People should not be judged by a single moment. but for a life time and she was a True Diva… one that will sorely be missed- and never replaced.

    Rest in peace Ladonna!

  15. Yungobruh

    Thank You! I loved Donna Summer and I’ll miss Donna Summer. Last Dance was one of my favorites. Perfect tribute. Watching that video let me get my 70’s back! LOL

  16. Blondemike

    She was good in the 70’s and I loved her music then, but after she found god and spread negative things about aids and gays,,,,,well all I can say is good riddance and who cares…..

  17. Andrew

    @Alexender,In the mid 1980s, Summer was embroiled in a controversy. She had allegedly made anti-gay remarks regarding the then-relatively new disease, AIDS, which as a result had a significantly negative impact on her career and saw thousands of her records being returned to her record company by angered fans. Summer, by this time a born-again Christian, was alleged to have said that AIDS was a punishment from God for the immoral lifestyles of homosexuals. However, she denied that she had ever made any such comment and, in a letter to the AIDS campaign group ACT UP in 1989, she said that it was “a terrible misunderstanding. I was unknowingly protected by those around me from the bad press and hate letters… If I have caused you pain, forgive me.” She went on to apologize for the delay in refuting the rumours and closed her letter with Bible quotes (from Chapter 13 of 1 Corinthians).
    Also in 1989, Summer told The Advocate magazine that “A couple of the people I write with are gay, and they have been ever since I met them. What people want to do with their bodies is their personal preference.” A couple of years later she filed a lawsuit against New York magazine when it reprinted the rumours as fact just as she was about to release her album Mistaken Identity in 1991.

  18. M

    Seems people here are being strangely myopic about her. Yes she had a voice and made some music, was extremely popular at a time. Then she by her own doing destroyed her career by her open fundamentalist homophobia.

  19. Shyeli

    I couldn’t put it better than Greggo! Donna Summer was a person with many talents and a wonderful person. She brought so much joy into my life. Fabulous hits like Last Dance, On the Radio, Once Upon a Time, Spring Affair, Hot Stuff, Bad Girls, Try Me, I know we can make it…..endless fabulous songs. SHE will certainly be missed by millions around the world. God bless her!!

  20. dracta

    I loved her music and have a great deal of respect for her talent, truth be told when an artist has something to offer they must have someone to seel it to, thanks to us all, the gay community, she had the priviledge of stardom, we all bought her product, but she did not appreciate nor did she have any respect for us, thats really a shame, most religions do not teach tolerance for homosexuality, for this reason I dont blame her but… she could have made a different choice! while her legacy will be missed I will not miss her simple minded opinion about our way of life. RIP Donna! hope next time around you realize how wonderful we are.

  21. Scarpien

    @ Dave: Save your breath man. You know hell hath no fury like queens scorned. Despite whether or not she made the comments, no one can dispute her music and it’s connection to gays. How many artists’ music we listen to and love and don’t know how they feel about us, as gays. Not saying that Donna Summer was homophobic, but better the devil you know.

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