Music : Kylie’s Latest Single : Time Bomb


Kylie Minogue just released her latest single and music video for Timebomb and I loooooove it !

The beat makes me wanna dance! I think I’m going to go out tonight!

The song is directed and edited by Christian Larson and produced by Matt Schwartz and Paul Harris.

I think it will be a hit for sure and I can’t wait to hear it in clubs!

(Listen to it below)



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    • blog

      Greg? Music has no age dear ! My friend is 53 and he listens to Madonna, Gaga, Maroon 5, Celine, Barbra, Classic music, etc…

  1. eddie

    I’m 55 and I love it! I didn’t know there was music produced only for young gay men. I love music from Bach to De burgh to Gaga to Adele to Gotye to Bowie to Lennox to Bond to…… get it? Music, especially music that makes you feel soemthing, isn’t age restrictive.

  2. Sean

    This song is HOT! It has a very infectious sound and one heck of a catchy hook in it. Kylie just seems to get better and better through the years! LOVE IT!

  3. Todd

    Greg it might surprise you to learn Kylie is 43 years old. And I’ve been a Kylie fan for years. She is huge everywhere except the United States. While the new song isn’t her strongest, I’m glad to see she keeps continuing to record.

  4. Jason

    Fucking awsome. I wish she was popular here in the states again. With dance music being so popular and mainstream here now you would think she would be

  5. BryBry

    Sometimes when something is hyped up, it can be a let down. I delayed listening to this song for a few days, now I’m sorry I waited! I think this just might be one of her BEST recordings ever!! Loved it, loved it, loved it.

  6. Michael

    Kylie is awesome. Madonna and Gaga too. No bubblegum junk out of these classy ladies. Age has nothing to do with it. All three are hot and ageless. Music is for whoever likes it. Just osme today si repetitive bs…same old beat….shall we say Ms> Perry and unfrtunately Ms Minaj want sher name on everyhting and Usher…your lyrics are CHEESY at best. There’s my take. Go to it Kylie…hot as ever. Cher is due again too…and she also gets better with time. Is this her sixth decade about to begin…who can say that ! And Madonna…you are so hot lately…keep producing!

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