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Idol Runner-Up Adam Lambert is the first openly gay singer to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts.

He just released this video for his second single “Never Close Your Eyes”.

I’m usually not a fan, but I think it’s a very ncie video and song!

Any thoughts?


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  1. Leon

    It is a hot video and song… and I particularly the Adam look in the first 90%. He’s very stunning without all of the glam excess. Make-up or not, I certainly would not kick the boy outta my bed.

  2. pc

    I am a fan since he was a contestant in American Idol,so very pround of him, he deserve to be on top, he is a real artist

  3. mark

    its weird seeing him dance the song is good video eh but i am happy for him now if he will just kiss a guy on his music videos ill be 1000% happy with his videos 🙂

  4. Mr. Newport Station

    I’m happy to see he is still singing … But as for titles I’m not to much into them any more. I was at one time but it seem everyone for gets the past anymore. It and its a drag if your not a drag queen in the gay community. Here today gone tomorrow it would be nice to be recalled every once in a while
    I know Djs that have a heck of a time getting a gig and they been around for years. Wink here’s to the oldest drag queen in the world…. Your on next …. Much XXOO

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