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Entertainment : X-Man Northstar Proposes To His Man


Yesterday, was new arrivals day on comic book stores and in the batch, the issue number 50 of Astonishing X-Men.

It is not any random issue, but the issue where Northstar, a gay superhero has proposed to his long time partner.

Northstar gets down on one knee in his civilian identity, to hold up a ring to his man.

Northstar and his partner will get married in Central Park in issue 51, which will arrive next month.

Gay characters are not new in comic books and are becoming increasingly common. Northstar revealed he was gay in 1992.

In 2010 the long-running Archie Comics series debuted its first gay character. And DC Comics, which has a gay character in Batwoman, announced few days ago that one of its other marquee super heroes would soon come out of the closet.

Who will it be ? Batman?


(Photograph: Handout/Reuters)

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  1. xblkstorm

    I’m a big comic book nerd so I like a good story. Its kind a funny in comics there isn’t enough of minority characters and for damn sure not enough gay, bi, transgendered characters. I likebit the idea does it feel a bit forced after the Obama’s support of gay marriage? Yea but marvel gas always been a lil more progressive than DC .

  2. XMan4Life

    Not surprised it’s a Marvel character that will have a gay marriage. Northstar’s sexuality was never a secret. I’m glad Marvel saw that sooner than later (which probably boosted a lot of their sales).

    What I’m wondering now is whom is DC’s “token” gay character going to be (let’s face it…Batgirl isn’t a “token” in anyway)? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Aquaman, Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter. We’ll see.

  3. Mr.J.

    I think it’s great that Marvel is doing this, but I also think that it’s artistic suicide for DC to bring out one of its’ major players. While I’m all for gay marriage and equal rights for all people I think if you take something the that has been going strong for a very long time and all of a sudden do a 180 degree on it and completely change it, it’s going to kill it.

  4. tomzuk

    It won’t be a major character. They wimped out when Superman was suppose to turn out to be the major villian and at the last moment they wimped out and made it Hawk of Hawk and Dove. Why change the history of a character just to make them gay. Why not just create a great character who just happens to be gay. Why not make being gay part of who the character is instead of all the character is.

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