A4A : What Are You Guys Up To?

Hey guys, what are you guys up to this week-end ?

I just played Volleyball all day, we have gorgeous weather in Montreal ๐Ÿ™‚

Tonight, it’s “relax and enjoy good food and drinks with friends” !

You? Where are you? What are you doing tonight ?



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  1. Dale Nimmo

    I rode my bicycle on Missouri’s KATY trail for 50 miles
    Tonite i’m driving home and mybe find some casual sex and playmate

  2. Lorenzo

    It is such a nice day in Palm Springs CA today. Going to have a BYOB party and skinny dipping with all my HOT gay male friends. It will go on and on for hours and after several cocktails, I will be able to take a guy, one at a time, into my master bedroom so I can eat their nice squeky clean bubble butt ass which will make their cock throbbing hard for my nice wet and warm latino cock sucking mouth. Who wants to be next? The handsome German dude with blond hair and blue eyes and a bubble butt yum yum, I will give him a shot of tequila and lead him to my bedroom. Get him on a fours on my bed, rip his speedo off with my teeth, kiss his bubble butt all over as I spread his bubble butt cheeks and dive my tongue into his sweet ass….yum yum, he is pushing his ass back so he can get more of my tongue FUCK hot…who’s next?

  3. Jason

    Well…not a lot. I live and work out in a village in the middle of Alaska. Just hangin out at the office…waiting for someone to break the law so I can have something to do lol

  4. Rabin

    Nothing much.Just an evening with food,internet and some good music.I’m taking it slow this saturday night.Btw,we also had great weather here in Suriname.U play Volleybal as a sport?or a hobby?

  5. Rashad

    I’m from GA and I o what I always do. Nothing. Friends are always busy and every weekend I’m alone. ๐Ÿ™

  6. Marky C Baby

    Well I’m trying to meet wup with a cool chill guy, smoke a lil bud, drink a few drinks and have a lot of fun. Any guys interested in the San gabriel valley hit me up my username is BionicMarky.

  7. UrDesire714

    Orange, California

    Looking to go out tonight and have some fun ! Maybe go play at the billards in Newport Beach. But as of right now, nothing :/

  8. Angel

    Okinawa Japan and we just had an AMAZING party @ Club Scratch in Naha City!!!!! Osaka and Okinawa came together!!!!!! Naked boys, water gun fights wild dancing;it was a fun night!

  9. Cravenmoorhead

    Hi Dave it’s Jason in San Diego and the Weather is cold out so it’s great cuddle weather where I sit here looking for all of the beautiful adams out their that would love to be held onto tight and kept warm in hairy chest and strong arms. mmmmmmmmmm I love cuddle weather.

  10. Mark

    Headed home for Mothers Day, help with the kinfolk’s garden, do some metalwork, and maybe sip a few cold ones.

  11. Sunny

    Well I am in Atlanta but like there is not that much to do I will probably sit at home and watch a movie. I think I might even go to the movies to see “The Avengers”

  12. Joe

    The weather was so good out here in the Bay area!

    I spent the day out in Oakland cooking with great friends.

    I ended the day with a whiskey at a brew house in San Francisco with my wingwoman!

  13. Keith Doremus

    Well this weekend I am working :(, but I’m also planning for my Las Vegas trip in June! So excited to go see what it’s all about! Along with hoping the men will be so so hot!! Going to be a great time to put my radar to use ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. shawn

    I guess nobody wanted to say anything lol, today I surprised my mom with roses, and took her out to lunch just me and here, its been so long since we did that.

  15. Me

    I saw “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” at City Center in New York. It was a big, elaborate well staged production- a sloppy wet kiss to that type of old fashioned musical. It was perfectly ridiculous, and perfectly perfect.

  16. fasteddy

    Working on the boat trailer kept me busy all weekend, then for dessert, my Brazilian f/b came over and we played for a couple of hours.

  17. matt

    My weekend was pretty boring with work except fri I went to the gay bar and ended up with a couple numbers and making out with a old hook up at his work sat and yes there was some small bj action going on in a dark hallway ๐Ÿ˜‰

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