A4A : May 17th, International Day Against Homophobia


Homophobia is an insidious phenomenon that often succeeds in taking hold in a subtle, discreet and often invisible ways. Nobody is immune from hostility and hurtful acts  directed towards homosexuals and homosexuality itself. Even we as homosexuals may adopt homophobic behaviors to shield ourselves from the hate and aggression that comes from homophobia.

The International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) strives to fight all forms of Homophobia. Large scale, world-wide efforts like this are needed, as 1.5 billion people globally still live under regimes which criminalize gay relationships.

Held on May 17th, the day is set aside as a rallying cry to everyone, offering all persons an opportunity to gather and reach, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Spearheaded by Fondation Émergence, “National Day Against Homophobia” was organised for the first time in Québec on June 4, 2003. Fondation Émergence and their partners worked hard to have this annual day be observed throughout Canada. What’s more, countries such as Belgium, France and United-Kingdom caught on to the idea and have set up similar events. As the word spread, May 17 became the day selected as the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO). This date was chosen based on the World Health Organisation’s decision to decategorise homosexuality as a mental disorder.

Last year, events taking a stand against homophobia were held in seventy countries. This year, IDAHO coordinators say activists in 95 countries around the world have planned some form of event.

To learn more about Fondation Émergence and the International Day Against Homophobia, visit Fondation Émergence‘ s website or to find more information on the events taking place around the world to mark IDAHO today, visit

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  1. WB

    Awesome. Hopefully it does the world some good by making people less intolerant and less ignorant of the matter.

    Too bad that most homophobia tends to come from those that are insecure about their own sexuality. Then somehow rationalize that by lashing out and hating what they fear, that they can’t be a part of it. Those crazy heteros. Ha.

  2. JKVICIOUS from A4A (Joseph)

    I hate homophobia…my dad had it and my mom had it or still does. its hard to say. everyday she drives me crazy on wanting to get kicked out of my room and put me back on the street or she wants me to find some alternate housing. dont really know hats going on over here but im doing everything i can to make better decisions about my future. so im hoping now that i get my own apartment and a good paying job. been looking for a while now. no biggie the world is having their eyes opened about online employment questionable’s and tests we take.

  3. navysausage

    So lame when these awareness days/months are hyped and then forgotten the next day. Meanwhile some profiteer is frantically silkscreening t-shirts in his garage to capitalize on these events. Lol. And for the record, 17 May also celebrates National Cherry Cobbler Day, followed by National Cheese Souffle Day. And let’s always be reminded that the month of May celebrates National Don’t Eat Cheese Before Noon month and National Zombie Awareness month. Awesome.

  4. Cravenmoorhead

    Who Want’s to go straight bashing with me. It’s fun to yell at some straight asshole, have you ever had your ass kicked by a FAG. they always seem to run in the other direction. I love my Life I’m one Butch Homo and Proud to be Gay. Thanks God. All kidding aside. Make Love not war. Spread Love Happiness and joy. and remember Love your fellow man.

  5. navysausage

    @cravenmoorhead: I use my bashing in self-defense and it gives me plenty of satisfaction when i can clock some loud-mouthed queer-basher wannabe. I, too, can give an equally amount of pummeling…but I would never instigate it. And yes, I know you were saying things in jest…lol. No one should ever have to put up with physical violence for the sake of taking the high road. Man up, guys!!

  6. GetOverIt

    IDAHO or MONTANA or ASS POKERS ANONYMOUS. Call it what you want, it only serves to strengthen and perpetuate inequalities based on meaningless differences. Say this takes hold, then a new group who wants awareness and equality for their team of “Christian Fisting Pan Sexuals for Jesus”…. and on, and on…. still always leaving all other groups behind as they climb a worthless half step in the unending ladder of social justice. All marginalized groups have the same one thing in common…. they are all human beings. Promote awareness and equality for all human beings and lets stop all the bullshit already. Promote that, and celebrate diversity. But dont promote divisions, or you are just part of the very same problem youre trying to solve.

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