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Watch This : Locker Room Action

Andrew Christian is back with another hot and sexy video to promote his underwear line.

Featuring DJ Nick Ayler as “the coach” and catchy track “U Make Me Wanna” from Kimberly Cole, Andrew Christian is pushing the envelope for our pleasure!

Gorgeous male models are doing dirty stuff…But I’m not telling you more…

Check out the video after the jump!

To get your “locker room” outfit, click here!!



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  1. Romoni D'Aubigne

    None of AC’s latest ads, uncluding this one, have made me want to go out & purchase their products. They aren’t that appealing to me. Seems like their ads is full of an overuse of sex to sell a product, which is a turnoff to me.

  2. Lorenzo

    mmmmm OMG hot video, cocks throbbing, soaping up a hot ass yum yum, I would have made him get on all fours and begin eating his squeky clean bubble butt as while he moans and gets fucking hard, then I would stand him up while I am on my knee’s and begin to suck his hot big cock, lick the tip make him beg for my deep throat, let a little cock slide into my cock hungry mouth, as I begin to feel precum, Take it down my deep throat cock sucking and cock loving mouth and taking all of him cum.

  3. dick4u22

    men loving each other in their jock straps barely fitting over their monster sized cocks. the smell of sweat, cum, cologne, farts…its such a turn on.

    • blog

      Kaygee: Maybe you should send your comment to Andrew Christian… cause there is nothing we can do about that…
      They also dont need to show allllllllllll the colours in their ads…
      There would be like 36 guys each time…

  4. AJ

    M, the hottie with the water bottle is Quinn Christopher Jaxon, who appeared in a solo on Randy Blue as “Kurt Madison”. He has a HUGE cock…google his name and you’ll see. 😉

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