Stories : My Florida Man

Last week I was bored and horny at home. I was lying on my bed with my iPhone browsing A4A, when this cute man contacted me and engaged me in a conversation.

You know the kind…an average guy but hot in his own way… Not the guy that everyone looks at in the street but a hot, guy next door type. He was 6’2, 200 lbs, with an athletic build, but not too muscular. He was a blue collar type, you know, the t-shirt/jeans/sneakers type…

We talked for few minutes, then he unlocked his pictures, I was surprised by his nice cock and hot body. I really needed to meet this man, I wanted to get some of this understated hunk! Where had he been hiding ?

We decided  to meet in the early evening at my place around 5pm. I cleaned the house, took a long hot shower,  and got everything ready…

The bell rang and I opened the door. OMG, he was even hotter than he looked in his pics, and he was so much cuter in person!

I’m not the kind of guy who start kissing my “hookup” just a few minutes after we meet, but this one, was the exception to that rule!

We sat on the couch and start making out right from the beginning. He was touching my body everywhere with his masculine hands and biting my unshaved jaw and chin. I was getting so hot as he licked my neck, nibbled on my ears, and started passionately kissing me like we were lovers! He was holding me like a real man should hold me, tight, strong….and I loved it, I melted into his arms.

It had been a long time since I had any romance in my hookups, but this guy was the entire package!

He lifted me up and brought me gently onto my bed – I looove a man who lifts me and then slowly lays me on my bed, like a treasure to be cared for.

He undressed me slowly, licking and kissing every inch of my body…He stopped, held me tightly, caressed my back, and looked me in the eye, giving me all of his attention, holding me firm and passionately

I was so overwhelmed by his caress and passion that I could barely breath… he was making “love” to me in every way. His affection and attention were so intense I had to look away at times. I had been single for over a year and the hookups I had since were really just sex, so this passion felt so amazing. I love cuddlers, but this guy was sooooo cuddly that I was melting on the inside, but my dick was hard as a rock, and I was precumming everywhere…

I started licking and kissing his nipples…. His reaction was soooooo intense, that I was scared for a second :

“are you ok? Do you like it?”

“Yessss, I looooove it”  he said. I had obviously found his love buttons!

Then I moved my mouth lower, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled down his underwear to reveal a gorgeous hard cock that was surrounded by a full, soft bush! I fell in love !!!!

I started licking the tip of his cock, teasing him before I devoured it. I was sucking his cock with lot’s of suction and taking it deep while he groaned and slowly fucked my face.

He was about to cum…so I stopped him. No way, not yet, I needed more of this hunk’s love.

He took me and laid me on my back, slowly lifted my legs high in the air and pushed them close to my head:

“Wow, you’re so flexible…and you’re so gorgeous” he said passionately. He started licking my toes while looking me in the eyes…oufffff that was fucking hot, I’m hard again just thinking about it!

Then he licked my smooth, shaved ass while still looking me in my eye…he seemed to be wondering if I was enjoying his tongue and attention. I think he got his answer fast enough…as I ground my ass into his face and moaned with pleasure.

Then he moved back, and pulled up his hard dick, putting it on my waiting ass, sliding his dick back and forth over my eager hole….My eyes were rolling back into my head as I felt his warm, hard cock rub against my waiting ass.

I grabbed my dick and started to jerk it fast, the feeling of him eating my ass while I jerked off was amazing!

He moved forward and brought his cock up to my face, slowly putting the head of his cock in my mouth. I tried to suck it in, but he pulled back, finally with one full thrust he slide his cock down my throat. He started face fucking me while I was still on my back….until he explode in my mouth!

Hearing him moan and feeling his cock jump while he shot his hot, tasty cum in mouth was enough to make me cum too! I shot my load all over my chest and his back.

Satisfied, we lied there, cuddling for over 2 hours, kissing and holding each other tightly and intimately… He was kissing my cheek, my head, my butt, my mouth, my ears, my neck, my hands…I think he gave me over 100 kisses… He was as much into me, that I was into him.

I started jerking-off again, while he played with my ass, he kissed me again and I shot a full load for the second time. That was fabulous.

It’s now 8 o’clock, I have a dinner with friends in few minutes, I have to shower and to leave…So my “lover” has to leave …

We exchanged numbers and infos… And I’m kinda sad that he is from Florida… and I wonder, will I ever see him again…?


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  1. Rawandready

    Good story, It must have been one of those rare occasions on here where you actually get someone to come over. LOL. Or they dont play games in Florida.

  2. EccoDiPluto

    The passion kills me when it comes to casual sex. You know it’s not real! That guy doesn’t even know you. But it’s nice to appreciate it.

  3. BareGrills

    sounded like a rip-off of a Harlequin romance… I fully expected you to reference him stuffing your ‘pussy’ or ‘mangina’

    • blog

      Not everybody likes the rough and bare stuff sweetie… 🙂
      Romance is good too…
      Not manly enough for you? Read our older stories…

  4. Darryl

    That’s a pretty hot story. It’s always nice to meet someone that really makes you feel loved and cared for, even when you’re having sex. Nothing better then good old fashioned Romance.

  5. undieluver

    Ok hot story but I made the mistake of reading it at worn now u have a massive boner and two hour before I get home

  6. Soft & Fluffy

    I’m with BareG on this one .. Are you sure you didn’t write paperback novels in another life ?

    If I had just one of your out of this world encounters every two years I’d consider myself a very lucky bitch .. lol

  7. USMEX83

    LoL I do that to most of my lovers that I meet either online or public. I love showing them what good sex is all about, and not the suck me, fuck me, blah, blah bull shit you get to see a lot. Either way just because I’m showing you a good time in bed does not mean I’m returning back with that same love making energy again. Most guys are wimps anyways and don’t know how to keep a good lover longer than a few days. The insecurity, the I never felt this way before, the omg I’m so out of control I don’t know what to do, lol… Tip: Just man up and shower your lover with extreme pleasure, and don’t take it for granted. Most likely if his a beastly love making dude he will probably expect the same or MORE! Oh, and always watch out how you decide to exit him out of your place, because it could make the difference of him coming back for some more or him putting you in his not so special list. Sex is not so special if the other does share those same extremes, but when you do FuCk you will transforming your sexuality together, mmmmmm! Now that’s hot!

  8. Xicadasilva

    Amazing how similar it is to how i meet my former Bf on adam, what i expected to be an almost regular hookup was like that, we were together from 07-09, and we still friend. But i know that encounter like that are rare, specially when you find someone whos the complete package. I believe this story.

  9. Jim

    I have had only one encounter like this before,,, and been years ago,,, Im so ready for more, but the assholes today want to get sucked and run….. they done know true love making…. or any passion at all…. most dont even want to kiss,,, just suck them and shoot their load and leave… Im very passionate and love good ole fashioned love making like you discribe,, and so ready for one right now…I am that way, but most arent.

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