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I always hated Easter. When I was little my mother would make me wear a tie and jacket, go to church and have dinner at my cousins. My cousins were the ones that always had everything, the new toys, the big TV, the pool in the back yard and all the new clothes.

Each year we would go to their house, eat dry lamb (which I never liked) and then sit and watch our parents get drunk.

It wasnt until I was about 11 that I started to look forward to going. That year my cousin Debra and I played doctor in her play house by the pool. It was the first time I ever showed anyone my penis, and the first time I saw a vagina. I was the sick patient and the only way to cure me was for us both to take off all our clothes, and for her, the nurse, to get on top of me and warm me up with her body. (Evidently I had some sickness that was related to the cold).

Easter was the only time I saw Debra, and from then on, we would go in the back and find some excuse to examine each other. This went on for about 5 years, at least until I was 16. That is the year both of us had our first sexual encounter.

I had seen my first porno shortly before Easter. It was a short tape (VCR) that showed nothing but one couple fucking in the woods missionary style. That year, when we went into the play house (which was now starting to fall apart) we did not bother playing doctor or hostage, we just started to make out. We both took off our clothes, she laid down and I just started to put my hard dick in her and I came, I was not even inside her and I shot my cum all over her flat chest. It was one of the most embarrassing things ever!

That was the last I saw of my cousin Debra for about 5 more years. My parents got divorced and the invitations to Easter dinner at my cousins stopped.

About 5 years later I received an invitation to Debras wedding. I had to see who she was marring so I went. It was a beautiful wedding, and her husband, Don, was a knock out. Tall with long black hair and dark brown eyes, and a great job in financial trading, he was defiantly a good catch.

Debra and I had a chance to catch up at the reception, although we did not say anything about it, I know we were both thinking of all those Easter dinners, where desert was seeing each other naked.

Without saying too much, I asked her if they still had Easter dinners. She said no, but that she and Don would invite me for Easter dinner next year. She seemed sincere, but I did not think it would ever happen.

Two weeks before Easter I received an invitation to Don and Debras for Easter dinner. I was shocked and a little excited. The invitation said that dinner was casual, just us three, and for me to bring a bathing suit, ok, I was going for sure!

After a night out, I arrived to their house on Easter day a little hung over. Don greeted me at the door and could tell I was a little worn, so he immediacy offered me a Bloody Mary, just what the doctor ordered! He ran off to the kitchen and Debra came out to greet me. She looked great, and was obviously excited to have me over. She gave me a tour of the house which was very nice, four bedrooms, huge living room and family style kitchen, it was all very Texas.

Just as if on command, Don showed up with the bloody Mary, handing it to me while asking if I brought my bathing suit. Before I could get my second sip of the Bloody Mary, we were off to the Jacuzzi to relax before dinner. We had been talking and relaxing in the water for about 10 minutes when Debra came out very upset, saying that she had not turned the oven up high enough and that Easter lamb dinner was going to be over an hour late. I was hungry but not a fan a lamb, so it really did not matter much to me.

Don and I talked about everything, he was really a nice guy, and very smart. He told me how he and Debra met, what he did for work, all about his childhood in Utah, and even some about girls he had dated in college. It all seemed very normal and nice, at least until he reached under the water and grabbed my dick!

The last thing I expected was for him to even make a pass at me, more or less grab my dick. All I could think of was Debra in the kitchen, wondering what she would think if she knew her newly wed husband was touching her cousins dick in the back yard. I looked at Don and said “what about Debra”, he just looked at me and when under water, pulling off my shorts and then sucking my dick.

It was crazy, Don was sucking my dick underwater while his wife, my cousin, was cooking us Easter dinner. I was rock hard and he was great at sucking cock, but he is married to my cousin!

When he came up for air I told him that I could not do it, I told him that I would not do that to Debra. He did not say a word, he stood up, (showing his hard dark fur lined cock) and stepped out of the water.

I sat there in shock for about three minutes, when he showed up, still naked and hard, pulling Debra by the hand towards the water. Debra had a huge smile on her face, I guess it was the response to the look of complete shock on mine!

Without saying a word she slipped out of her dress and got in the water with us. She went under the water and started to suck Don, while Don went under the water and started to suck me.

When they came up for air Debra took my hand and lead us to the bedroom. Still in shock, but horny as hell, I followed. I could not even believe this was happening to me.

Debra sat me on the edge of the bed and started to go down on me, I was hard in no time. Don was standing behind her, just watching and stroking his dick. After a few minutes, Debra stood up and pushed me all the way down on the bed, lifted my legs and pulled Don over to me.

I had never had my ass licked before, and never thought that I would have my ass licked by a man, but it was amazing. The feeling of a hot, wet tongue licking around and in my ass hole drove me wild, I wanted more! Debra was sucking my dick while Don continue to eat out my ass.

I shut my eyes, laid back, and just enjoyed having my cock and ass worshiped. Any hesitation I had about being with a man was totally gone and finally being able to have sex, real sex, with my cousin was more of an Easter present than anything I could have ever expected.

Debra  turned and took Dons cock into her mouth, while Don started to give me the blow job of my life. As much as I hate to say it, Don was much better at sucking cock, not only was he able to take my dick balls deep, but he used his hands just right, guiding my cock into his hot mouth, helping me to fuck his face with my whole cock. I reached down and took Dons head into my hands and started to fuck his face, pushing my cock deep down his throat. The more I pushed, the more he seemed to enjoy it. Just as I got close to shooting my cum down his throat, he pulled back and stood up, as Debra got up off her knees and straddled my cock.

I was deep inside her, on the edge of the bed, as I felt Dons cock slide into her ass. The feeling of being inside someone and feeling another cock fuck them at the same time is something I hope to enjoy often. I lied there inside my cousin as her husband fucked her. I could feel ever stroke of his hard cock inside her ass.

I could feel his cock pounding her ass, with only a thin layer of tissue that separated his dick and mine. We started moving together in sync as if we had done this 100 times before. By this point Debra was screaming in shear pleasure. She was cuming and cuming. I could feel Dons balls hitting my balls and the feeling of his cock against mine was like feeling porn! . I reached up and grabbed Dons ass and pulling him even deeper into Debra. “I am going to cum” Don said “Me too” I replied, and we both shot our loads at the same time.

I could feel Dons cock thrusting back and spewing his hot cum inside her as I thrust my cock deep inside her and shot my load too.

We laid there for a while and napped, completely forgetting about everything, waking to the smell of our burnt Easter dinner!


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  1. David

    bi eh at least it was with another dude the first part was not that hot (replace deb with with dan and it would be way hotter)

  2. Mike

    Me and my cousin still have some what of the same tradition. However, he’s married with no kids and we don’t include his wife. It’s just he and I. We do this during every major family get together.

  3. TenderTuff

    I guess I’ll have to be the first one to comment. This is a very female-heavy story. I was kind of shocked that it was chosen to be published to an audience like this.

    To whomever made this decision: You KNOW we are all attracted to men. You know that not all of us are attracted to women. Choose better next time.

    • blog

      tendertuff: we will choose whatever we want honey 🙂 There are some bi guys as well here…
      Just dont read it next time !

  4. Haywood Jablome

    You cannot unread something once you have read it, and you can’t know there is va-jay-jay in a story until you happen upon it. How about putting a vagina warning at the top of the story so those of us who are not into such things can then decide not to read any further and avoid any nasty surprises. Thank you.

  5. urpartsman

    i would contiued in the kitchen and at least saved dinner God knows we’ll be hungry after,gotta learn to multi task better…i think my husband and my wife will love this story!!

  6. Darryl

    It’s funny how many people were turned on by this story. I have to admit it was a bit out there at first, but we all have a hot cousin in their family. And if things worked out they would take it in a heart beat. Along time ago i had a sex dream about fucking my cousin, and trust me it was so out that when i shot my load in him, i woke up cumming in my briefs. Not that i wanted to do that in real life, but it does happen.

  7. JC

    Seriously messed. I stopped reading after the cam on her chest and throw up. and from the sounds of it they went further. Gross just gross.

  8. sean

    Fucking hot. I’m precumming.
    Thought of another guys balls hitting mine while fuckin is hot. Had a double penetration experience. Another top n myself. Both insde same bottom at once. Best feeling ever. Both thrusting simultaneously. Hottest. Both cummin same time.

  9. JB

    Those of you who think incest is hot, there must be something really wrong with you.. and those who i have read that are thinking the same thing as me i commend you…
    even though i am gay i have no problem with what he wrote “Freedom of speech is invoked here” but incest is another story its morally wrong and it corrupts peoples minds into thinking that it is somewhat appropriate.. Thanks for your time.. also those that agree with me and are 18-25 message me jman142 and spike421 thanks

  10. Romoni D'Aubigne

    I’d have to disagree with you Kris. I’m a twin, & I wouldn’t dare have sex with my brother. Disgusting! This is why so some people feel that we gays are not worthy of entitlements, like marriage.

  11. Cody Lover

    different strokes, i personally like both surf n turf, so it worked for me. but i wanted to know more about him. hell i wanted pics of him, all of him!

  12. johnson

    i found the jacuzzi and husband to be quite a warm surprise…im not bi but im not gonna pass on a good time either 🙂 wish i was so lucky growing up around my uncles 😉

  13. vigggo

    what a bunch of heterophobic bitchy queeens! It’s all just sex, with adults, not children. Really…glad I’m past the bitch stage!

  14. daitheflu

    so yeah i’m bi and I thought it was hot. I mean yeah, little weird with the cousin thing but whatever it’s still hot, tell me you bitchy fucks dont think its hot when two guys have twincest. seriously. i never knew there were so many closed-minded gay dudes, I would expect you to be a little more accepting y’know? it’s just a story anyway

  15. Annonymous416

    Okay I never heard any mention of condoms. That being said, am I the only one that realized he could of gotten his cousin pregnant?

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