Pornstar : Angel Diablo

We love Angel Diablo. He’s enough to inspire you to add a few more weights to your workout or to give up and head to the steam room to find some sweaty stud to fuck. He’s ruggedly handsome with biceps as big as your head. As far as hung bodybuilders go, he’s at the top of the list. He runs his hands over his smooth muscles, inviting you to take in all of his beauty. He flips over and gives you a close up look at his tight hairless hole. He gets off on you fantasizing about all the things you like to do to him. And with a body like his that list has to be long. He works his thick cock and you can see all the huge muscles of his arm flexing as he pounds his meat. He finally shoots a nice thick load that cascades down over his hand, puddling on his tight, firm stomach.

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  1. Mikiey

    Love to have fun with Angelo. He is hot, sexy, nice well rounded sexy ass, and I love that hot cock of his, as well as those sexy muscles.

  2. michael

    This is a gorgeous man! I wonder why some men think u have to have a horse cock to be a real man? Its not always quantity but rather quality and this guy has a gorgeous cock!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thom

    First of all, the man is absolutely STUNNING – let’s just get that str8, guys. Secondly, for anyone to write a derogatory comment about the size of Angel’s cock is sad and (unfortunately) speaks to the insecurities rampant in gay men. His cock is certainly ABOVE AVERAGE in size (and trust me, as a porn star & escort I’ve seen plenty of meat – most of which always makes me realize how truly gifted I actually am w/ my (average) 7.5″). Angel’s face & bod are AMAZING and, I can only think that the guy’s who were pathetic enough to make negative comments re. his penis size are either, A) Angry, bitter gay men w/ 4″ peepees OR B) Men w/ 9+” who think they are God’s gift to the Earth, and probably haven’t seen the inside of a gym in 30 years (because they think their large endowment excuses the fact they are fat) – not to mention (once again) bitter & mean-spirited. Realizing you’re not in someone’s stratosphere should be just a fact of life (we can’t all look like Angel) OR inspire YOU to get your ass to the gym. Get over it, guys, and give this gorgeous man the credit he OBVIOUSLY deserves.

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