Photography : Kerry Degman by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca

Guys, I needed to share this photoshoot by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca featuring model Kerry Degman!

What a great shoot! You know I love black and white… and with a gorgeous model like Kerry, and the talent of Arnaldo, it’s like “wow”, perfection !

I’m suppose to shoot soon with a photographer, I’d like to do this kind of shoot…If I’m not too shy then, I’ll show you !

Check out more pics after the jump !



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  1. brad

    this guy has always been my favorite model hes perfect in every detail and have fantasized about him forever
    he’s just with out a doubt totally beautiful

  2. dawgit01

    Agreed,,, the photo shoot leaves a lot to be desired,,,, the model os only fair and oiled up… He looks like a deer the headlights… There are a lot more guys out there that have more to offer than this one,,,

  3. HolePunchSD

    There’s nothing spectacular about this guy, IMO. He looks like every other young gay who’s been told that they should model.

  4. Neal

    The guy well is pretty hot, I wish the photographer would have corrected the camera, so his face wouldnt be washed out on a couple of them

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