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When I was a kid, I was taking swimming lessons at the public pool. I really liked hanging out in the locker room to see hot men changing in front of my eyes, walking naked or taking their shower.

I was fantasizing on the hot men in their thirties/forties wearing speedos because I could see their dicks through their swimsuit. One day, I was following this hot muscle man wearing a black speedo…I actually think he noticed that I was always around him. This man was probably wondering why a little boy was following him… I was devouring him with my eyes!

One of my hottest memory at the pool is when I saw JF, my Phys Ed teacher, in a bright blue speedo… And few minutes later, naked in front of me, in the locker room. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyy Goooooooooooood. This blond stallion with pecs bigger than my head, with curly full bush surounding his beautiful cut cock was the hottest man in town! Wow!

I think I jerked off 20 000 times thinking about this moment. But in my fantasy, I was also sucking him, and swallowing his nutt… 😛

I always had this thing for stretch fabrics, but only on men that I’m attracted to. Not any random men. I’m personally only into athletic/muscular guys, so I love to see big muscular legs, strong pecs and arms, and big cocks through lycra/spandex. Instant hardon!

It’s like seeing what you want to see, without actually seeing it! lol

Do you like spandex/lycra ?

Any experience you want to share ?



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  1. spandexslave

    Yes!!! Love spandex. I would say 60% of my wardrobe is spandex. Singlets, running tights, bike shorts, jammers, and even a few zentai suits for fun in the bedroom. love going into a bar wearing shiny running tights, boots, and a leather jacket over my shirt. My ass is rubbed and pinched constantly…. Hey, I don’t mind. 😉

  2. Karmelboi

    I have a HUGE attraction to athletic guys in spandex. Especially cyclist with Thick thighs, a nice bubble ass and a small waist. Watching all those muscles pumping in rhythm gets me very horny. When I cycled a lot, I would pace myself behind one of these guys to get a great workout. I also love putting on a one piece suit that showed off my body as well.

    Also, dig hot wrestlers in their suits as well. Watching each other tug and pull on various parts of the body and occasional pulling on the suit. I think I need a cold shower now! 😉

  3. Lorenzo

    I love watching guys in Spandex, especially guy on bicycles, there butt is packed into those shorts and I can see the sweaty butt crack and when they are resting OMG big cocks looks so delicious in spandex, one I was at a rest stop for a bike rally, I was behind the bushes wetting my lips and playing with my cock when this hot blond dude saw me, he came over to where I was kneeling, pulled out his sweaty cock and I began to suck the sweat off teasing his cock head, before he exploded, I asked him to turn around so I could like the sweat off his bubble butt ass OMG it was so fine and I could eat that ass for hours, we both shot big wads and he was off, we exchanged phone numbers and have been meet at least once a week or more for hot sex yum yum.

  4. whereangelsdare

    I was always shy about tight clothes when i was younger. I thought my cock was a freak of nature. I had seen other dude sin the locker room and mine wasn’t as little and so i got shy about wearing ne thing that shows my cock, amazingly now i realize its a good thing to have a huge cock so i wear really tight jeans i love to see a man cock in his jeans or sweats idk why but it gets me. Now my friends complain that they can always see my cock in my pants but they never stop looking guys and girls.

  5. JBK

    I LOVE the picture used for this article. Wish I could get details on it. Would love to see the footage from this race. Lol.

  6. marvy

    Hell yeah, a great package in spandex is hot! I had a similar situation with my swimming lessons and it was always such a turn on! Love it!

  7. Mark

    I remember it like it was yesterday even if it were 20 years ago. My best friend at the time was working at a water park. He was wearing his green speedo for work. He was built, sexy and very hairy. I mean he was furry! Very masculine too!
    Then to see him change in the lockerroom in and out of the sexy speedo. Beautiful bush, nice & hung cut cock. What a sexy man!
    We are still best friends after all these years. He is married with 2 kids. Straight as can be. He knows I’m gay but I would never touch him for all the money in the world. But everytime I see a man in a green speedo, I think back to those teenage years. Ahh….

  8. Greg Burton

    These blogs are from the typical shallow, and vain gay man.
    Why is everything about a mans age, body, and dick size? Any gay man who looks for just these 3 qualities in a man aren’t worth the time…..period! A man is more than just a piece of meat. Only a gay man can treat another gay man like shit! Go to any gay dating/hookup site, and it’s the same thing. I’d love to have a gay man in my life who isn’t into himself, superficial, shallow, or vain, and is able to love me for me, and can look beyond the above 3 qualities.

    • blog

      Greg are you alright ?
      I mean, a4a is a gay sex site…what do you expect? Poetry? Ballet choreography?
      This blog is about gay sex, fantasies, porn, etc…

  9. Drew

    If I were caught looking at any other guy in a locker room at school I would have been torn to shreds–kind of kills the fantasy.

  10. Vafratboy

    Rob, it’s cuz it’s a photoshop job. I saw the erection pic first, but I’ve also come across the original which is erection-free

  11. edgar_truth

    wow… i think this is a pic of some swedish rowing team or some shit, either way… i’d totally get plowed by all of them. those are some fat cocks on them.

  12. Stevin

    A friend forwarded me the article pic a few years ago. I could stare at it all day. I wouldn’t mind taking them all on either. LOL

  13. Darryl

    I remember a hot guy who wore bikershorts when he rode his bike. He not only looked great from the front, his ass was amazing. I was at the mailbox getting my mail when he walked in with his bike. After exchanging hello’s he went inside, walking up the stairs giving me a view that i still see in my mind today, those two cheeks moving from side to side omg. Riding bike does do an ass good.

  14. donny

    i love a guy in spandex, esp a speedo, when i was in HS, i use to steal the speedos from the guys locker, had a collection of about 30, i also love wrestling in a singlet, got about 8 of them, some cool nights i wear my spandex bike pants to bed to keep warmer, usually wake up with a woodie, spandex is really hot for foreplay also, as i have a guy comming today, we will be starting to wrestle in our singlets, down to a speedo, and finally a thong, should be really hot, should have precum when we get that far

  15. Rick

    I have ALWAYS had a huge spandex fetish but I’ve always thought I’m the only one! Haha. I have such a huge collection of tights and shorts. Would love to meet another dude who shares the same interest some day. If anyone out there is in the Houston, tx area hit me up!

  16. Raf

    Houston here! Have always craved to meet a guy who’s into spandex or Lycra! I’m straight and married but I still have this fetish like crazy. If anyone’s in the area hit me up!

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