Contest : Vote Now For The Nicest Bulge!

Guys, it is now time to vote for “The Nicest Bulge” !

Remember that you can vote only once per photo… so make sure to vote properly !

You have until tomorrow 10am E.T. (April 4)…So hurrryyyyyyy 🙂

The winner will be crowned “The Dude Of The Week” and his profile will be featured on our facebook page, twitter and here on the blog!!

For those who are wondering why their photo is not in there….

These are the reasons: I asked you to send your username and you didn’t provide it. I ask for ONLY one photo not 27. You had to provide the picture of your bulge, not any random pic.


(vote after the jump)


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  1. Lorenzo

    Whenever I see a great bulge like several of these guys, I just want to fall down on my knee’s, pull those tight undies down with my teeth and go to work on their big cock and balls, then when I get them excited, I would turn them around, ask them to get down on all fours and begin to eat some fine ass for a long long time while they moan with please and when their cock gets so hard that it’s throbbing, I would get them to stand up and slide their throbbing cock into my nice wet cock hungry latino mouth, sliding it in and out as I tease the cock head, then down my throat as they shoot their loads. yum yum.

  2. Julian

    Even thou my pic was not selected for the competition, I didn’t know that only fit guys were allowed to be displayed. I probably wasn’t the “Sexy/Fit/Athletic” type to be nominated, but I thought for sure they’re would be at least a couple of bears, daddies or cubs with bulges worth looking into?

    Equality much?

    • blog

      Julian, I didn’t pre-select the pics this time…
      Like I said some pics were sent without username, or some funny guys didnt read my post that said to ONLY send one pic to be fair with everyone…
      Or, the picture was in a bad quality, or too small, or not a bulge pic…


  3. amoresito

    Het I’m the first pic. I’m chubby, and hairy. And btw far from fit “)
    So its amazing thay 101ppl disliked it. Cause I’m not hung, or thin but thoses whom liked it I greatly thank you “)

  4. mikeyh

    to be fair, most of the pics selected are not “bulge” pics – they are pics of hard cocks sticking out of marble bags

  5. GuurrlTroller

    Re Jullian,

    Most of these guys don’t look that fit… I can count at least 5 that if we saw the whole body, it wouldn’t be that hot… Don’t forget the faces… nothing worse than a butter face, no matter how hot the body/bulge is…

    Insecure much?

  6. Steve-O

    I thought the purpose of this so-called “contest” was to vote for the nicest bulge, and nothing more. To me, a “bulge” is completely covered by some sort of fabric that leaves ALL a guy’s cock to one’s imagination. Yet several pictures reveal actual skin…or at least the fabric is so thin, it’s see-through.

    While I suspect we all like seeing the exposed meat, it’s also intriguing to see it hidden from view so we can put our own senses and imagination to work while looking at the covered package.

    I will not be voting for any of them where skin is even slightly visible (such as #’s 2, 8, 11 and 18). If I want to actually see it, I’ll spend an afternoon at Haulover Beach in Miami.

  7. blkjocknhou a4a

    I guess my pic was bad quality or too small because I know for sure I properly submitted and that I blow all of these buldges out of their jocks. GOOD LUCK guys.

  8. edgar_truth

    i think there was a wide variety of types represented on here, and i’m usually the last person to say that. although i do wonder why some of these were selected… some of them kinda look like sad bulges.

  9. Evil Down

    Who stuff the ballot box cause these votes are wrong half of these pics arent bulges. Hell for all that i could have emailed a pic of my hard dick in some sexy undies. This is stupid, I will not be entering anymore of these foolish contest especially since the black are shaded every single time. NO H8 bitches.

  10. Ty

    The guy in the tightee whitee Emporio Armani’s makes me drool and I just want to suck on his cock through the fabric. He has a beautiful body and hot nips to go with that bulging dick. That is heavenly.

  11. Romoni D'Aubigne

    The dude in the Emperio Armani is the clear winner. He has almost a thousand votes. Lack of other races here. I know there are all types of guys on here.

    • blog

      ajaj : dont worry for the last place…I always insert my pics (except this last contest)…
      Sometimes I finished in the last positions and sometimes in the top ones…so…
      Thanks for your participation, it’s fun 🙂

  12. Lorenzo

    The best and most tasty looking bulge is number 9, I would be down on my knees, mouth wide open waiting for that big cock to jump out and into my nice wet warm latino mouth yum yum.

  13. FAT9TOP

    I was stunned to get a message from someone who wrote he liked my bulge pic. I was perplexed as to how he saw it, given I don’t have it in my profile and didn’t win the contest. Took me a minute to find the pics here then another to figure out how he linked my pic to my profile. I’m honored to be listed. Period. We all imagine what our minds perceive as hot (or not) when it comes to bulges and pretty much everything else in life so am not offended by any dislikes. What turns you on is very succinct, and that’s what makes you different from everyone else.

    Happy hunting!

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