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You are probably as tired as me of seing guys posting pics like the one above in their profile. When a guy msg me and only has a picture like that, I block him 100% !!!

I can understand a closeted guy who doesn’t want to show his face, but this, is too much. At leasssssst, show your body, your chest, something…

FYI, if you didn’t know, if you dont post your body pics or your face pics,  you have less chance of getting noticed. Less chance of getting noticed = less chance of hooking up!

And for those who say : “Oh I have pics on MSN”, well I got bad news for you, nobody uses MSN anymore!! You’ll get blocked for sure….

So my advice of the day : Review your pics right now on A4A! Delete the old ones from 1997, upload some nice recent ones, show what you want to show, maybe a face pic in private if you are too shy to have it as your main pic, sell yourself through your pics!



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  1. Romoni D'Aubigne


    I have one thing to say to you about this current blog post. I ♥ U. You said what I’ve been thinking for years. So thanks for that.

  2. leo

    i disagree because if you gotta sell yourself with a pic and cant get a response from who you are. thats shallow. you say like me for me then you show all your ASS….ets then theres nothing to look forward to

  3. 4me4you

    If only the other members would take your SOUND ADVICE and MAN UP…A4A WOULD BE THE BETTER FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED.!!


  4. Tim

    I agree that any picture posted should be somewhat recent and accurately reflect what someone would encounter upon meeting. Beyond that I think guys should post what they are comfortable with. For gods sake guys, enough with the butthole pics! Most are unexceptional and everybody has one. Show your assets, not your assholes:)

  5. Jim

    Dude, sometimes (a) there are stalkers on here, (b) sometimes someone is in the closet and doesn’t want everyone to know their business – just because you are out, don’t force your values onto someone else just because you’re horny. As for ‘showing something’ – shocking, I know, but some of us actually have CLASS. Why buy the cow when you can download him for free online? Duh.

  6. Electro_Prince

    Ugh! I know! I HATE guys that do that! I block people without face all the time! Just show who you are god -_-

  7. David

    3 things:
    1. I don’t show more on a4a because there are a lot of old guys and creeps on the site.
    2. there are a lot of shallow guys on the site.
    3.I don’t want someone to be like oh I know you from a4a when I am with friends or with my family.

  8. Hunter

    For me, that picture is seductive and has style and class. Get me a piece of that guy! For sure it’s preferable to no picture. No picture is a signal that the guy is either a game player or is full of issues.

  9. bham4boiz

    Yo Dave, how bout a4a doesn’t cut in half your alternate primary pic like it does mine! Check out my second pic: bham4boiz and that is Not the full pic I uploaded. It shold be showing ALL of me.

    • blog

      bham4boiz : I know that there are some rules for the Iphone/android app. because apple and android doesn’t allow that your pic shows penis or ass or even underwear…so I guess that’s why your picture is cut. If you have questions concerning your pics, feel free to email, our custumer service will help you out !

  10. abrcrmbguy926

    I believe that people have the RIGHT to post any pics that they want as long as they are current and actually theirs!!!
    In my situation I’m more of a show off kind of guy. I like taking nude pictures (ever heard nude photography?) and just because I have naked pictures doesn’t mean I’m a slut. Well I’m not. (for all the stereopist guys)
    And for those of you who says you got CLASS just because you dress conservatively, hope you reconsider what you say. Just sayin. Have a great day. 🙂

  11. vafratboy

    Agree. I simply do not understand pics that show neither face or body. Why even put a pic at all at that point?

    If somebody approached me on the street wearing a mask because they didn’t want me to see who they were, I’d probably call the cops.

    As to Jim’s “class” comment; if there’s not a single part of your body that you can show in a classy way (like say, your face that you show to people around you every day) then, by definition, you have no class.

  12. Dvides34

    …FYI, if you didn’t know, if you dont tell your username to see your body pics or your face pics, you have less chance of getting noticed. Less chance of getting noticed = less chance of hooking up! 😉

  13. 1modelguy

    Well, you guys who say…you dont want people knowing you are on the site…or any crap like that….or stalkers to see you…well first off why are you on this site then? if you have the balls to SIGN UP then you can deal with it. That is what we call SKETCHY and wierd. not cool…you dont have to show a nude pic….but show your face…be a man and not a paranoid wimp….i for one will not talk to anyone who is a creep and doesnt show a REAL face pic.

  14. damiean

    All depends on what your here for. At the end of the day its ur page. Feel free to put up what you wanna.

    For me ones writing pattern has a lot to say about their personality. So I read their profile.

  15. Hotjock

    I’m very careful with what I post because anyone can steal your picture right off a4a. Has happened to me before and really pissed me off. I have a career in the public eye and don’t want my business on the internet for everyone to see. I do have facepics but they are locked. I personally prefer a pic like that than a bent over ass or cock shot. I have to say GUYS WHO POST PICS FROM 20 YEARS AGO SUCK or With an extra 20-30 pounds from their pic is just as bad. Gross..I’ve seen a guy with a six pack in his pics then met him and he was literally 80 pounds heavier and much older …Disgusting

    • blog

      hotjock: ur paranoying man…
      I dont think someone will print your pic on a flag and put it on an ad campaign saying ur a fag!…

  16. Glen

    To those of u that say ur in the closet and u don’t want people u know see u…. my question to them would be–why were they on here aanyway.

  17. Denniz

    About 85% of the dudes are shallow assholes anyway. They all want Mr America, with the face and abs and legs, when they don’t have that to offer. A4A has too many shallow dudes. Not because a dude is handsome and buff makes him a good person to hook up with. Substance is more much more than a body shot or face pic. Some dudes are exhibitionist and out, others are not. we are not here to harmonize our characteristics, but to meet others with similar interests but who are different to us.

  18. Nassauliman

    If you make up your mind for a single pic and don’t talk to the person you are shallower than my flat screen I am writing this on.

    And if you thing introducing yourself with a picture of your cock is that way to meet normal people, well …… if all you want is a big cock with no brain behind it then there are lot of plastic mail order ones that will do the trick for you!

    Man up and talk to the person for a minute or two and see what they are all about …. and if you write “unlock?” you better have done the same especially if you were the one initating the contact.

  19. noteasy2get

    Amen. If you are closeted nobody who would care is going to be browsing this site so don’t worry. If you are fugly, you can’t crop yourself out of the real world when you finally go meet the guy you tricked. This is the freaking internet so being shy shouldn’t apply. The only good excuse to not have a face pic is that you work a retail gig and some guys on here really have boundary and etiquette issues.

  20. kevin

    cant figure out how to put pic on here yet. tried and screwed up big time. cause when i do. it will be all over the world my nude photos.. i am always looking for men.. no longer looking for love anymore..

  21. anonymous

    Reading all these comments, I have no idea how old all of you are, but some of them sure show their immaturity!!! If so many of these guys are afraid to show their faces on this site, then what do these guys do when they meet a former “hook-up” in public, like at the grocery store? Do they quick grab a box of cereal & hide their face behind it? So the “hook-up guy” doesn’t reconize him? I was married for 30 years & I’m divorced & I get a big laugh out of some of these profiles!! I have discovered that alot of these faceless profiles are the married guys & if they don’t want their face on the site then my opion they shouldn’t have a profile on the site at all. If a guy is going to have his face pic. on here, then he needs to grow up & act like a mature adult. Face it this is a hook-up site, so the more you show of yourself, the better your chances are of hooking up. I figure those profiles that have no face pic. or only half a body pic. arn’t getting laid very often!!! People need to stop being so worried about what everyone else thinks & just live your own life & enjoy it to the fullest!!!

  22. abrcrmbguy926

    To all, let’s just not make this a really big deal. It’s just a profile picture. Every guys on here made their own profile for different reasons (friends, dating, hook up) and it reflects based upon what they put on their entire profile not just on their pictures.
    And try not judge guys who have little or no pictures. They are the ones who are going to suffer the consequences. Just move on. There are plenty of guys out there, right?!!!

  23. Julien

    I wish a4a would get rid of the “friendship” option. People on there are not serious about it at all! And I love how folks go on and on about how they are looking for love yet are quicker to hook up with you faster than Angelina Jolie and food.

  24. pherone

    Dave and some of the other guys, you surprise me. Everybody has something that turns them on. I’m guessing the guy in the pic likes olive skinned, hairy chested guys and thinks some other guys like that sort of thing too. I once knew a guy who was turned on by Bass Weejun penny loafers…who can figure? I don’t agree with some of the pics posted on here as being hot and their assets discussed at length but hey, if any thing turns someone on, can’t we show our noble tolerance like on some other issues? And the scornful crack about MSN?????????? last I heard, they were still in business. What’s up with that. The comments about blocking anyone for some insignificant reason is just being petty. Show some class and just tell them you are not interested. I only block when I’ve already told them I am not interested and why. It’s all good. Thanks.

    • blog

      Pherone: I understand what ur saying…
      I just dont have time for that.
      But eh, that’s me…
      I’m not threatening anyone with my “blocks”, I just do it, when I want to.
      I personally dont use a4a for dating…

  25. charlie

    First…so tired of you guys “threatening to block” soooo lame!!!!
    Like you’re all that….and “Blog” still don’t know the difference between you and the other who don’t show your face pics….you don’t want the world to see who you are….why??

  26. Mister Bailey

    Take the bitter with the sweet….
    U have to know when enough is enough….
    Games are being played by young and even the older guys
    It’s jus a cat and mouse escapade
    For all parties involved….

  27. marty

    Totally agree with updating photos.
    It kills me though how much we judge each other based on static photos instead of meeting in person because of a good profile statement. I have met guys in person without liking their photos and found them hot because of all the things that go into being human.

    And for another blog topic? How about Dave’s comment about his number one reason to withhold his photos: “old guys and creey guys on A4A”?

  28. nick

    I hardly post my face pic anymore because I live in a small university town and I teach at the university! Can’t tell you how many times I have felt stalked after posting or sending out face pic… Besides pics mean nothing to me…meet me in person and take if from there. 75% of these pics are old or not the real person.

  29. nick

    I agree with Hotjock…copying a pic from Adam is very easy and I have seen my body pics on another guys profile…compliment maybe but weird also.

  30. GuurrlTroller

    True story! Who many of these guys have had the same pic for the last 7 years, then don’t even bother to update their age on their profile? WTF? I have recent(within a year) pics on my profile. I no i’m not a hottie mcgee, but at least I’m being honest about what/who I am. Which is a lot more than I can say for most of these guys on here.

    Of course, there was the one awkward time a co worker found me on the radar site…

    • blog

      Chritsopher, I have lot’s of picture. Body, face, sexy and regular…
      It’s a hookup site, if I’m gonna meet a man to have sex, I think he deserves to see it all…
      If you are looking for love, maybe just face is good too…

  31. Terry

    While the picture does not impress me all that much, I find no reason to block it, a picture rarely ever shows the content of someones character, and does not necessarily mean you have found a match, in general the pictures are just a pose of what we want people to see, and people that pose like that are not my kinda of match… they generally would not be open enough to suit me, and not everyone has a great camera or the know how to keep a current pic going all the time… I have met guys that had pics that was ten years old and still found them quite attractive, and I have met guys that had a great pro looking current pic and found then very unattractive after meeting. And a pic is just that a pic, how some one performs, and what things they like to do versus what I like to do is what is most important, and chemistry is not radiated thru a pic, it is something that when you meet you will know if it is there or not:) A pic is just a hint of what you will find… I show my face and full body with only jeans on… It works well enough for me… I do find it quite odd these people that block you without ever chatting to you… LOL What maturity they express and I rarely ever find them attractive anyway… LOL

  32. peter

    if you are dl closeted,etc-lock your pixs-my profile says no pixs dont contact me, but tye always try. happy hunting guys

  33. bruno1171

    The thing that bugs me THE most, is NO picture at all and/or only private ones they refuse to let you see (I show my face and naked self–no shame, nothing to hide.) The only thing I want to see in a guy, that I hope to have sex, with or (in rare instances) date, is a shirtless picture of their torso. I assume the guy, I’m lucky enough to get with, HAS a dick. I’ve been with “anacondas” and “inch worms” and as long as they were not insane and somewhat attractive I enjoyed myself and hopefully they did too! NO ONE is going to LOVE or HAVE everything you love or want to do. Things like you like big dicks/he has one. He loves to get fucked/he loves to fuck. One loves to give oral/and one loves to get oral. My thoughts are, find someone that you’re attracted to physically and see if they find you attractive. Meet and see what happens. The objective is that both of you have a great time getting off together and want to do it together again at some point . If not, at least you both got to get someone off and someone was there while you both got off. Which is way better than getting off alone.

  34. jonathanky

    People post what they want on here for whatever reasons they have.
    Those reason/s need to be respected.
    If you don’t like what you see (or don’t see), move on!

    Let people be who they want to be.

  35. roller55

    Picture or no picture, many guys are here to play games and have no intention of a hook up.. I would say that applies to the majority of guys on any of these sites…HOWEVER… the few I did meet were absolutely great guys.

  36. Ondra

    that’s what everybody says who does not have a face pic…”Oh my job is so sensitive that I can not reveal my identity.” Why don’t you just make up a more believable lie and say thay you are in the military? @ Hotjock, if you are as hot as you want people to think you are, why are you even on A4A anyway? If I was a good- looking white guy, I would never be on Gringer, A4A or any of them other sites.

    • blog

      Jase: my face is not showed on main…but as a “hidden photo” …
      Some funny dudes ask to meet but they dont have a face…
      I’m sorry but I dont have time to lose, getting ready, shower, etc…then meet the guy..
      I’m too busy for that.
      If you have lots of time or want to take that time, then good for you!!

  37. hotniqqa

    I totally agree with you Dave! I had a scenerio of meeting someone that had a glamour shot from the last century. OMG was I P.O.’d. I hope these guys take your advice.

  38. kevin

    Less chance of getting noticed = less chance of hooking up = less of a chance of getting AIDS!

    I don’t think it’s right to assume that person is closeted because of a pic like the one atop. I have out friends that have the same types of photos. Maybe they just don’t want everyone to know they’re members on a site like Adam since some consider it a sex site. Also, some people have jobs where it’s in their best interest to keep some things private. There could be many reasons for wanting privacy on the site.

  39. jboro4fun

    It kinda matters what u are here for too. Guys looking for freindships and relationships need to show themselves differently and would want to see different things than someone like me that is looking for more NSA type hookups. For am one niter, its lots more about below the neck than above it. Lots of guys need to stay on the DL for whatever reason, and sinply ignoring them because they dont have a face pic publicly out there seems a bit judgemental. But to each his own.

  40. anthony

    but then again you can’t take a torso or a penis to the movies or dinner.(you’d probably end up in jail or worse)

  41. Kenny

    Pics like this one don’t really bother me too much. I think it actually gives a mystery to what they could look like and to me it kinda says the guy has style. My thing about pics is the comparison with what they have on their profile. Why do tops show only their ass? Why do bottoms show only their dick? Why do guys who don’t have pics don’t talk to you or threaten to block you because you don’t have one? Why do those who say they’re discreet but all of their business out for the world to show? If the pics you show don’t coincide with what you have in the profile, what sense does it make?

  42. scott

    its not safe to post face pics. we should have the right to post what we want-for our own protection. i use a cock pic-if you dont like it-move on.

  43. filip

    That picture , don’t bother me very much,,, what is about people lied their ages , that’s is more freak … I hook up a guy on this blog . He told me he is 50 years old, be hornest his look like 70 ,,, i dislike who lied like that , if they lied one simple things . They can lied manythings , they dont tell

  44. jace

    yess thsi post is true there lot creey people on a4a that welli tend to totlty irnore guys who dont have face picsi woukd rather see some face pic thdere dick and or body

  45. GoodBoy

    I disagree with your blog. Why is it anyone business what photo someone puts up. If it works for then, then let it be. If I want to put a pic of my dog laying on my bed then so be it. If a4a allows it then why should it concern you. So you can block me, but the next guy will love it…#GottaLoveGayGuys 🙂

  46. Yoursecretone

    I agree, a picture would be nice but personally I don’t think it increases your chances for hooking up. A pic only gets you noticed more but it doesn’t get you more action. Many of the guys on here are looking for dream lovers and that’s exactly where they will find their ideal man……… their dreams! And blocking because of no pic, isn’t that a bit extreme? That’s as bad as those who block just because a person is HIV + and have never even spoken with the person. I know everyone has their own preferences but as I said, it just seems a bit extreme. But that’s just my opinion.

  47. Gabriel

    At the end of the day we all go shopping to adam4adam to gets yourself on your knees pics or no pics is about who choose him or not

  48. Subresa

    Seems like this site is more for passing time than for
    hooking up. A guy should show something, I love when a guys asks me to unlock pics and he has none of his own. I think this is more about bullshit than hooking up.

  49. KS

    There are a lot of other reasons for not having a face pic on the site. I do not post mine because I have been fired before because of it. (A coworker found my picture on Manhunt and took it to my boss. He fired me the next day because he “didn’t want a ‘fag’ working for him — even though I was his top sales rep.) And in Louisiana (where I was living at the time), it is legal to discriminate based on sexual orientation. While I doubt it would happen in my current position, I am not taking any chances just for a hook-up. (Part of the reason that we need to fight for these protections.)

  50. Guy

    I don’t show my face on here because I work at a school. all I need is for one of my students to see it and print it out. ridiculous as it sounds it would mess up my career big time. Just like I don’t put certain stuff on facebook. but I do like to get down with a nice cock in my mouth so A4A is great for that! I post a body pic and a cock pic. so you can see what I’m working with here. a face pic I.M.O. isn’t as important to me. I’m not looking for a date.

  51. Abrcrmbguy926

    If profile picture is really a huge deal for most of you guys. Then, adam4adam should make a rule that everyone must have a public picture or else they will get deleted. So What’s the point of having private pictures, hidden pictures? Does that make you guys happy? LOL

    What do ya guys think?

  52. pherone

    The only time I have ever posted a pic was years ago. A friend called me and said he found the pic (blown up to 8 x 19) in the Wal Mart parking lot and when I got it back, the header said, 1 of 25. Still don’t know what that was about and it scared the hell out of me. Never again.

  53. CC

    I 100% agree. Just as my profile says, a face pic can be kept private and you can choose when you want to unlock it or not. Sharing pics through e-mail is just as ‘risky’ as showing them on here too; they can be copied and saved either way. What gets me are the fake pics or someone that says they are, for example 5’8″ 165 32 waist and the pic clearly shows they are tipping scales at about 200 with a 36 waist

  54. AJ

    Dave, you’re a hypocrite — you call out guys for not showing their face, but all I see is you making excuses for not showing us what YOU look like. “Oh, I work for A4A, and I don’t date guys from here…” — what a load of crap.

    Have the courage of your convictions — fine, don’t give us the name of your profile; set up another one with a single face picture of yourself (you work for the site, after all; I’m sure you being an employee, the powers that be would make an exception for a second profile, especially a temporary one) and let it remain on the site and OPEN for 30 days. Then you can take it down.

    If I want to show a picture of my face or my arms, or my chest or yes, even “the goods,” then I will. That’s my choice and quite frankly any guy who bases his decision on getting to know me solely on a photograph — a single moment in time — isn’t much of a guy in my opinion. I’ve met guys who had great pics who had all the personality of a slice of bread. I’ve met guys who seemed “average” in their picture and were stunningly handsome when I saw them in the flesh (and for me “handsome” doesn’t necessarily have a universal standard; if he trips my trigger, that’s the only opinion that matters — MINE).

    I won’t hold my breath about you actually working up the courage (read: getting the balls) to show your picture. But if you actually lived up to your words, you’d do it just to prove a point.

    • blog

      AJ, you have a lot of spare time.
      I won’t show my face to you here…
      My face is in my profile and I show it to guys I talk to.

  55. Hapa 808

    LoL, good blog post. So, there’s just one reason someone won’t post a full face pic and that’s privacy. Whatever the reason, its theirs and should be respected. As far as body pics, that would be great, just to get an idea of something about the person. But…. not everyone is comfortable with their body, let alone having it on display (anonymous or not). So I respect that too. IMO…. this is a great exaample of how shallow gay people are, sadly. Its all about looks and body. If that’s the case, why does this site even have profile info. Just have a space for pics…. see what I’m sayin? Anyways, for those who do post pics though… I definitely agree… update them!! If you 40 pounds heavier and 10 years younger in real life…. then that’s your own issue you need to work out.

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