A4A : Who are you?

Hey guys, it’s been almost 2 years that I’m writing on this blog and I’d like us to share who we are with everyone so that we get to know each other more.

Maybe you’ll get to connect with other members in your area and find new friends or maybe a lover, who knows?

Here are suggestions on what you could share :

1- Your A4A username

2- Your age

3- Where from?

4- Your interests ย (what are you into? sports? fashion? museum? etc…)

5- ย Your job

6- Are you single? Attached? Open relationship?

Any other information is good as well, and you can interact with each other here, in the comment section below.

Just dont use links, emails, addresses, phone numbers as your comment will not be published!



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  1. Joseph

    1- Jkvicious

    2- 24

    3- Downtown Oakland

    4- I’m into honest and hot committed guys, volunteering

    5- Tunecore, McDoanlds, Xtube. I volunteered for The Edge HIV Research Project and Kyocera, the stand up for kids, and tremor.

    6- I am single and not commited to merriage. but have had 3 Fiances.

  2. Bryan



    Evans, GA

    food and WINE, travel, music. classic movies, tv. cars. laughing and just hanging out with friends



  3. amoresito

    Waco TX,
    into chillin, talking, walking, shopping, hanging out, cuddling, kissing, and romance.
    I am the overnight fryer for heb and now a warehouse stocker for sears.
    I’m single.

  4. marcus

    Ok….im just a guy living a xtraordinary life,i love work,sports,reading books,dancing,my religion,………im happy……open to relationship……im a man,acting like a man

  5. Isai Perez

    My name isai
    Age 20
    I like to enjoy life in look at art in music in like to have fun
    Am a down to earth guy . A college student who is majoring in radiology looking for friends or who knows life is crazy lol . Am located in Dallas tx I go to el centro college in down town Dallas hit me up lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. StructureDivine

    1. StructureDivine

    2. Age 22

    3. San Francisco, CA

    4. I like music (aggressive rock but can get into anything), law, the gym, exploring my beautiful city, rock climbing, cars, technology, etc.

    5. I have a good job. Good enough to make me apprehensive about everyone here seeing what it is.

    6. 100% single. =D

  7. Heights89

    MY A4A Account is the same as my name on here (why wouldn’t it be?)
    I’m 23, living in Columbia, SC but hoping to be back in Phoenix, AZ and in school at ASU by the end of this summer.
    I like plenty of things, but I’d rather discuss one on one rather than just post them (leave you fellas some mystery).
    I’m simply working to earn money for college. Not a career path type job.
    I’m single and enjoying the amount of fun I have with other guys. Something more serious ever comes up, I’ll probably enjoy that too.

  8. Marky C Baby

    1. BionicMarky
    2. 29
    3. Azusa, CA (San Gabriel Valley)
    4. Music, Dancing, Movies, Musicals, Mueseums, Wine, Champagne, Big Dicks, Smooth Asses.Trying New things.
    5. DayCare
    6.Single & ready to mingle.

    Holla at yo boy! Lol

  9. Patrick

    A4A Username: herrepat
    Age: 19
    Currently live near Hagerstown MD
    Im Into baseball. wrestling, bowling, clubs
    I currently work in fast-food and am a student

  10. doug

    La Porte,INDIANA
    i like getting out bike rideing,meeting new people,shop when i can,walks,playing wii,like cell phones,tv,movies,beach,parks(non sexuale)
    odd jobs cleaning,yard work

  11. ttassman

    ttassman (meant to be ttlassman but didn’t catch it til’ after completed
    Oklahoma City
    i’m into relaxing, singing, eating, cooking, and straight up and down hot sex!!

    and I am happily single

  12. Rawandready

    I am a man that loves men. (hairy and uncut) but more importantly I am a productive member of my community. A full time student studying in Culinary arts. I care for my neighbors, my friends and strive to do something today to make tomorrow better. I try not to judge others and respect my fellow man/women.

    This is a sex site. And yes I love to have lots of it. Want to know more check out my profile.

  13. Trey

    Well not that it really matters but here goes.

    Sn is lonelyaikenguy. Real name is Trey
    Just turned 30 a few weeks ago.
    In Aiken, SC
    I’ve been single for way too many years.

    Interested in photography, music and movies.
    Currently caring for an ill mother (who’s 49 so not interested in guys over 38).

    Well guys here goes.
    I’d love to find something more but I have given up.

  14. Noel

    Screen name is Regrouped
    27 y/o
    springfield, ma
    avid reader, writer, artist, love movies, going out, (video games too but shhhh) animal lover and a cuddle whore ๐Ÿ™‚
    server/bartender/college student (wow thats a lot of work right there)

  15. Yungobruh

    Can we lie about ourselves in the blog like we do in our ads? LOL
    Very youthful 49.
    Suburban Atlanta. (Actually country without the cows.)
    Plants! Plants! And more plants! AVID gardener and naturalist. Politics. Spiritualism. Social causes. Reading. Self study. Running and fitness. Vegetarian.
    Involuntarily single. I have a silly sense of humor and love joking and laughing. I’m also very laid back and easy going.
    (You can tell I ain’t lying. Nobody would make my shit up if they want to meet somebody. LOL)

  16. pete

    flemington nj
    i love the outdoors, cuddling, goin to the mall.
    i work for five guys burgers and fries
    i am single looking for a bf

  17. Jay

    1- Jack25956

    2- 34

    3- Frederick, Maryland

    4- THE GYM, Video Games, PS3 (RPG’s especially), cartoons, comics, sports (Football), hiking, Dancing, Drawing, modeling, Movies

    5- Senior Research Chemist for a small pharmaceutical company

    6- Single

  18. JV

    1. socalcollege89

    2. 22 (Scorpio)

    3- Whittier, CA (Had a short stint in San Diego, CA)

    4- Politics, Paintball, Shooting Range, Kayaking, Comedy Clubs, Hookah Bars

    5- Student. I have a double bachelors and am going for my masters in national security.

    6- Single

  19. Rush

    1- mmaguy83

    2- 28

    3- Spokompton, WA

    4- Linguistics/foreign languages (I speak ten at varying levels of conversationally to semifluent), reading, cooking (half Greek/half southern boy = I heart food), tattoos (got 12), sports and of course martial arts/MMA.

    5- desk monkey by day, group cardio instructor/personal trainer/cage fighter by night.

    6- single!

  20. noteasy2get

    I am Geoff. I am into funk and fishing. I am not being coy, I really like funk and I like to trick fish. I am from Denver, the most awesome town in America and if you disagree you haven’t been here. I am a student, and unattached because them dudes they drive me crazy.

  21. tha_seducer

    1- same as above
    2- 21
    3- Yuma, AZ
    4- Art, fashion, dancing, crossword puzzles, and food
    5- Graphic Designer
    6- Single, looking
    7- PS looking for people in the Tampa, FL area as well

  22. Jeremy

    1. Groverat

    2. 35

    3. Fort Worth, TX

    4. I love books, movies, old cars. I love to fish, camp and hang out under the stars. I have completely schizophrenic taste in music, which I choose to blast at full volume wherever I go…..

    5. Looking for work (DAMMIT!!!) in the oilfield again….or whereverbgood dispatch managers are needed.

    6. For the last 8 years, I’ve been happily single, but I think I might have met a guy who wants to change that!!

  23. randy

    Strobelight88 23yrs orlando fl im single I work doing remote airline check in (supervisor) im a chill guy movies gym out to eat parks theme parks staying in cooking chillin with fam or frends as well I do enjoy a good drink and out partying wanna know more check me out

  24. apemanjapan

    apemanjapan: I call myself that because I’m VERY hairy and rather ape-like

    55 years old

    American but have lived in Tokyo for many years

    Like almost all kinds of music: Motown, disco, current stuff (with the exception of that dreadful Justin Bieber),
    Japanese enka, Chinese opera and western opera

    Have the same eclectic tastes in men: hairy, smooth, black/white/asian – whatever

  25. Ming

    hello im 2907 on A4A, single GAM 30 yo in FT. LAUD FL
    been here for 7 years, originally from Indonesia

    im a monday – friday type of guy that loves anything that the world has to offer (tho im not into the late nite lifestyle)

    so hmu, into men that is athletic ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. gary

    cape coral Florida
    auto estimator for major dealership
    i like to enjoy life in everyway possible and have someone by my side to enjoy it with. Anything goes for me.
    looking for someone to spend alot of time with for the rest of our lives.

  27. Jerry

    My screen name is StartinPoint..I am 40yo,Single from Savannah,GA..First,let me get this out of the way,I have been living with HIV for 12yrs and undetectable healthy.I am reaching out to white males under 55yr who either live near me or who can come visit me and see where things lead to wheather its a date and or L.T.R..Drop me an email in my inbox or here and lets see where things lead.I love the outdoors,Sports of all kinds,watching and playing,movies,concerts,travel and so much to you soon

  28. Charles



    Central New Jersey

    Music(classical), cooking, fitness. HIV support and research.

    Insurance(specialty Marine Insurance)

    Married 3 kids out to entire family probably separating soon. strugleed with being gay my whole life

  29. Mark

    1) lisbonmark

    2) 42 (43 on May 26)

    3) Lisbon, OH (hence the user name) – a small town near Youngstown, OH

    4) Love to read, crime shows, shop, Wii, spend time with nieces and nephews… I love being an uncle. And sex of course….

    5) Retail, looking for something better

    6) Single

    Love this site and blog

  30. WillSD23

    1- WillSD23

    2- 40 (blah!)

    3- San Diego

    4- Living life to the fullest; only out for four years and it’s an AMAZING new life! Movie/gamer geek (yay Comic-Con!), but also a cool kitty, love dancing, travel, and exploring my city.

    5- IT/Telecom

    6- and THAT is the question…. lol!

  31. Brian K

    Name: GBfreakT
    Age 34
    Location: Grand Blanc, Mi (Flint, Ann Arbor, Detroit)
    Into: outdoors, movies and music of all types except hip hop and rap
    Looking for: Friends, hook up maybe even the “one”- maybe..

  32. Austin

    San Antonio tx
    I’m a reader, writer, painter, and music lover.
    Getting ready to graduate with a Masters next month and for the first time in I don’t know how long, I have no idea what I’m doing in life. It’s scary, fun, and exciting all at once. I have an awesome merchandising/design job right now but it’s not my career. We’ll see.

    Reading these posts I’m reminded of the Rusko song. “everybody’s looking for that somebody to love..”

  33. Rex




    4-anything having to do with the arts and traveling


    6-single though i wish i had someone special

  34. Xร‰R

    1. Cercay
    2.Just turned 20!!!
    3.From Fort Myers, Fl, but I live in Tampa!
    4 Love learning about the floral industry, sketch, love foreign music, life is still unfolding slowly ๐Ÿ˜‰
    5 the youngest assistant manager ๐Ÿ™‚
    6. And I am single ^_^

  35. Nick B

    1. jckucla

    2. 26

    3. Fresno, CA

    4. Outdoors, learning new things, sports, outdoor activity, good looking sporty chill guys

    5. Student/tutor

    6. Single

    Lol wonder if this will give any results

  36. Nathan M

    Springfield, MO
    I love wine, cooking, travel, cars, photography, nature walks, and just sitting around and talking with friends.
    I’m a wine and social media consultant.

    Hope everyone’s having a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Sandmanbx

    Sandman bx


    Bridgeport CT

    love art of all kinds. Computers, movies, lounging To some jazz or trip hop/electronica, working out, sketching, painting, finding good men to get to know in the CT area ( a hard task to say the least…)

    Graphic designer

    Single and looking

  38. Win

    1- cosmoguy05

    2- 18

    3- Aurora

    4- Dance, Movies, Party, Hookah, Relaxing,Singing, Football, Martial arts.

    5- Server/Student/Dancer

    6- Single!

    If u want to know more! Just ask ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Andrew M

    1- pennboy303

    2- 19

    3- Red Hill Pennsylvania

    4- I’m into theatre, I love to swim, and I am def a preppy guy. (American Eagle all day everyday)

    5- I am a full time student

    6- Very much single ๐Ÿ™‚

    message me if you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Anthony W.

    1- Username: Lamb_Chop

    2- Age: 32 y/o

    3- Location: Detroit, MI

    4- Your interests: My interests are varied (from enjoying relaxing moments at home to jet-skiing and wind surfing to visiting museums, art galleries and cultural centers, to comedy clubs and other good locales with equally good people).

    5- Profession: Administrative personnel

    6- Dating (open to potential relationship)

    7- Health status: Drug and disease-free (and I prefer the same)

  41. TOPAZ

    2- AGELESS

  42. ENTJ21

    1- entj21

    2- 21

    3- Ann Arbor, MI

    4- Politics, slam poetry, theater, LGBT activism, philosophy, working out, tennis ๐Ÿ™‚

    5- Full-time student

    6- Sexually Open Relationship ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Jaysing

    1- SINGER26

    2- 22 years old

    3- I’m from Bronx, New York

    4- I’m actually an independent singer/ songwriter and composer in the LGBT Community-well my music is aiming towards there. It’s basically about accepting who you are and never changing for anybody Else’s approvals. Aside from music, I love to take long walks, dance and laugh with family and acquaintances.

    5- I’m a full time student on my second semester of college.

    6- I am single- been that way for six years actually.

  44. mikey

    1. Saveme89

    2. 23 years old

    3. I’m from Gulfport, MS ( live in mesquite, Nevada)

    4. Like to play violin, sing, long walks, watch movies, cook.

    5. Unemployed at the moment but still pay my own bills. ( Former Navy)

    6. Single but looking.

  45. Markal

    1- Alch3mist

    2- 24 years

    3- Charlotte, NC

    4- I love music, movies, dance pretty much anything to do with the arts. I’m really just starting to get into fitness and working out. Never really been into sports which is funny being that I come from a family of athletes but I definitely can appreciate sports.

    5- ย Sales, Customer Advisor

    6- Single

  46. robdihutch

    Watching sports, having some drinks with my bros, going out, being spontanious.
    I have a couple jobs… just ask…
    And i am a single monster:)

  47. Eddie

    Wish I could find a nice, beautiful hung shemale . Id be complete. That sounds wierd huh. Well, there it is. I feel vented now. Haha.

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