Would You Do Him : Michael Phelps


In Head & Shoulders’s new commercial, olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps,Β is showing us how to wash our lovely hair…

But the only thing we want to see is the sexy man lathering his scalp right ?! Nothing sexier…

But I have to admit he is a cute boy right? Tall, long torso, strong shoulders and legs…

So my question to you : Would you do him?

Check out the commercial after the jump and let me know!

And for more sexy pictures of famous male atheletes, click here !




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  1. Rodger

    DO HIM!!!! I’d chain him in the basement for my ever faithful, constant enjoyment!! Seriously, I’d NEVER hurt such a FINE specimen of a man! I’ll take him with his chest hairy or shaven! And, he’s got the cutest mouth when he talks! LOVE MICHAEL PHELPS!!!!!

  2. jonesy


  3. Baron Neeley

    I think he looks great….but I really prefer a guy with a little more meat or muscle on his bones. Not to say I wouldn’t do him in a heartbeat.

  4. Darryl

    The one thing that i’ve never seen is a clear shot of his ass. Everything looks good, but that would be the deciding factor in all this.

  5. BlkSlt4WhtCck

    He’s a talented athlete, in top shape, has an aesthetically beautiful physique and he’s still got a full life ahead of him. Of course I’d do him, I think many would. His talent, drive and ambition alone make him very appealing and his physique inspires loads of lust. He’s a sexy individual!

  6. youngNhorny


  7. Drake

    I feel the urge to shower, make sure my head is in it and I have the right stroke. Ok ya kinda hard from that commercial

  8. Ashton

    I would give that boy the most amazing sex of his life that he would be fored to marry me. he is such a HOTTIE and amazing athelete, and the nike body swim suit he modeled shows a nice phelps junior down ther

  9. Karistan

    The question is, would I do Michael Phelps, the answer would undoubtedly be yes, day in and day out. He is by far one of the sexiest men in the world!

  10. Lorenzo

    I would for sure dew Michael Phelps, especially if he has a cut cock and I would also love to eat his (hairy?) ass, I bet it is so nice yum yum…and If he wants to fuck my hot tight latino ass well yum yum, which position would you like?

  11. shawn

    Yes.. yes I would, I would smoke a bowl with him (because I know he is into that haha) and fuck all night haha, I have been head over heels for him ever sense I first saw him…

  12. justme

    With a body like his, yeah he could have at me! I could think of some other things i’d give to him to help him prepare for the race lol ;). Trust me, i’d make sure his head is in the right place and he could look down and see every stroke he’s making…

  13. Jackson

    He does have an amazing body BUT his teeth look like a jack-o-lantern. And since I’m a huge fan of kissing a nice smile is a huge turn-on so gonna have to say no.

  14. mark nester

    Yes I would do Michael phelps!!!! he is so hot!!! I would actually let him do me <3 he is so sexy and amazing body!!! Yummm!!

  15. cntryman

    He’s not what I’d usually go for, but sure I’d do him if I had the chance. I would prefer a little more muscle and more body hair, but I wouldn’t say no to him……never in a million years, would I say no.

  16. Munkee

    No offense… but this has to be the dumbest question in all of history. I mean, what’s the big deal? (and it’s big) I mean, really? (yes, I would) He’s not even remotely cute (just hot) and I mean his photo-shopped abs (gorgeous) and his big ears (for handling) and don’t even get me started on his butt (so ever lovingly tight and muscular)… I mean, c’mon! (yes…I would.) πŸ˜‰

  17. David

    If I could i would want to have his Babbbbies!!!! I’d still get wet dreams when i dream about him! lol, Hey if he has a LONG Torso, he probably has a LONG dick!!

  18. K.C.,Mo "GLORYHOBOY" on a4a

    there is prob not one true gay guy on the face of this earth
    that would NOT! even a “straight” guy with some drinks would. are you kidding my gosh just look at him…0% body fat.
    Baron Neeley – really? the guy is solid muscle
    Wamoo – really? and every black guy is hung too

  19. gary

    Oh yeah for sure, beautiful body, he needs to pose for playgirl, we need to see the entire body. Imagine climbing up those long legs to get to the treats

  20. FreeRangeRadical

    The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes – mainly because of his body, but unlike some, I don’t find his face unattractive. The longest answer is yes – and I don’t care what a guy’s sexual self-identity is; I’ve had 2 five-year relationships – as fuckbuddies – with ‘straight’-identifying guys, and tons of other hookups with same. I’d gladly let him call himself straight as long as I get his ‘gold medal’. πŸ˜‰

  21. Chris

    Put a bag on his head or bend him over and bury his face in a pillow.

    Is Fuck him all day long. Hot body, but his face………. :-/

  22. Jeff

    I would do him every minute of everyday. I practically lick the screen whenever he is on tv. He is my screen saver on my computer too!

  23. vafratboy

    Never thought he was that cute in the face, but with his body, I wouldn’t turn him down.

    For me, the cuter the face, the less concerned about your body I am, but not so cute in the face, and the body better be smokin.

  24. ItsOn

    No way! He looks like the kid in a special ed class who should be wearing a helmet. A body is much less important than a face. Anyone can have a good body if they work at it but a face….that you’re stuck with.

  25. Calvin Kallstrom

    Hell yes! I had those thoughts back in his first Olympics when he was only 15 or 16. Think he placed third in one event. He showed a nice package when he was modeling One-piece swim suits a few years back.

  26. michael stanton

    oh my dear lord in a heartbeat! i think michael phelps is sexy as hell! he could plow me all night long and in as many positions he could think up!

  27. Kdaddy923

    Maybe someone’s already doing him – you hear so many things these days about athletes and what goes on out of sight in the locker room…

  28. Rob

    If your asking…to me that means 9 of 10 will not.
    Answer: No

    If the ad read “I do him” Any takers? It might change. πŸ˜‰

  29. Steve Miller-Miller

    As someone who believes marijuana should be not only legal but mandatory, YES YES a thousand times YES.

    Michael Phelps is an American hero. He proved that you can be high-functioning (no pun intended), and an athlete, and still smoke weed.

  30. john

    id so lrt that man fuck me!!!! i bet he has a huge cock and he probably cum alot too. after he fucked me, id suck his limp cock hard again and let him cum in my mouth.

  31. danny

    omg hell yes…in a heartbeat….as a matter of fact whats even faster than a heartbeat, lol….as a top i would fuck him all nite long…and even if he wanted to fuck me i wouldnt even hesitate to let him…and that sexy mouth of his…wow..

  32. noteasy2get

    Doubt it, the face just isn’t there for me. Bodies are nice, but you eventually have to look at his face… he is hot, just not my cup of tea. In the realm of athletes he is a second stringer for me.

  33. TJ

    He can’t control his lips nor his tongue
    when he’s talking, those big dumbo
    ears would only be good for holding onto
    as u face fuck him. Even the body is out
    of proportion. He might spit a tooth into
    your mouth as your kissing! I’d say take some of
    that Wheaties money and see a good good dentist!

  34. Derryck S. Griffith

    Michael Phelps is indeed very good looking, tall and slender. And just the type that I fancy in Bed too.

    I often wonder sometimes if he is packing anything over eight inches? (LOL)

    However, I think I saw him once on Seventh Avenue in New York City.

    He was just across the street from me, But I did not try want to make acquaintance.

    It might have been awkward for him, or he might not have responded well to my solicitation.


  35. Derryck S. Griffith

    Michael Phelps is indeed very good looking, tall and slender. And just the type that I fancy in Bed too.

    I often wonder sometimes if he is packing anything over eight inches? (LOL)

    However, I think I saw him once on Seventh Avenue in New York City.

    He was just across the street from me, But I did not try to make his acquaintance.

    It might have been awkward for him, or he might not have responded well to my solicitation.


  36. Drew

    I agree with Paul … I would do him anytime … or he could do me … I just want to be naked with him… what a hot man

  37. sanfrandan

    Hell yes! I would do him on my knees in a New York minute. It would take me a New York minute to get on my knees but a lot, lot longer for him to explode down my throat (I hope).
    I am the master of edging. When he can’t stand it any more he will grab the side of my head, forcing me all the way down and holding me still as he busts his nut.

    Get the picture?

  38. Donnie

    Hell yes love to sit on his manhood and drain him. Hot talk sexy who wouldnt want that. Wonder if Michael ever reads these posts??

  39. trucker

    not a flattering pic of him but I’ve not seen one yet, nor live footage that would make me say his.. I don’t find him attractive in the least bit… 1. not a fan of a swimmers build and 2. not a fan of the hot mess of teeth he’s got going on.

  40. Drew n Houston, TX dc0406

    He can do whatever with or to me. I’d like to shower with him and swim without clothes with him for starters. Bukkae with the entire team also.

  41. my libido

    HELL YESSSSS love his eyes, his mouth and his………………………………………………………….hot body….dont care how big or little his cock is…. i bet he would be fukn hot to give or receive….no doubt

    Most FUkkable n sukkable !!!

  42. BiGuy

    Is that even a question?…99% of all men, women, children, dogs and cats are sexually aroused when a full body shot of Phelps is on screen.(I only mention dogs/cats because other animals don’t watch TV) Those denying attraction are just resigned to the fact that they will never get a chance anyway. He is SOOOOOO fucking hot! Um, I guess my answer is yes……..

  43. bxgypsy

    i would suck him from his nipples to his balls, until he begged for me to let go deep…gaydar says he just might be packing something that should be on a whale.

  44. Barry

    Now this is one guy that I would do over and over and over again. You wouldn’t be able to get me off of him. I want him to fill my ass with his seed and also fill me mouth. THIS IS A VERY HOT GUY

  45. Andrew

    Hmmmmm, if Michael Phelps were in my bed, with a raging boner, I certainly would not object to him pounding the life out of my hole. With any luck, he would pound my ass as many times as he could, filling my ass with every drop if cum he could.

  46. Jim

    If he ever decided to get curious or experiment, I would love to give him a full body massage and finish him up with the best deep throat ever.

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