Music : Preview of “Falling Free” – Madonna

Yes another one…we will have the whole album before it comes out! lol

Madonna reveiled “Falling Free” earlier today and I kinda like this song, it sounds more “grown up”… the music is pretty and melody too.

Her voice sounds a bit nasal…like she had a cold when she recorded it. I can hear it when she starts a sentence or when she goes in the higher notes in mix voice…

But I still like it! That’s the kind of song I like to listen at night with a glass of wine!

What do you think?

Listen to it after the jump !


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  1. panda

    really? seriously? more madonna? i am so not looking forward to this cd have not heard one song from it so far that has grabbed me but all the queens are going to run right out and buy or download and that is the only way she is going to make money off it

  2. Steve

    So lame. She does sound like she has a cold. I’m not impressed and haven’t been with madonna for years. Where is the woman who ruled pop? She hasn’t been around for a while.

  3. James

    Omg, when did most gays become such bitchy queens. I’m reading the previous comments and all of them sound bitter. Madonna has always supported and backed the gay community, cut her some slack. Its pop music and she is fabulous about it. I love everything so far, maybe after you take a chill pill, or a Dick up the ass, you would too.

  4. unicorn37

    Madonna will always be the queen of PoP. Regardless of what others think. She really dont have to fight to be on top she already done that. She will always continue to create new things. I will always love and support her. Keep up the great work Madonna!!!!!!hugs and kisses forever

  5. David

    Madonna hasn’t given a crap about the gay community since Erotica flopped. It’s one thing to manipulate and play up to the gays for their money and a completely other thing to really care. I don’t blame her though. The fun of the gay scene wears off quickly and gays are too arrogant to believe that people actually get fed up and bored with the scene. We (gays) are not as cool as we think we are.

  6. Mykle1616

    I’m sorry, when was the last time Madonna actually did a POP song? And when did she last care to? You didn’t like Gimme All Your Luvin’? How much more POP do you want it to be? SO in your gay world, singers aren’t allowed to evolve or try different genres of music? How stale. Oh wait, I did just describe the gay scene, didn’t I? I actually look forward to this song. And whether she had a cold or not, she does generally get a little nasal when she does the higher notes. I don’t mind, because it’s nice to hear her trying to use more of her range again. I’m not Madonna so I can’t speak for her, but I’m looking forward to this album. Much more so than I did Hard Candy. Actually, the last Madonna song I really liked was Future Lovers, and to me that wasn’t a pop song. So, eh. We all like what we like.

  7. alexis

    actually, this is the song that Rolling Stone, Spin, New York Times and every other credible critic (you know, people who actually know about music instead of just bitching so they can sound cool ‘oh , I am SO over Madonna, I am sooo cool’) says is the best in the album and gave it very favorable reviews. I myself prefer other songs on the album – but coming out and saying it’s a bad song makes you sound dumb – go back to listening to Rihanna or whatever…

  8. damian stepniewski

    bravo David , I see that someone thinks here .Yeah if you think how she made her career( sleeping with many producers) what probably is normal then you realise that she never been such a lovely person you think .well i used to love here till music album but now these tracks are just weak and anyway 50 years old woman with 24 y man is not cool i think(good for her if he thinks that good). I would feel shame but maybe for her thats fine if you have money and you can buy love .so rellay i thought that people forgot about her long time ago ,dont understand me wrong i loved her sometimes and was fun but now not i dont like her songs and even concerts

    • blog

      Damian: I was 27 when I was going out witha 50 y.o man. We were together for 6 years…what,s wrong with that? age is just a number in some case….

  9. I love Madonna

    Hmmm a lot people hated and talk shit madonna erotica album . Erotica is my favorite of all madonna album , very good and beautiful melody , lyrics , music arrangement , vocal , vocal background … All great and very different any her album . They liked Ray of light but not my favorite choice .. MDNA VERY GOOD SO FAR AND I LIKE IT TOO . BUT NOT EXCELLENT as she done in the passed … WELL , everybody don’t have the same tasted listen of the music and different choice , different visions of their own

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