Music : Madonna’s new video : Girl Gone Wild


Madonna just released the second music video for her upcomming album MDNA.
“Girl Gone Wild” is a greyscale video in the same aesthetic as “Vogue” where the diva is sexing in leather, lace and chains, smoking cigarettes and kissing hot boy dancers like it’s 1990!

The pop Queen looks amazing and hasn’t lost anything… I’m totally amazed!

I like the song now!!


(see the video after the jump)

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  1. erick1980

    madonna” like no other smoking hot playing her alter egos provocative/controversial and raunchy… just love her. respect where is due…

  2. Mykle1616

    While I still find it funny Madonna called Lady Gaga reductive, it doesn’t feel oxymoronic. And this is after Madonna has released to songs that could be considered reductive also. Gimme All Your Lovin’ is distinctly reminiscent of Mickey (watch out, we don’t want another Avril lawsuit!) and please, this song is blatant Cyndi. I love both songs, but honestly, at this point, I’m kinda wanting to buy the CD just to read the liner notes to make sure proper credits were obtained. LOL. As for the look…if Madonna didn’t get herself a new make-up artist for all this, she definitely needs to give them a raise. She looks like she’s back in her 30’s without over-application of make-up and Botox. And the new millennium update to her 80’s hair is a nice touch. As well as paying homage to her earlier work with the opening to the song. And the fact that it can be taken so tongue-in-cheek is what makes Madonna so successful. Very amused.

  3. filip

    i dont watch the video …. Hmmm. But look at the image , Madonna may copy from frech pop icon of eighties Mylene Farmer photo style ( not lady gaga)

  4. Jon

    The song and video is f**king HOT!!! Madonna is back let all the “copycats” get on their knees and worship the Queen!

  5. terry

    The first video and song released, SUCKED! This video and song is why we love her, song, although totally mindless, is hot, and so is the video, and as someone said, she looks fucking awsome.

  6. frank

    love it love it love it,i can not wait to see her again in miami on nov.19,2012 long live the queen,will be buying 2 copies of the album when it comes out this monday one for my sister who will be going to the concert too.

  7. Bombay

    Why couldn’t she just collborate with Kazaky? This video is just like Kazaky’s music video for their song “Love”. The guys in Kazaky are a lot hotter and talented. Love this song 🙂

  8. JONN

    The song is fun and the video is hot, but could it be a more blatant rip-off of Kazaky? Really Madge? you’re a trailblazer no need to steal other peoples stuff

  9. jason

    not into her so much anymore..but i do like the video and the production of the song…btw…ripping off other artists is nothing new and she does it also with some of her videos similar to other artist who have used these ideas / production before her..check out “this use to be my playground” video…a blatant rip off of Boy George’s
    “To Be Reborn” video…as george said when he saw hers…”this use to be my video”!

  10. Maxbug

    Why are only positive comments allowed. Does this website get dividends from Madonna aka illuiminati puppet extraordinaire? Let’s not even get into the fact that Milli Manilli should be given a comeback career after watching this gyrating grandma lipsinc

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