Music : Madonna’s MDNA – Review


Madonna’s album is finally “all” out !

What do you think ? Which song is your fave?

Are you happy with the songs? Did you expect more?

I listened to it twice already, and I don’t know if I like it…

Some songs are good, some are OK, some are bad…

Below is my review!



1- Girl Gone Bad : Love this song, the video is also amazing, very catchy and will be a hit for sure!

2- Gang Bang : Love the beat, the edge of the song. Nice to listen at home drinking with friends before going out.

3- I’m Addicted : Good song for club, the remixes will probably be very “techno”. The album version is just OK !

4- Turn Up The Radio : Good song for driving your convertible car on a sunny day… A bit repetitive lyrics.

5- Give Me All Your Lovin’ : Good song, I prefer the remix though… Original is missing some bass for me.

6- Some Girls : Boring artificial noises that sound very 80’s… Not my thing.

7- Superstar : Slow beat. Juvenile lyrics. Boring.

8- I Dont Give A : Another duet with Minaj? Is it necessary? Lyrics are great though… fun.

9-  I’m A Sinner : Very early 2000… Remember “Music” or “Beautiful Stranger”… very similar.

10-  Love Spent : SKIP!

11- Masterpiece : Love ! Nice ballad, nice lyrics, fresh, clean, nice harmonies.

12- Falling Free : She had a cold when she recorded it…I can hear it. But nice ballad. Simple.

13- Beautiful Killer : Blahhh

14- I Fucked Up : Slow Tempo, nice song…sounds very early 2000 also.

15- B-Day Song : Fun, 70’s inspired, cute… Pretty sure people will play that song at their bday parties.

16- Best Friend : I like that song. Music is great, different, lyrics are nice too, great story.

17- Give Me All Your Lovin’ remix : Better than the original. I will listen to it at the gym for sure.

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  1. e

    I previewed the cd on itunes….one word generic! the ablum has no common message, the beats are all over the place, the only Madge dance album I ever liked and she actually pulled off was “confessions on the dance floor” and “ray of light”. This album will go down as one of her worst.

  2. Shomari

    PS how can you form an opinion from previews? The songs are much more than the sum of the parts, I bet in five years when lady GaGa forgets about being innovative and rehashes this the fickle gays will eat it up as being groundbreaking

  3. jimmyolson

    I loved it over all.

    1- Girl Gone Bad: Great song, great video – the more I listen to it the more I like it.

    2- Gang Bang: My fave of all. It’s one of those songs that make you wanna cringe and feel good while doing it. It’s one of those FUCK YEAH kinda songs!

    3- I’m Addicted: Very clubby, very technoish-ish-ish-ish.. Still something you wouldn’t expect Madge to sing to unless it was a remix.

    4- Turn Up The Radio: This song made me feel like it was a nice sunny summer day, one of those everything-will-be-alright songs.

    5- Give Me All Your Lovin’: The more I listen to it the more I like it. Very 60’s meets modern club music.

    6- Some Girls: Loved it! I definitely wanna crank this shit up in my car.

    7- Superstar: Ohh la la.. another sunny day campy summer song. I think of all, this is one brought out my gayness the most…

    8- I Dont Give A : Not too crazy about Minaj on this one, I think Madonna could’ve left this for herself. Her rap is way better than that of American Life’s btw.

    9- I’m A Sinner: I liked the religious references she plays with. Her voice hits notes I usually don’t hear her do, at first I thought they were computer generated but after the 4th time of listening in closer, I know they weren’t.

    10- Love Spent: I didn’t really get the different changes this song has but it’s still slowly growing on me. I get the lyrics are very hers though.

    11- Masterpiece: This song brings out the romantic side of me (as opposed to the gay side..)

    12- Falling Free: For some reason this one makes me feel melancholic. Nice though.

    13- Beautiful Killer: A little more Brit-pop sounding. I think it would sound better after a few drinks and a bad lover in mind.

    14- I Fucked Up: I get the anger and disappointment in this one, it’s also very Brit-popish.

    15- B-Day Song: I love M.I.A. but I don’t know what the fuck she must’ve been thinking on this one. It’s alright..

    16- Best Friend: This song sounds a little closer to home, a little more suburban a la Hard Candy.

    17- Give Me All Your Lovin’ remix: eh, where’s M.I.A. on this one?…

  4. Mateo

    This is actually her BEST album if you’d just give it a chance. Sometimes things grow on you, and once this album does, it doesn’t let go. Gang Bang, Love Spent, Beautiful Killer, Falling Free are among her best songs ever made.

  5. erick1980

    i actually like very edgy and there is nothing like that out there.i recommend to get a good pair of speakers and go loud so you will get a different perspective of it..

  6. frank

    i am going out today too buy 2 copies of it i am sure i will love it,as so will my sister who the otherone is for her birthday coming up soon.cant wait to see her in miami on nov.19, you my queen madonna.

  7. BriBri

    Seems like she took a little taste of each album and put them on MDNA. Girl gone wild = Sorry…and so forth.. Some of the songs and straight up fillers and some are good and couple are ok…Honestly it feels like a something that was rushed to get out quickly, even though it wasn’t.. I love my Madonna but its getting to the point of ok we’ve heard this already… What I would like to see her put out is something old school sounding circa the self-titled “Madonna” with just enough of a modern twist, and no songs “featuring” some other artist that happen to be hot at the moment just makes it seem like she is trying to hard to connect with that younger audience who likes that artist. Madonna is big enough to carry herself and doesn’t need to “feature” anyone. If the time comes that you aren’t relevant anymore then bow down gracefully and quietly.

  8. Bman

    Havnt really “listened” to it yet, but just as background music as I was doing other things around my apt. But some songs had kind of a catchy beat and I was kind of thinking “this is kind of good…!” Will take a few listen thrus to grow on me, but it’s very much like her past few albums with the early 80s beats and computerized tunes etc… Was really looking for a new sound but some songs could be reworked to be GREAT live! Cant wiat for the tour!!

  9. Joe

    I love the album. The beats are deep and dancey over all. It is one of her best albums to date. I know ppl who went to get the cd in NY and shelves were sold out. The sales ppl said as fast as they replenish it’s gone. Good work Madonna another best seller. Keep us dancing baby.

  10. Mark

    I thought it was okay until I heard it on really good speakers. It completely blew me away. The only songs I really don’t care for are Bday Song and I Don’t Give A. The ending on the latter is epic but I don’t like her delivery on the song. Everything else is WHOA! Give Love Spent another chance. Between that and Addicted, I’m in heaven. I’d give it 4 out of 5.

  11. ConfusedMadonnaFan

    Ummmmmm Hard Candy and MDNA are possibly her worst albums to date. I love me some madonna but really?? If she can’t do better than she really needs to just stop and keep repeat performing the stuff that was actually good.

  12. J Smith

    Inmature-shallow-generic-unecessary-typical and not relevant to anything pertaining to anything important to today’s issues. Rather mindless in nature.

  13. Harlow

    I judge albums individually and try not to reduce it by comparing it to said artist’s back catalogue. This album really stands out on it’s own. Great production, vulnerable, well sung and catchy (albeit sometimes corny) lyrics.

    Stand out tracks:

    Girl Gone Wild
    I’m Addicted
    Turn Up The Radio
    I Don’t Give A
    Love Spent
    I Fucked Up
    Gang Bang

    4/5 Stars from me

  14. Wally

    No – she need to act and perform like a mature woman . Face it Madonna your not a kid anymore . songs are way over produced — let hear her do some cover tunes of some classics . Show us that she is more than just a studio artist .

  15. Jay

    This album is absolutely amazing, what I was expecting, Madonna showed again, shes the best and better than ever.
    Girl Gona Wild video is hot!!!

  16. Amodworld

    BEST: Girl Gone Wild, Gang Bang, Turn Up the Radio, I Don’t Give A, Love Spent, Masterpiece, Falling Free

    Good: I’m Addicted, Some Girls, I’m a Sinner, Beautiful Killer, I Fucked Up, Best Friend

    God Awful: Superstar, B-Day Song, That Shitty Remix

    To the original poster that didn’t like Love Spent, you should give it a few more listens. It’s actually one of the strongest tracks on the album IMHO.

  17. Jazzy J

    This cd sucks. Give me Hard Candy, bedtime stories, or early Madonna. The stuff that was fun and funky. This has been done before. I like Girls Gone Wild and I you know up! And some ballads.

  18. Michael A.

    HOT HOT HOT…. so iconic… such a beautiful woman. And finally a 50 something kicking tail. I’m sick of all the new breed. Madonna has class, shares her wealth, and is gay friendly genuinely. Just like Gaga…Gay friendly for real. Get it guys. Follow those that love you…screw the damn rest that the clubs keep idolizing that absolutley hate us ! Think about it. Madonna loves us so I love her and it makes it easy with all of this great new classic music. Several # 1’s in the bunch, starting with Girl Gone Wild…Way HOT !!

  19. Michael A.

    And quit comparing the new hit with old stuff..this has a great fresh beat ..Girl Gone Wild..edgy and VERY RELEVANT. Yes turn up the volume…catchy and I see people boopin to it all over the place. Great song by a great, relevant and fresh. And anyways artists do sound similar time after time, like a trademark, as they are who they are…get it !

  20. wolfean

    Dear Shomari,
    Les Paul was innovative,The Beatles were innovative,Hendrix was innovative,Jellybean was innovative,Public Enemy was innovative,Orbital,Future Sound of London,Bowie,Eno,Prince,Quincy Jones,Reznor,Aphex twin,Goldfrapp,Bjork,Missy Elliot,Skrillex are/were innovative

    Madonna and GaGa are a couple of pop tarts.
    Don’t get it twisted

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