Hot or Not : Tattoos

I have to admit that tattoos can be very tacky … but some tats are fuckin’ hot !

A real manly tattoo can easily make me hard. I’m not talking about chinese signs or skulls, snakes , names, barcodes and other 80’s/90’s  stuff.

I’m talking something modern, small/medium size, not something that covers the whole body, with nice colours. I think it can can be very hot…

It probably reminds me of some hot hookups with tattooed guys…I don’t know.

What about you? You like tatz? You find it Hot or Not? And why?



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  1. David

    I think some tattoos on guys are hot/sexy. like for an example on the back right under the neck, shoulder,pec, band (wrap around) on the arm. it also has to do with where the guy gets it on his body

  2. Josh

    Mmmm, an ordinary looking guy can look hot with some nice tat work. Nice sleeves are what get me hard – on a guy with nice arms and a built chest.

  3. gw


  4. Len

    tats can be hot. the right size in the right place. something that peeks out of your speedo. scale, quality, theme. like clothing or jewelery, or piercings, they should compliment the body, not overpower it or make it into a messy billboard.

  5. bigbadboi36

    If the tattoos are in good taste, and not covering the body more than 25% then they are hot. If a guy is covered, then no it is a turn-off.

  6. James M

    It depends on what it is and where it is for me. I hate when a hot stud has an awesome body but then its covered by tons of tats. It destroys the male physique and Im not interested anymore. Tats are like baggy jeans, in one day out the next.

  7. Christopher

    While I was in the Army (enlisted in 1974) and @ the time, tatts were REALLY frowned upon in the military.

    What sealed the deal for me NOT getting tatted? Seeing 17 year old kids RUINING their beautiful physiques with Graffitti.

    What DOES someone do with a “bad tatt”? And I mean a REALLY bad tatt?

    I’ve seen some beautiful male physiques totally ruined by “crappy tatts”…….

    For those of you who watch “The Big Bang Theory”, the episode where Sheldon has to help Penny out of the bath tub due to the fact that she’s slipped and dislocated her shoulder. Later on that evening, he asks:

    “Penny, why do you have the Chinese symbol for “SOUP” on your left buttock”?

    Vexed, she looks at him and says “It’s the symbol for “peace” in Chinese”, to which Sheldon corrects her, due to the fact that he’s fluent in Mandarin.

    My point exactly.

  8. Rodger

    I have 4 tattoos. I find that I enjoy them more on a sexy, cute guy. But then again I’m attracted to that kind of guy whether he has any tattoos or not.

  9. stick

    I think it’s like most everything else is comes down to personal preference, but to criticize others choices really show your “true colors.”

  10. Lorenzo

    I would love to suck his big cock, tatoo’s or not and I would love to eat his ass, his cock looks so suckable and I bet he has a squeky clean ass for me to eat yum yum

  11. Dane

    I personally prefer guys w/out tattoos. The larger the tatts the more turned off I become. Too many guys have so much ink they look more like the gafitti or the side of a train or the wall of a building.

  12. Jim

    What a divisive and subjective question to ask. I have several tattoos acquired over a lifetime, all in natural flow with my anatomy, and I even have a snake, which you seem to think is tacky. A tattooless body is equally beautiful to one that has been modified to suit the man who dwells in it.

  13. Damien

    Tattoos are like any piece of artwork…except its not on your wall,its your body…they expresses pain of a lost one,joy of a new birth,rite of passage and bonds of friendship. Tattoos can be a story to a persons life,….whether its a botched tatt or beautiful, or “manly” (which is a stupid term)….it has a reflection on this person….personally, I like em IF they are done right, but I respect a person for getting them because they wanted to…despite the reason, and look down on them for it. And yes…I do have tatts,7….1 religious,1 friendship,1 family death ….the rest because I like them

    • blog

      Damien: manly is stupid term for you?
      well, not for me 🙂
      By manly i mean, if a guy has a butterfly or something, it’s not very manly…

  14. whereangelsdare

    What constitutes as a “Manly” tatoo. I mean the more we make other people feel bad about being “manly” the worse it is for everyone else who doesn’t fall into that “manly” box.

  15. ariesk

    I don’t mind tats on dudes. For me it depends on the dude, his style and attitude. I would never get one but I do find them sexy on the right guy.

  16. Jon

    Skin is too hot to mark up. I never understand why someone would want a stranger to mark up their body with a stranger’s art. If you want art get a sketch pad. It looks tacky and distracting when you are getting it on with someone. Clean unmarked skin is hot

  17. Noa

    I have 16 tattoos. I’ll keep getting more until i run out of space. I think i’d be a beautiful person with or without them. I just like being a living piece of art.

  18. kevim

    I think tatts r very HOTT I didn’t St getting mine till I was 46 when I moved to Idaho I started wit one on my left chest and that was of I was hooked it led to more and now my whole back is one big pic from my shoulders to my ass I’ve had many compliments on my tatts my fwb loves them and I love them still have a few more I want to do a half sleeve on my left arm which I will start on my bd next month. I love a man with tatts

  19. Cale

    i have one tattoo on my left forearm that is easy to conceal…and i want about 5 more…and love a guy with tattoo’s that mean something not just mindless marks.

  20. Nick

    Like most of you, I love tats on a dude but it has to be the right tat, right spot on the right body. Some really hot dudes just don’t look right with ink while some less attractive types in the gay world (ie. cubs/bears) can look extremely hot with a tat.
    For the dude who made the dramatic gesture of repeated “gross” I would have to object to your statement. Yes, there are some guys who get inked who think the ink accentuates their masculinity but those are also the guys who tend to get crappy ink in the first place (ie. a 110lb twink with a skull and snakes on his boney arm) but to make a generalized statement that men who get inked do so to stand out is wrong. Some of us get tats for a reason. I have 4 tats and each one has a special meaning to me. It wasn’t a spur of the moment decision where I walked into a shop and got one. I thought it out; what I wanted and where I wanted it, etc.

  21. WB

    Hmm…depends on what the tattoo is itself. If its something stupid or a boring typical tat, then i just feel sorry for the guy. It has to have meaning for me to be sexy(and in the right spot) 😛

    Though i think sleeves are pretty sexy if done correctly…

  22. Steve

    As has been more or less stated a few times here already: depends on the guy, the placement, the degree of coverage, the quality of the art, the subject matter, etc., etc., etc. But, generally speaking, yes, hot, though I used to think that of tribal tats and “armbands” but both are so overdone now I pretty much cringe when I see either, especially if the tribal thing is some huge pattern, completely out of scale to the tattee.

  23. Todd

    Never seen a hot tattoo. They are low class and low rent to me. I have thrown up before at looking at them. I steer clear of guys with tats or piercings….It says they are less than as they need to embelish something that was not valuable to them. YUCK!! and GROSS!

  24. john

    i have 5 tattoos. some tats look good on certain guys. too many makes a guy look kinda ugly. if they all have a reason then their cool. but if their just random, then they should have a purpose. all in all tats are awesome. all guys should have at least one.

  25. David

    Personally I don’t find tattoos sexy at all. Yes, I realize that there are many extremely sexy men out there that are sporting one (or more) but, its not the tats that are sexy. In many cases, the sexy man has somewhat ruined his sexy body by adding them. Find it upsetting when I don’t know whether I’m supposed to admire – or read. I’d much rather see a sexy man covered in hair – than in tats. Just my opinion – and like AH’s, everyone has one.

  26. John

    I don’t get tattoos at all. I’ve never seen a tattoo improve the beauty of a male body. They are a big distraction. I much prefer sexy, cute guys without tattoos. Seems to me that getting a tattoo is like wearing the same shirt for the rest of your life.

  27. Mark

    tattoos are a big turn on for me. I don’t have any myself, but they are a turn on for me on other guys, and I have found if you comment on tats that are peeking above a guy’s shirt collar, may will yank their shirt up to show you the rest of it 🙂

  28. josh

    i love tattoos, as long as there not the “copy” types. the ones the artiest put on

    there walls, or in there books. or your name in old english. all these are not sexy

    tattoos. the ones i love are the one of kind, i draw all my tattoos and i love

    originality. i feel that tattoos should be from the beginning.

  29. Dvides

    Depends…if there too many, can be a turn off. I like tribal ones on the shoulders, chest, the upper back or sides. Don’t like too colorful.

  30. Me

    Tatts can be great on the right guy done by the right tattoo artist NOW. Unfortunately, over time, as the body changes, and muscles get bigger and smaller and weight comes and goes, tattoos have a way of BLURRING (ever see and older man with an old tattoo?). Tattoos can be touched up, but I wonder how much can be done with the fine work and script that is so popular now. Or what can be done when they are no longer stylish?

  31. RandomManPeo

    When it comes to tats, less is more … subtle, powerful … don’t look like you always wanted to wear a clown outfit.

  32. Tim

    I like guys with tattoos, but like anything else, some guys can pull off “the look” and some can’t. The barbed wire or chain around the bicep just looks silly if the arm isn’t muscular. A good tattoo compliments ones body, so less is more!

  33. James

    NOT! Why do that to beautiful skin? Tacky. It’s a huge turn-off and reveals to me the guy has no respect for his body no matter how buff he is. So tasteless.

  34. Ray

    Tatoos are the first guys I try to cruise. There are hotter than anything else onthe gay scene. I like straight construction workers with tatoos that are willing to try new things. Although I don’t like themon me, I love them on others. I do not like them on women though.

  35. Craigger

    You can’t say it better than you did: “nothing 90s or anything”…and soon it will be “nothing 2012 or anything” or 2020 or…. it’s going to be permanently outdated fashion. at least with clothes you can throw them away. and get real: hot abs at 25 will turn into flabby abs by around 40…then it will look reallllly great.

  36. PYRO91

    GW, not all men get tatts to make up for what theu lack. BUT… there is a limet. So as long as a man does nt pass the limet, its sexy.

  37. Everol

    I like to see them. I would not get one but I would date someone with one. I do believe that in the right spot they can be attractive and some people aren’t meant to have them.

  38. jay

    Well, personally, I have well over 20 tattoos. Was basically raised in tattoo shops and can even tattoo myself. So, I guess the line where its hot or not is the tattoo(s) itself. Whether its good work, or something sloppy. From shading to color to size to placement. Tattoos themselves are art, and is all in the eye of the beholder whether its hot or not. <3

  39. Chris

    Horrible. With age tattoos become blurry. With age the skin becomes wrinkly: At 60 a blurry tattoo on wrinkly skin. Is that a perspective? Not for me. I want to age gracefully.
    At 30 the dolphin jumps out of the speedos. At 60 a dolphin’s tail hangs out under a belly fold. I am glad I got no dolphin in the 80s, no arm band in the 90s and no tribal in the 00s. They are all so outdated, now.

  40. Luv2chis

    after working in the nursing home for a # of years …all I can think of is whats it going to look like in 50 years …lol

    however if it complments the body & personilty …then yes I can see it as very hot…now if if I was to see a total top with a butterfly on his chest …not really happening for me…sorry guys

  41. Romoni Reed

    I love men with tattoos. I have 15 myself. Each tattoo has a story behind it. Tattoos let me know that a guy can take a little pain. One of my exes was covered in tattoos. He was so beautiful, only place he didn’t have them was in the face, & on his neck & hands.

  42. Jim

    Well done they can be very cool. Too many are just crappy and badly done and spoil a great body. Guess I would say that I am not a fan of them……….

  43. Jay

    I don’t have any of my own, but tattoos should be based on where on the body, how many there are, and if they actually look good on the man.

  44. 4x4lvr

    NOT–the human body is art in itself. I’ve seen too many pics where a perfect body is just “vandalized” by a tattoo. Besides what happens to the tattoo when that young vibrant skin gets old, dry and wrinkly??? Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot only the hot guys are never going to get old, right??

  45. Cravenmoorhead

    Dave just read your response about the butterfly tattoos and my friend is the strongest Latino Manly Man and has his whole armed covered in Butterflies and it is Manly for when he Flexs it looks like they are flying! This message is more than anything but to say Hi to you and Love your Blog! Btw I have told so many people about your blog and most have trouble finding it. Why is their not a Blog Button you can click on to? Today is also the First day of Spring sooooo enjoy it like the Birds and the Bee’s would!

  46. andres

    i have alot of tattoos.i started getting them when i got into pacific northwest art after that it just became a way of marking periods in my life.i understand that some find them unattractive and some find them sexy either way i plan on getting more until i run out of room, if you dont like them then don’t get them as far as “manly” tattoos that can be a matter of opinion, so many men in gay culture strive to live up to hetero ideals, it’s easier to just exsist as you are with kindness in your heart, my body is a canvas i choose to display in my own way without judging others on how they display theirs:)

  47. Rudy

    Tattoos being hot or not depends on who is wearing them. There’s nothing hotter than a hot guy with tats…but I personally don’t think they look good on the neck.

  48. jake

    I wore some pretty cool stuff in the seventies. But I stopped wearing parachute pants and wide white belts a long time ago. There is VERY little I thought was cool when I was 20 that this 50 year old physician finds particularly “cool” today. In the Navy 27 years and I have no tats. If someone wants to decorate the body, see if three pounds of muscle on your arm doesn’t do it for you.

    For men who want one, two, eighteen, though, yeah, its your body. Hard to improve on nature, though. Form and function together is the greatest art; that’s why the human body is so amazing.

  49. Damien

    What if the butterfly represents a sister or a mom that has died? Tatts r personal….there’s usually a meaning behind them….and thnks for reading my comment.

    • blog

      Damien, yes it’s possible….but for me…I don’t like feminine stuff on my man…that’s all..
      Can I have my opinion ?

  50. Kevin

    Except for the Delta Dawn’s of this world, not many people wear clothes from back in the day. Getting a tattoo pretty much guarantees that you will. Interestingly, Marky Mark dressed ghetto and was tattooed out and I thought was extremely hot. As Mark Wahlberg, he has moved forward and has started talking english, removing the tattoos and in my humble opinion is an even hotter guy now. More often than not the saying that less is more applies.

  51. Randy

    Someone once told me “a tattoo is a badge of low self esteem” ever since then that’s all I think of when I see a guy with a tattoo.

    That being said the best tattoo I’ve seen was a tramp stamp on a twink of Thumper from Bambi.

  52. TruthAddict

    Tats are nothing more than graffiti on a bathroom wall. If you have no more respect for yourself than that, you shouldn’t expect it from other people. People that stain their skin have an underlying mental issue.

  53. fuzzybuzzz

    Lots of different opinions here! I’ve loved tattoos since I was a little kid. The first tattoo I ever saw close up was on a former sailor man who was in his 70s and had a beautiful, though somewhat soft focus, peacock on his forearm. Even as a child, I admired his non traditional tattoo, and i felt that it added a gentleness to his masculinity. As a furry muscular bear of 55, my tattoos mean a great deal to me. Sure, the dragon on my tummy is bigger than it used to be. I find many men that like me and my tattoos very much. I love them all, the men as well as the tattoos.

  54. edgar_truth

    i like how someone said guys get tattooed because their insecure. not always the case. i have 4. each has a special memory for me. on my inner wrist i have an Aum… when i found some measure of peace and i think it’s pretty and is motivational to me. on my back i have a tribal phoenix… my first 1 in a place i can’t see it but tops sure do like it, it’s meaning deals with having (a cheesy as it sounds) risen from the ashes of a really fucked situation and i commemorated it. on my stomach, just above my pelvis and to the left is a fleur de lis…. in memory of my mother and the tat on my shoulder is there to remind me that alcohol and an appreciation don’t always mix…needless to say it is my least favorite tattoo but it could have been much worse. but hey that’s just my view on tattoos, they’re not for everyone.

  55. GARE

    Tats are fucken hot…doesnt have to do anything with wanting to be masc….esp on guyzzz who wear them well….i am a guy, and yes i have tats hahahaha eat it

  56. mauricealex

    i love tattoos. but i like a guy with a few not his whole body head to toe cover is a turn off. i also hate random or stupid tattoos if u get a tattoo it should be symbolic like native americans,asians, and hawaiins, also alaskan or have a story of y u got it

  57. justme

    I think these men look fine with the tats they have. Some people can pull them off better than other and it all depends on where they are placed on the guys. I think its really hot when a guy has a tattoo that’s creative and has a real meaning behind it.

  58. marquee

    ah yeah. tats are in! I love dark or tanned muscular men with tats or a hot brazilian. there’s this white porn star, maybe you’ve seen him with raging stallion studios…but he is tatted from top to bottom. He had panthers on both his ass cheeks and even has tats on his cock….soooo hot to me. i was turned on by merely looking at him.

  59. Tattoosarestupid

    Get a fucking coloring book if you want to draw on something. Don’t ruin yourself with a tattoo. It only makes you look like you’ve been to prison and you don’t give a fuck about yourself.

  60. Richard

    I like how the post starts off with tats can be tacky, but…

    If my “chinese signs” (which describe religious ideas) are more tacky than the guy in the 3rd picture after the jump who has a tattoo of mock asian style lettering that says “go fuck yourself” if you look at it sideways, I’ll kiss your ass. Or the one above him with the meaningless ‘tribal’ spirals…


    • blog

      Richard, not because I find it tacky that you need to be mad…to each his own…I hate chinese signs…. very 1990!
      But eh, u can like it…

  61. Ink-Iron

    None of those guys were hot in my opinion, they all looked ok and possibly fuckable, the first guy with the tattoo issues, talks about them, but you can plainly see that he has one, so with that being said he has a few issues, he’s ok looking with a nice dick and messy ass hair. the second guys thats getting his dick sucked by a brother, the brother is very attractive to me with the facial hair on his face, and the two photo’s after that I wasn’t impressed!

  62. SouthernBoiSB

    A small or single tattoo is okay. But when you have these huge elaborate designs or cover an entire body part, that’s too much.

  63. Piscesslaveboy69

    I went to a bar in boystown(chicago). This hot white guy walks up to me and smiles. He tells me, “I think black guys who have all-black tattoos are f-ing hot.” I got hard so quick that it throbbed.

  64. Thom

    I agree. Tattoos can be hit or miss. It depends (for me) on what it’s of, where it is, how many there are, etc.

  65. Brian

    I think a guy with a tattoo or some tattoos is hot. Give me a str8 guy or even one that thinks he is, well if they knew it, they could really make right bad checks.

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