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  1. seagle

    Nude beaches are fantastic. Especially in California ! Although I am not familiar with exclusively “gay” nude beaches, some are certainly “gayer” than others. Especially, those in Santa Barbara County. And those by UCSB are full of beautiful young, hot men, and yes, women too. The nice part is that you don’t have to start strutting around in the nude at first, but can wear suits until you are comfortable with the scenery and ease into your own nudity.
    My personal favorites are nude hot springs, of which there are several throughout California and throughout the Western States. I might add though, if in Colorado, and you are tempted to go to “Orvis” Hot Springs (a private clothing optional natural springs), as some may tell you it is a great place, FORGET IT ! The owners and management are VERY, VEHEMENTLY, ANTI-GAY, despite what you may have heard elsewhere.
    Good luck in your nude beach / hot springs experiences. You will love being “in touch” with beauty and freedom.

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