Hot or Not : Nude Beaches


I’ve never been to any nude beaches, maybe because I’m too shy or just not willing, but the thought of it makes me smile…and I’d like to try…

I don’t know if I would prefer straight or gay beaches though. At the gay beach, I would probably be hard all the time seeing beautiful men …. and at the straight beach, I’m sure I would watch straight men and try to find “the curious one”! But the thought of seeing big hairy pussies turns me off a bit, because there is probably hot people but also not-hot people right?

So what do you do when you are in a nude beach zone? You just lay down and get tanned? I’m a big volley-ball player, do you think I’d be able to play with my 8 incher flying up and down and balls bouncing? Would probably hurt after few jumps no? lol

Have you ever experienced nude beaches? Where? What are the nicest spots?

Do you find it HOT or NOT?


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  1. mikeyh

    i’ve spent many summers at fire island and the ones who decide to go nude are definitely not of the “could see you in a porn” variety – usually very hairy, not in great shape, older – but hey, they’re relaxed, so why shouldn’t everyone else be relaxed – oh, and on fire island, there were many more women droppin trou and bra than men, so don’t say i didn’t warn y’all

  2. eddie

    We have a nude beach here in Wiscosnin along the Wisconsin River that has been patronized since the 50’s. There is a “straight end” and a “gay end” although people also mix. There are body types of all types and sizes but what you find is the nudity really doesn’t become the focus and “big hairy pussies” aren’t a detractant. It is really a community, people of all ages from kids to elderly and it is not a sexual thing. It is amazing how friendly and social people become when they drop their clothing and bare all – I guess there is no pretension when it all hangs out. And you’ll find, even on the gay beach, you are relaxed – you won’t be instantly aroused after you are with the crowd for awhile. The guys looking for it to be a sexual thing go off into the bushes and even then use the usual methods of beating it to get and stay hard. (Called “bushwhackers”) 😉

  3. Michael

    My first nude beach was Black’s Beach in San Diego. I don’t know anymore, but back in the day it had the volleyball nets and families playing, had plenty of room to lay out and tan, chilly water to make things shrink if you got too excited, naked sailors and marines, even the UCSD track team jogging naked on the beach every now and then. I say go for it, its easy to ignore the naked women, and you’ll find that you won’t mind nude people that aren’t what you find pretty. You will feel good, and enjoy the view in places. Whatever beach you go to, check locally first to make sure there aren’t legal issues going on. In our prudish country, it does change from time to time.

  4. Jayson

    One of the most beautiful beaches in the world to be in your birthday suit. Friendly people as well.
    Little Magen’s bay beach
    St.Thomas, Virgin Islands

  5. BlkSlt4WhtCck

    It depends on the bodies on said beach. I’ve been to Sizzle Miami a few years back and while on south beach all the hot guys were wearing next to nothing but the only nude guy was this overweight, old white dude. NOT appealing in the slightest! I agree with mtlguy, a beach with guys like what’s shown above would be perfect

  6. Alex

    I think nude beaches are awesome. I used to go to one and it had guys and girls (but mostly guys) and they would all play volleyball and frisby and such. On the occasion you would see a guy sporting a cock ring, but for the most part its just a nice relaxing time to tan your cheeks 🙂 I say do it. I think its liberating 😀

  7. Gaynudist

    I love nude beaches. I go to Playalinda and Apollo beaches which are part if the Canaveral National Seashore on the east coast of Florida near the space center. Once you go to a nude beach you will never want to go to a clothed one again.

  8. Dismayed

    Go to Black’s beach near San Dieog occasionly, and really get turned off by the guys at the “gay” end. Some drive as far as 120 miles and all climb down 400 foot clif to parade around in speedos. Sorry, I like naked men. Enjoy the other parts of the beach. Something for everybody.

  9. Jonny Quander

    All of the nude beaches, either straight or gay that I’ve ever been to remind me of the one in the film “EuroTrip.” Where perverted old men flock the beaches to only either grope or stare at other people’s crotches.

  10. Soonerorlater

    Black’s Beach in San Diego on a hot summer day, when more of the younger crowd is present. There’s usually a lot of fat old guys, but the hotter weather brings more of the hot guys out.

  11. charlesjohnco

    I love nude beaches!!! The ones I’ve been to are family friendly AND AFTER A FEW MIN OF CHECKING EVERYONE OUT YOU DON’T NOTICE THE PACKAGES MALE OF FEMALE. LISTEN; Silly HORNY BOIS DON’T go to nudes beaches to see in shape sexy men.sOME ARE THERE AND SOME ARE NOT, WHO REALLY CARES.GET A LIFE! That’s not the real reason to go–GO for the fun of the sun anD to relax in your GOD GIVEN SKIN….. dOn’t GO LOOKING FOR A MAG PIN UP PORN DUDE IN THE BEACH. tHAT JUST SICK, AND THAT MAKES FOR A VERY LONLY LIFE.

  12. fires torm

    it seems to me that david u are a racist well let m tell u something every one has their ownn taste and the hottest thing to see a hot black guy with everything hanging free (of course they would not do it for u cause they have the package and you don ‘t

  13. Don

    Nude beaches are the shiznit!!! Love them, went to one in Toulon France, and had a blast, I live in San diego, and go to Blacks beach on a regular basis, I need my dark chocolate tan LOL


    Best beach ever is Haulover Beach in Hollywood FLA……
    3 segments, families,st8s and gays!!
    The biggest misconception is that its a sexual thing but that could not be further from the truth.

  15. Studaddy

    I’ve had lots of fun at the Provincetown nude beach. You do as much as you want- ignore, watch, “get athletic.” If you viist P-town, almost anyone can point you in the right direction.

  16. Raul

    Ok I usually don’t blog but I could not ignore the hole nude beach thing… Being thirty and living in San Diego county I must say at blacks and San onofre I’ve meet the most down to earth people that I well ever meet at nude beach… And yes I’ve hooked up in both locations and even though it was a hook up. Im goin to have to admit they were some of the most fuckn hottest guys that I’ve met, and imma always remember the experience . So take it from me life doesn’t get any better whin you could go to beach and take everything off and just injoy the sun , and I’ll speake for myself, injoy the guys gawking over me naked . I can’t wait to go back to beach. So yeah nude beaches are awesome ,can’t really beat that down with a stick whin you get to see hot boys just walking beach naked 😉

  17. SpLAt

    The one time I went to a nude beach the big thing that I learned (aside from confirming the rule that the people who hang out naked are almost never the people that you want to see naked) was that jockstraps/underwear/bras/etc. were invented for a reason. After a long day of bouncing around free in the sunshine my balls were really aching that evening. Damn did my junk hurt. A lot. Eventually gravity catches up with us all…

  18. artSB

    We have a really cool, private nude, gay beach here in Northern California. You pay the property owners to park your car and then hike down to a stretch of beach that is about a mile long and beautiful. On the backside of the beach are little dwellings that are like igloos without the top and are made of driftwood. You layout in them, fool around in them, cruise them….it’s a very relaxed place but if you are looking for fun, you can usually find it. Can’t wait for beach weather to return!

  19. Tom

    I have gone to the nude beach in OC, CA for years. Always something to look at. Surfing nude is amazing. You might see the beautiful women and big dicked men on occassion but always a nice break from the routine. Sometimes you even get a helping hand with suntan lotion!

  20. Shad

    Like Michael, my first nide beach was Black’s Beach in San Diego as well and i enjoyed it! I actually fell asleep laying next to my friend holding hands and discoved that black people do sunburn. (quite a hike to get to and fro though)They do have a family side and a gay side so I didn’t see any hairy monkey’s or at least up close. I feel that nude beaches are a voyer’s paradise and encourage those who have never been to get naked and go. Probably, not in that exact order to avoid getting a ticket for indecent exposure before arriving.

  21. mitch

    Nude beach at Hawksbill on Antigua is pretty nice. Both gay and straight, most straight. Very open sex (hetero) going on sometimes. Didn’t see any gay sex happenin’. Nude beaches on Greek Islands with lot of nice and not so nice bodies. Santorini, Mykonos and Argos (?). Watched hetero sex on the latter, too.

  22. Sexyemt

    I think nude Beaches are hot. I’ve never been to one but would like. a place you can lay out naked and no one cares that your naked. I would have to say a gay beach,

  23. Tom F

    Trust me in Cape Canaveral National Seashore , Titusville
    playalinda beach is mixed… and it’s a place you wish you had a gun , omg it;s a freak show…

  24. Greggory69

    Makena Beach Maui. So hot. A bit of a hike and easy climb over a coral hill but definitely worth it. Mostly men but a number women I actually don’t mind looking at but I go for the men! The beach is about 150 yards long and totally secluded. There is a gay section with really hot guys. You can walk back through the palm trees into meadows with real soft grass… The boys and men are HOT and believe me have the same ideas that you do.

  25. Billy

    Haulover beach in Miami, is a nude beach my partner and I went to a lot. The first time was a little odd but was fun after that you start to overlook (or look very hard) the nudity. People we swimming, playing v-ball or frisbee nude. I thought it was cool that they actually had people that wheeled carts around and served beer and other cold drinks… And yes the sever was in the buff too. There were tons of hot guys on both the gay and straight side, however there were a lot of women and guys that should have kept their clothes on. All in all, I love the nude beach experience.

  26. Buildingmusclemd

    Nude beaches are great. Wish we had some in Maryland. Been to some in California. But the reality usually is the guys you’d like to see naked aren’t and the ones that probably should wear clothes – don’t. 😉

  27. Steve-O

    For a totally legal, safe nude beach experience, make it a point to go to Haulover Beach in north Miami (Sunny Isles area). Weekdays see a scattered crowd until schhol lets out and jobs are over in the later afternoon. Then it starts getting more crowded. Weekends on a nice day can see literally a thousand people there and most are totally nude. There’s a gay section on the north end where “the boys” congregrate and prance around on the sand and in the water naked. Once in a while there will be a “fag-hag” who comes and sits in the area looking at the nude men. Haulover also has food vendors, restrooms and outdoor showers, as well as safe, secure parking (there’s an entry fee of $5). For residents living in the high-rises which line the beach, it must be an amazing sight to behold looking down on the beach. Give it a try if you’re ever in the Miami area. Just don’t think it is sexually charged. Any sign of arousal or loitering and gawking is highly frowned upon by the lifeguards as well as the other beach-goers. Unlike other nude beaches, there’s really no place to go to partake in some sort of sexual activity, although it’s often common to see a couple guys out in the water (waist-deep) obviously having some touch-feely activities.

  28. RJ

    Nude Beaches – an experience I would love to enjoy.
    Problem is they are often well kept secrets. For instance, I am often in Puerto Rico near Rio Mar. I have heard there are gay nude beach areas but hard to find them.

  29. Daniel

    If your ever near Pismo Beach, CA, simply drive north to Avila exit and head west, when you see Golf Couse bear left and drive up the steep hill to the bluffs and parking area. It’s an outstanding nude beach. It’s mixed and a truly great spot to meet and enjoy. Just be careful what you do and who you get involved with, since the city has plain clothes police which like to snag guys in a sting. Otherwise it’s extremely friendly, great place to meet and play…safe!

  30. GaynudistNJ

    There is a nude beach in New Jersey. Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook National Seashore. there are both str8 and gay. there are volleyball games going all the time. Easy to get to from Manhattan. Various hot men, creepy men, women and children. Give it a try. There’s another beach in south Florida call Haulover beach. There is a gay area and a str8 area.

  31. djuannonly

    Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a naturist but I’ve been to a nude beach in Florida at Navarre. I admit that the people there were not the porno-fantasy that I had in mind but it was so much better than that. The people were very friendly and completely at-ease in their own skins. They also made me feel at-ease among them. I’m pretty comfortable with my own body. It’s so nice being in a place that encourages one to accept oneself as one is. I hope you’ll go.

  32. tony2604

    Went to Playalinda in Florida in April 2009. It was a blast. There are hot and “not so” hot people, but after a while, it seems totally normal and you don’t get distracted by things you don’t want to see. Had a great time and would go anytime again!

  33. Me

    I still remember the first time I went to a nude beach, at Haulover Park, off of Collins Avenue, near Miami. There was a straight section and a gay one.

    By the time i dropped my shorts, I was wondering why one would EVERY wear a swimsuit on the beach. I have never had reason to change my mind.

    My absolute FAVORITE moment came when the life guard got on his megaphone and yelled, “Hey YOU! With the camera! PUT THAT AWAY!” (come to think of it, that was my favorite moment on a beach, EVER!)

  34. FriendlyGuyGUIDE

    RIO DE JANEIRO— Abricó Beach is where the Cariocas go. It’s off-the-beaten-path, down the coast about 90+ minutes by car… a fantastic, scenic drive that passes quickly. It’s an isolated cove at the end of a nature reserve. There is a friendly beachside bar/hut around the bend for when you want to take a break from all that frolicking. Even during the winter (their winter) it attracts 20-60 guys on a week day. It’s thought of as a naturist venue, open to all, but I have not seen many women. Just random dudes (in typically great shape) wandering off, around the rocks for privacy. You can find photos, maps and links in the Gay Rio Guide:

    PS— the worst part of nude beaches… the extra care required for applying an additional coat (or two) of sunblock. Some bits you just don’t want burned 🙂


    The nude beaches in CA are great. Unfortunately since the internet they do attract a lot of lookie lous, and don’t discriminate against people who you might prefer have clothes on. Let me tell you walking by the Volleyball game on the way to my favorite spot can be something. There are things bouncing around more then the ball. As far as sex there one needs to be careful, the rangers are patrolling looking for that, and you wouldn’t want to get caught, and end up on a Sex offenders list that would cause problems where you live, or with employment. Have fun and don’t forget the sunblock you don’t want to burn anything important

  36. hungbulldaddy

    Beach’s are awesome and being nude or as close to naked as possiable is erotic ! we have gay beach’s and nude beach’s some like “el matador” in malibu with areas and caves where a quickie is possiable !

  37. Dave

    I go to two nude beaches in florida. Lot of guys and some females and couples. Usually always score with some one who wants to have a little fun on the beach.

  38. Jon

    I went to one last summer. It was a lot of fun but then I enjoy being nude any chance I can get. LOL. There were a couple nice guys there. Nothing hotter than watching a nice tight ass walk towards the ocean but most of them were not that great looking. The best part is the freedom you get from just being nude outside and enjoying the sun warm your body.

  39. kman

    The best gay nude beah is in Sitges Spain. All shapes and sizes, but the majority of men are all hot. European men are all trim and toned. Hop in the warm ocean water and you can enjoy the sites and no one can see if you are hard and uncomfortable about it. Its not uncommom to meet another guy while in the water, make out, jo and both of you will leave the water smiling, go back to the beach and just bask in the sun and hot sights. When you feel yourself getting hard again just make another trip to the ocean….you’ll love it. Sitges is totally open and fun.

  40. Big2Sid

    Wreck Beach Trail 7 in Vancouver, BC is truly Cock Heaven! When the weather is half decent, there’s always lots of naked guys – and plenty of action if you wish.

  41. Darryl

    I haven’t been to a nude beach yet, but i think at some point you get used to seeing nude people milling about. There is a sense of excitement, and freedom once you shed the cloak of wearing clothes. Something natural, primal, being one with nature. And we all know what happens when your nature rises 🙂

  42. Lederadam

    I lived in Germany for 6 years and hung out at the nude beaches for 5 of those years. The people were very friendly as long as you were willing to join them in getting naked. They really had no hang ups. Yes there are people, men and women, of all shapes, ages, and sizes. If you don’t find them attractive, look at someone else.

    Loved playing frisby and volleyball there. Also brought my backgammon and chess sets. Always bring some food and soft drinks with you (and some to share is always a good way to get acquainted with someone), but try to avoid the alcohol if you are going to be out there for any length of time.

    Between the social games and the water to relax in, you will find you are having so much fun that sex isn’t always on your mind. I even had my cameras with me. I would share the photos with the people they were of the next time I was out at the beach (which was very often).

    Nude beaches are a great place to relax and socialize. And some times you may even find a hot man that thinks you are hot too.

    Just wish there were some close by here in Maryland where I live now.

  43. luvnudebeaches

    Portland, Oregon has two, one on an island on the west end of town, the gay area is at the FAR end, and one at Rooster Rock (locally known as Cock Rock)

  44. Gisbatzed

    I have been to many nude beaches, both in North America and Europe. Nudists come in all sizes and shapes, play some volleyball, and swim. They are amazing! At first, I was shy but now I’d look out for any nude beach whereever I go. Little Beach is best! Rooster Rock (some 30 minutes east of Portland) is where I usually go. I camped out in a nude beach on Crete (Greece). GBZ

  45. G-stringer

    Love to ‘hang out’ at Haulover in North Miami Beach. Lots of space to spread out, gay section, straight section. Friendliest people around. Some very hot bodies, most very normal looking bodies.
    GET YOUR ALL-OVER AT HAULOVER! (but don’t burn the weiners)

  46. RobbieDoo

    I LOVE NUDE BEACHES. I’ve been to Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook in NJ, Black’s Beach in San Diego and Haulover Beach in N Miami Florida. All of them were great. All of the have a gay section. Granted you get your weirdo and your starers, but for the most part everyone is friendly and naked.

  47. Radner

    I always like Haulover in Miami. If you go around the winter party week, your sure to see plenty of guys walking around with semi’s and laying our hard.

  48. Joe

    I love San Onofre Beach in northern San Diego County. The nude part is actually on Camp Pendleton Marine Base. There are always decent guys to look at and many to play with. There are little canyons in the cliffs that afford privacy for sex and it’s great for groups. You have to walk through the straight section to get to the gay section and it’s been a little uncomfortable some times if there are kids there.

  49. njguy39

    I have gone to Gunnison beach/Sandy Hook in NJ for a few years. It’s a great place to relax. There are also all and every type of person as others have noted. There is a str8 and gay section. I have seen str8 couples in the gay section as well. I usually see a mix of everyone and the nice thing is everyone is nice, respectful, and never have any bad experience. There are those ones that stare and check everyone out. I figure, look all you want. I’m comfortable going nude. I don’t always go nude though, and there are others that don’t as well.
    If your ever in NJ, check it out.

  50. Chirocoyote

    8 incher, huh?? 🙂 Pictures please! I read your posts all the time and you sound like a blast, but now I’d love to see what you look like….and what I’d be playing with if I ever met you 😉

  51. Jase

    Memorial Day weekend on Pensacola Beach in North Florida is a blast!!! It definitely is not a “nude beach”, since it is in the Bible Belt of the deep South, but during that weekend it is over-run with gay people. You will see a lot of nude people walking up and down the beach. There are so many gays that the “good Christian people” usually leave their own homes that weekend. I once saw some amateur porn being shot on the beach in front of God and everybody, and a ton of people were just standing around watching it. I don’t really think that kind of thing should happen myself, especially since there are occasionally little children out there. But all in all, it is an amazing time and you definitely see some HOT guys and girl. Even if they aren’t nude, most of the guys walk around in Man panties. LOL

  52. NavyMiguel

    There are several on the island of Oahu [that’s the main island in the State of Hawaii for those who aren’t familiar]. There’s the beach at the base of the lighthouse at Diamond Head. Surfers and cruisers for the most part. And if you head across the street along the slopes of Diamond Head, bushwhackers come crawling out at night. On the North Shore there’s Mokuleia beach located a few miles down the road from the town of Waialua. Mostly retired (hefty) military couples mixed with the gay section [which also comes with an ample amount of shrubbery]. Word of caution: Nude sunbathing is illegal in Hawaii, and at times undercover police will comb the beaches to cite people. Problem with Mokuleia is that it is adjacent to campgrounds that often sponsor family activities…ie young children. Parents often complain if they are within eyeshot of someone’s jewels flailing in the wind….worst yet, if they catch a glimpse of someone’s salad being tossed in broad daylight!

  53. John38111

    I blistered my butt at Super Paradise Beach on the island of Mykonos in Greece – the first time. Subsequent trips, I learned to limit exposure on those parts that weren’t regularly in the sun. Most all the Mediterannean islands have nude beaches for tourists; I found few locals at any of the beaches except those who came to ogle or hustle. I skinny dipped in Turkey, but just on isolated beaches. Stateside, Hippy Hollow, outside of Austin, TX is my favorite nude spot. Years ago, a paperback: “Nude Beaches of the World” had a remarkable list, documenting most of the known nude beaches in the U.S. and a surprising amount of nations with cautionary notes on those with extremist religion or homophobic laws. Hopefully it has or will be updated.

  54. Waco

    Donkey beach on Kauai is great, but my favorite is Baker Beach just below the Golden Gate bridge. The weather isn’t always sunny and warm, but in the days when it is… There is NO better spot on earth.

  55. Its the truth

    NOT HOT BY FAR! I’ve been to two nude beaches and unfortunately they are full of mostly older, fat, out of shape white guys with not a lot of anything to look at besides their gut and saggy old asses. Pictures make you think nude beaches are full of hot people, and just in general you’d think attractive people would want to be seen nude to get even more attention, but that is the exact opposite both times that I have went. Will never EVER go again! Bunch of old white pervs trying to catch a feel on black dick once in their lifetime. GROSS!

  56. SouthernBoiSB

    Totally NOT hot. You’ll usually find those you wish would keep their clothes ON @ nude locations.

    If that’s your thing, go for it…..but you’ll not catch me @ any of them.

  57. Christopher

    Understood and agreed, SoutherboiSB!!!! WHY is that? Peeps we DON’T want to see naked always ARE………..

  58. Jungleboii

    If you come up to Toronto, Canada for Pride, definitely check out the ‘clothing optional’ beach at Hanlan’s Point on Toronto Island (a short ferry ride from the downtown core – the Island itself is worth the trip alone!). The beach is not a beach in the true sense of the word (Toronto is on a lake after all!), but there is sand, deck chair rentals and showers conveniently located nearby. Oh and the bushes that so many of you favour! 😉 Hanlan’s is well sign posted and separated from the family activities on the Island by sand dunes and shrubbery (lose your clothes as you walk through the dunes and out them back on as you exit!). With the very gay friendly culture of Toronto, you get a good crowd in summer and a very accepting one as well! Enjoy and happy Pride!

  59. southernboisb

    Not. The only 1’s out there are usually filled with those you’ld wish kept their clothes on…..not to mention are 60+ y/o.

  60. jonnyangel

    I have been to 2 nude beaches in Calif. and 2 in Florida hundreds of times.Actually prefer Florida, because the water is much warmer, and less shrinkage(lol).I love to run on the beach nude,letting it flop all over the place,I feel as free as a bird.Once I wore my swimmer/jockstrap on the beach running to see what it felt like,and I think I got more looks wearing it(go figure).

  61. John...

    Nude beaches are great. It’s nice to have the freedom to let it all hang out like nature intended. As for being “hot”; come on guys “hot” is such an outdated 1980s term. It’s the 21th century, get with it.

  62. anonymous

    The nude beach is a hot and nice place.  You just lay down and feeling relaxed.
    One of the best nudist/naturist (FKK) beach is Great Keppel Island’s Leekes Beach, Central Queensland, Australia. I’m sure you’ll love Great Keppel Island’s nude beach.

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