Watch This : Ellen Degeneres Responds To Anti-Gay Group

Last week, a group called “One Million Moms” came out in public because its members were not happy that JC Penney had chosen Ellen Degeneres as their new spokesperson. JC Penney answered to the group by saying they would stick by their decision to make Ellen their spokesperson.  The group started bitching about that on their facebook page stating that they would no longer shop at JC Penney and that the brand would lose all its costumers…. Mehhh!

Are we in 2012 or what? Come on !

Ellen supporters responded by going to the “One Million Moms” Facebook page (which no longer exists becasue it is an obvious hate group) to give their support to Ellen and JC Penny.

Check out what Ellen had to say about it here and get ready to laugh! You know her….



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  1. Mike

    Hey Ellen, I love you who care about those mean ass people think. I know you will keep being kind and loveing each other. Love you Sweet Heart.

  2. Paul G.

    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros (The Ellen Show).”

    I’ve honestly never watched the Ellen DeGeneres show. Warner Bros lost a marketing opprtunity.

  3. Cali_Dude

    It says the video was taken down due to copyright infringement against Warner Bros and The Ellen Show……Funny. Cause thats HER show, lol.

  4. Steve M

    I’m a regular Penney’s customer but will patronize them even more due to them sticking to thier principles and not caving into the fanatics out their with PC’s and the internet that have nothing better to do than whine and complain about everything. Good luck to Ellen and JC Penneys!

  5. Terry Lake

    This actually shocked me when this all came about. This hate and say that some one like Ellen is not a good role model is just absurd. Ellen is one of the most dignified, honest, eloquent, lovely, faithful & funny people on the planet. Gay or not I would enjoy anyone that expressed her light hearted demeanor and joyfulness. Had it been a lesbian like Rosie O’donnell or Margaret Cho I could comprehend the objection, but not for Ellen. I love everything about Ellen, and if I was a lesbian she would be a great mate:) Be sure and support JC Penny for supporting her & us:) I have gone online and bought some new shoes and Underwear… What fun shopping the underwear for men…LOL

  6. Steve

    How funny a group of 200 supporters tried this, what about the millions of Ellen fans who can counteract that number. Don’t mess with Ellen fans you will loose everytime. YOU GO ELLEN D. another fan makes millions plus one. lol

  7. Hurley21

    I’m so proud of Ellen!!! She’s the kind of role model both boy and girls can inspire to be like regardless of whether there gay or straight. JCpenney made the right decision to stand behind Ellen and it just shows how far we’ve come as a country.

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