Stories : I Love Doin’ It In Public!

My first car was a real piece of shit, but man did it change my life.

I had just graduated high school and was thrilled to have a way to get out of my parents house. They had bought me the car as a reward for making the Dean’s list.

I made the dean’s list only because in my last year of high school I became much more popular than ever before. I had always been the skinny pimply kid but something happened to my body that year that changed my life.

I grew taller than the other kids in my class, my voice was deeper, and I even started to grow a mustache. Because of my mature appearance I became very popular. I found that the more popular I became the more engaged I was with activities like sports and other academic programs after school.

With the changes in my body I found that I was also horny all the time. Often, I would get an huge erection in the middle of the class. A hardon that was sometimes painful it was so hard. It also seemed that anything could be, sexual object. I tried fucking my mattress, my pillows, my stuffed animals, my fist, and I even was tempted to try fucking the dog! But it wasn’t until I started to get out in the world with my car that I finally found an outlet for my sexual frustration, the bushes and bathrooms of nearby parks.

My first blow job and public fuck happened completely by mistake. I had planned on meeting some friends at the park after school to smoke a joint but no one else showed up. I waited for about a half an hour for my friends but they never came.

Before leaving the park I went to go piss. When I was in the bathroom I noticed that one of the stalls had someone it in, it didn’t matter and I went to the urinal to pee. I unzip my zipper pulled out my dick and started to take a piss when I glanced behind me and noticed the guy in the stall was peaking at me through the crack in the door.

At first I had no idea why anyone would want to watch me pee. But then I realized that not only was he watching me pee but he was jerking off at the same time. I got an immediate hard on.

Unsure what to do I stood there like an idiot with my hard dick in my hand, unable to finish pissing,  glancing over my shoulder at the man jerking off in the stall. It was then that I saw that he was starting to unlatch the stall door.

The stall door open slightly and I could see that he had unbuttoned his shirt and his pants were down around his ankles. He also had his Dick in his hand, I could see the pre-cum oozing out the head of his cock. Our eyes made contact and I felt a huge rush of fear but I was so horny that I couldn’t stop looking at him while he wanked his Dick.

The stall door opened a little further and he nodded his head, inviting me in. I was petrified but so horny that my mouth was literally watering and I could taste the desire for sex.

I turned around and showed him my hard cock. He immediately went to his knees, getting on the floor in the piss stained stall.

I walked away from the Journal and pointed my hard cock towards the stall, he immediately swallowed my every inch of my dick taking it all the way down his hot, wet throat.

I almost came right then.

He must’ve realized that I was close to shooting because he stopped sucking my cock and began to lick the base of my penis – eventually sucking my balls. The feeling of having a tongue around my balls was amazing and it drove me crazy.

Before I knew what was happening he spun me around and was licking my the inside of my ass hole. He would thrusted his tongue deep into my gaping whole. It felt great as his hot tongue massaged my ass hole as he played with my balls.

After some time he reached in his pocket and pulled out a condom, stood up, handed me the condom and bent down over the dirty toilet in the bathroom – offering me his asshole. I slipped the condom on with ease, spit on his ass, spit on my hard dick, and thrust it into his ass.

This was the first time I had ever taken a man, and it was in this moment that I knew a man was what I wanted and that a top is what I would always be.

At first I fucked him slowly and passionately, being considerate of his grimace unsure whether he was enjoying my dick in his ass, or in pain. It wasn’t long before I was so horny it didn’t matter and I started to hate fuck his ass with wild abandon.

I thrust my penis in him as hard as I could – pulled all the way out only to invade his ass again and again with my rock hard cock.

He jerked off furiously as I fucked him harder and faster – eventfully reaching climax. One final hard thrust in and I filled the condom with my milk as he squirted his cum all over the toilet.

I pulled the cum filled condom out of his ass and he immediately turned around – eagerly sucking up the last few drops of cum dripping out of my cock.

This was the beginning of what would be years of tricking in parks – all because of the shit box car my parents gave me for the good grades I achieved.

I guess it was then that I learned that, being a good boy had some really nice, dirty rewards.


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  1. Public Restrooms?

    Um … this would have been somewhat of a hot story if it weren’t for the fact it was in a nasty, pissed-stained bathroom and he came all over the public toilet. Other people have to use those you know.

  2. Lee

    I love it, it sounds like my story of how I was fuckked for the first time in the park. Years later I still go back and get fucked and go home.

  3. the gps man

    Love reading stories of how guys started makes me feel my first time was not too out of the ordinary keep the stories coming I enjoyed reading them

  4. alanjay

    Hey guys,

    I can relate to this story. I love showing off i love being naked and i love jacking and having sex in public and the outdoors. Wether its getting a blowjob at a westhollywood club. Or having my cock fluffed and photographed for the biggest cock contest. I am so turned on by public sex. My last bf and I used to go up in a canyon and get naked and play. My big cock in his ass and gagging his throat. We would then take each others loads. Hot times!!!!!

  5. slimman

    I love your story! I got hard right away reading it!I think sex in public places is incredible and very hot. I do it as often as I can!

  6. dynasty05

    My first blowjob was at a park same scenario, pulled in to piss and heard a guy chirping for me to cone over. Scared to wits no end, I eagerly walked overher with dick in hand. He sucked for what seed like eternity, and I enjoyed it. He swallowed my load and asked me to piss on him. Later that day I realized how great it felt, that I wanted to return the favor. Been sucking, swallowing, and taking loads up my ass wherever I can get it. I met that guy a few times for fun and to tell him thanks. Thanks for showing me a new side of my life I am in live with and enjoy doing it.

  7. Mark

    That was so hot. I too enjoyed my first time with a man in a bathroom. I was 17 and I was pissing and some older man was next to me and totally reached over for my cock. I almost died. I was frozen scared but enjoyed the hell out of it. The next thing I knew he was behind me stroking me. And then spun me around and took every inch of my cock into his mouth. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! I was hooked on me at that point. And god JC Pennys’s was soon my favorite rest room.

  8. David

    this story is so hot I got an erection reading it. not only did it turn me on but I don’t know who I liked more the younger high school guy or the older gentleman

  9. fireguy

    True story. I am always going to the local park were you can always find some fun. A few weeks ago I went and after just a few min I found what I have came for. There was a man in his 40’s with his cock pulled out and hard. I walked up pulled a condom out and pulled my shorts down and bent over. He put some lube on my ass and fingured fuck me before putting his cock in my ass. He fuck me until he filled the condom up with his cum. That is were this story starts. As I was leaving a female walked up to me and said that she has just saw what had happened. I was scared thinking she was going to the cops or somthing. She started to tell me about howshe found the a4a web site on her husbends phone. He had posted a couple times about how to know if I guy was out there looking for what he wanted. She said she wanted to give that to him and ask if I could help. I ask how. She said if I gave her my number she would call when she had a better time of when they would both be around. She wanted me to already be at the park. I would need to bring condoms and lube. She would bring them out for a nice lunch. She would walk away and I was to approach him and ask if he was looking for fun. She would watch to see what would happen. She would then walk back and tell him to suck my dick. The day it happened it went all to plan to this part. He tried t play it off. He walked away. She then went and got him to come back after several mins. He then did every thing she told him to do. He suck me while she sucked him. When he was hard she put the condom on him. I got down on all 4’s. Neither was sure what to do now. I told them it was just like fucking her. He got down she never let go of his cock until it was to far into my ass. She took a few pics before telling him he was not fucking me hard enough. He did not last long anf before I new it he was cuming. The wife was going to suck me dry. We now go back to watch others. She was good at seeing who was looking at who and could tell. She has watch him just troll until he finds what he is looking for. The 3 of us still play. She has a strap-on now so the double me but that’s another story. Thewoods are not the same anymore. I love that I got cought and hope I still put on a good show.

  10. Jose

    Think out in public can be adventurous, I’ve done it in cars, elevators, cemetery, shoe store, woods, park, lol shhhhh don’t tell no one between you and me, lol

  11. Bill Beaumonte

    Wonderful story! I love to give blowjobs in public and semi-public places. If you are interested in that please contact me on Adam4Adam as “oral_guy_2000” or on Yahoo IM as “oral_guy_2000” –Bill

  12. Nikita

    Man that was hot! I used to get fuck in the shower room at the gym on the military base when I was 16 years old. I loved sucking and getting fucked by all that military dick

  13. Scotty50

    Yes,,, have had some mighty fine times cruising the parks and hooking up! One of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen was a hook up in the park woods! Ever see 11 inches? Couldn’t take it all down OMG! He ended up fucking me and it was the best fuck I have ever had. Sure wish we could meet again!

  14. PYRO91

    Hot as hell. my first time was on my high schools football field. So public sex is fun. Id love to have you fuck me as hard as you can out in public. 😉

  15. william t

    well i was at a gay bar and i noticed a a str8 couple by the bathroom door she liked me and so did her husband he moticed me into the bathroom and his wife came into the bathroom as well she wanted me to suck his cock and take his load i did and then she she came over and want to kiss me and they bothe sucked my cockm and shared my big thick load omg i came for hours never saw them again i keep hoping ill find another couple like that.

  16. rano

    its awesome! i have the same experience! i was attending community college! man this particular bathroom was well known for that! especially during evening class! i used to excuse myself from the lecture and went to the bthroom and i will find guy sitting n the stall doing nothing!i knew he wants action so ijust open my zipper facing yhe stall eventually the door will open and start the actin! one time we have 3some action there! occasionally i still goo there even i finished college! few time i got lucky smetime nne! wellcome to public restroom action

  17. Sanfrandan

    Hot story. Not my first time, but it was close to my first time and I still get hot thinking about the time I gave oral to my sister’s BF. I was back for the summer and just finished my Freshman year at Tampa U.

  18. man2man21

    It’s a little disgusting about the dirty toilet, but you’re not thinking about that during hot restroom sex. You’re just thinking about how raunchy the both of you can get. Men’s restrooms and men’s locker rooms are secret palaces of masculine homoerotic pleasures. There is the touch of muscles. There is also the good smell of cum, sweat and cologne…mmmm.

  19. willyonei81234

    I can totally relate to this. having someon watch me sucking a man’s cock is a massive turn on. I have been to Coopers rocks in West Virginia where i have sucked cock so that the guys that are looking can watch. The more that watch the better. I usually get to suck at least one of two of the watchers.

  20. Saisector91

    If you guys find this gross why comment? You just wasted your time. It’s his fantasy and I think it’s fuckin hot!!

  21. Ron

    Nice storys, my favorite place to play is at the beach at night. We have a nude beach here in hawaii and when the sun goes down its a fun place to play around. Body is all a little sunburnt from laying on the beach naked looking at the men walking by.

  22. ANWAR

    I used to go to my friend farm to enjoy the fresh air and the healthy food,my wife asked many times to take her with me but i was refusing because my friend like to to move around in the farm totally naked.

    My wife insisted to go with even after i told her about my friend habit,she said”you and your friend can take off your clothes,it is OK with me.

    I asked my wife to wear her short jeans and leave her blouse half buttoned because of the hot wither in the farm,when she sat beside me in the front seat,i noticed that she was not wearing any bra,her tight tits were easy to be seen.

    It was two hours driving to reach the farm,only few cars were on the road,my wife took off her blouse to enjoy the nice wither,,she unzipped my pants to pull out my cock,she lowered her head down and started to suck my cock,i moved my hand pull down her jeans,no panties under the jeans.

    I asked her how come you are not wearing any under wears,she smiled saying”do i need any underwear when i am with two naked men”from her response i figured out what we will doing in the farm.

    My wife moved her body to set on my lap while i am driving raising her ass up and down to let my cock goes deeper in her asshole,before we reach the location she put on her jeans and blouse and sat beside me.

    We arrived ,my friend was waiting for us,i introduced him to my wife,he kissed her saying nice to meet you.he added”i hope that your husband told you about my habit to be totally naked while i am in the farm ,it is so hot “my wife replied”it is your farm,you can do any thing you like,personally i do not mind to see you naked”

    He said you can have some rest,lunch will be ready soon,my husband took off his clothes and sat on the sofa,his friend sat beside him,my husband looked at me saying”you may take off your jeans and blouse if you like”so three of us were setting on the large sofa,i was setting in the middle.

    My husband started the action by asking me”darling,did you ever tried to suck two cocks together ?”i replied”not in deed,but no harm in trying it “i took one cock in my right hand and the other one in my left hand,both cocks were almost the same thickness,i moved my hands up and down then i started to shove them into my mouth,i could not breath,i felt the cocks touching my throat .

    I pulled them out to breath,then in the next try i felt more relaxed,i sucked them until they both unloaded huge amount of cum in my mouth,over my neck and on my hair.

    We rested for a while,then my husband asked me to set on his lab,his friend was behind my back,they wanted to fuck my two holes at one time,the feeling of two cocks going in and out of my holes was great,i was screaming asking them to go deeper,again they unloaded cum in my holes’

    I cleaned the two cocks with my lips and tongue swallowing the rest of the cum,i looked at my husband and asked him”what you normally do when you and your friend are alone in the farm?”he replied”we will not talk about this,we will let you see live show”

    The two men started to kiss each other,then sucked each other cock,i saw my husband lying on his belly,his friend cock was going deep in the asshole,then they switched their position,my husband was on top of his friend back.

    It was my first time to see such seen,i did not like it,but i said to my self”it seems that they both enjoy what they were doing.

    We stayed in the farm for two nights,then we went back to our place

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