Pornstar : Jaxton Wheeler

Jaxton Wheeler is one hot fucker. He’s a well trimmed hairy muscular jock from head to toe. If he let his body hair grow it would probably be a total forest but there’s something about his impeccable manscaping that drives us wild. He loves playing football and the mental image of this naked muscle hunk coming at you on the football field hoping to tackle you to the ground and work you over should give you fodder for lots of fantasy jerk off sessions. But for now you get to watch the real thing, playfully rubbing the nipples that sit atop his massive chest. Gliding his meaty paw up and down his beautifully erect cock then letting it wander around to the round globes of his perfect bubble butt, teasing his hole just enough to make him hungry for a good pounding. And you can tell that he cums as hard as he works out because when he does he shoots a think gooey load all over his rock hard stomach.


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  1. James M

    This is the exact type of man of my dreams. Thick all over, not grossly overmuscled, healthy, oozing with masculinity, and a dream in bed. If only I could real men like this in my area!!

  2. Allocen22

    Where are the real guys that look like this guy ( such as myself) im tired of all the queens around here…need some real men

  3. edgar_truth

    he’s hot… i know he’s like stereotypical mainstream porn star (white/huge muscles/probably a douche in real life) but hot damn… i’d let him throw me around. I’d totally would love to get raw-bred by him.

  4. David

    This guy is not hot! I’ve played football against him and sacked him 2 times in a row and that’s where his true colors show. He needs some serious anger management classes and needs to not talk, he’s a dumbass!

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