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Music : Whitney Lesbian?

I was reading a paper this morning and I was kind of surprised when I learned that Whitney might have been in a lesbian relation with Robyn Crawford, her “assistant”.

It is written in Bobby Brown’s autobiography that Whitney married him to dispel lesbian rumours and that she was with Robyn Crawford, the “true love of her life”. Bobby wrote that Whitney probably wanted to clean her image because the media was accusing her of having a bisexual relation with Robyn. From what I heard in that article Whitney always dedicated her albums to Robyn.

I also learned that Bobby Brown’s sister tried to “out” her and Whitney’s bodyguard too.

What is sad is that homophobia contributed to Whitney’s fall. Sadly, she suffered family and church pressure to end her greatest love of all. She was afraid that the lesbian rumours would affect her career and image. Then, the marriage with Bobby happened and was a disaster. Whitney was previously wholesome and clean-living with Robyn and after the marriage with Bobby, she went on drink-and-drug binges – evidence of a troubled personal life and much unhappiness. Whitney was happy when she was with Robyn….

Did you know about that story?

Poor little baby… I miss you Whit!


(Robyn is at extreme right of the picture beside Whitney’s mom and Bobby Brown)

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  1. David B Morris

    What difference does it make if Whitney was in a gay/ bi-sexual realationship. She still was the “VOICE”, and nothing can ever change that. I’d much rather see her with Robyn than “ghetto ass” Bobby Brown. Let her rest in peace, we love her for the joy she brought to millions, including me and those skeptics and “nay-sayers”. I’ll forever love you Whitney!

  2. Boot in Texas

    I always felt Whitney was gay and had no problem with it. Just saddens me that she could not be open with her true self due to media and family pressure to portray a certain acceptable role. If they only knew the true number of straight men/women having gay relations it would blow everyone’s mind, married included. LOL

  3. JohnnyMKE

    I remember that story from pretty early in whitney’s career, like 1987 during her 2nd album. I can remember feeling really sad for her. Although I was closeted at the time, I could truly relate to the strong need give in to pressure of living a straight life within the African-American community especially considering its strong ties to religion. Going away to college offered the chance for me to come out & continue down my path of self-awareness & emotional/sexual fulfillment. If Whitney was closeted, what space did she have to be herself? Remember how insane everyone went when it was rumored that Toni Braxton was gay?

    If Whitney was gay, I hope that she’s finally at peace. I also hope that the African-American community will continue down the path of embracing its LGBT brothers, sisters, fathers & mothers.

    RIP Whitney,


  4. JR55

    Does anyone still believe Billy Brown? The man is an “attention starved freak”. I would not believe the Lord’s Prayer if he recited it. He did not love Whitney, quite the contrary. Next thing he will invent is that she was really a Mother Teresa. He needs to let her rest in peace.

  5. llyrrad

    i was at the omni hotel, in security and saw whitney on the couch cutled up with a woman, new then, many years ago…so sad that she never let it out…

  6. blog

    I didn’t published the stupid comments I received !
    And FYI I didn’t write this article to bitch her, as I really liked her. I was just wondering if any of you heard that as well… try to google it, u’ll find plenty of articles on the subjects.

    • blog

      No I didn’t published the ones that say bad things…that’s all!
      It’s NOT an open forum, it’s a4a blog.
      And I dont tolerate people saying “mother fucker blablabla…”
      So educate yourself and get back with opinions.

  7. Kevin

    I guess speculation never stops, not even after one is dead.

    I’m also curious as to how the author knows that everything was supposedly fine when she was in this supposed lesbian relationship yet her life went downhill right when she met Bobby Brown; how exactly was such PERSONAL info obtained by the a4a blog?

  8. Shane

    I said none of those things. My post was educated and thought out. It wasn’t inflammatory. It simply pointed out another perspective. One that I doubt I alone hold. Inviting people to leave comments typically denotes a public forum. I was trying to bring up a real social issue that faces us as gay men. I thought that was the kind of thing you did discuss here. I’m not sure why that is met with a response that had nothing to do with anything I said.

  9. OnlyTellTheTruth

    You didn’t publish mine. All I said was, who cares? It was her life. Plus it was evident that she loved Bobby Brown and if she and Robyn were secret lovers it’s no ones business.

  10. Eddie

    Her sexual orientation should be completely irrelevant now more than ever. All I ever cared about was that glorious voice. Will anyone ever sing like that again? What a tragic loss.

  11. Anthropologic

    Thank You Dave, I agree_ i am 28 yrs old and I vaguely remember the rumours and the press release Whitney Gave about severing her relationship with Robyn-It was very personal and she said “Robyn new why the change had to be made”. My mother admitted having bi or homosexual feelings in her youth and teens to me and and she indulged-but that they were wrong and she dug deeper into “Jesus”, she also smokes Pot everyday and is in another abusive relationship with a male. Why oh why are we victim to this living death. yes homophobia and gay bashing violently, professionally and personally (family and friends) is very real people die and have their lives turned upside down all the time from it-ANd Whitney, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson and millions upon millions of people, kings, queens presidents/politicians, rock stars, rappers, models, actors, and singers to name a few know why lays in their heart-but they and we are forever drowning.

  12. michael

    Whitney was whitney … ( Elizabeth Collins ) a name some knew..I met whit back in the early 80s I had little limo co and my partner johnny drove whitney and Robib Crawford to her show in richmond va Mosque…Know one had even heard of her… she was innocent and glowed looking at robin who was right by her side…whitney was not ashamed and never tried to cover up that Robin was her Love to us…she just smiled and glowed and sang like an angel from above…her brother Gary Collins ( Not Houston) at that time was on the road as a back ground singer He missed the plane coming into rich va and I personally picked him up from the airport He told my in conversation to the show that Robin was whitneys girl…and Robin was a lucky girl to have whitneys Love…the greatest Love of all… that was Robin to Whitney…I know, Im gay , and I was there … its not hear say…Love you forever whitney and I know your beloved Robin will too….Michael

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