Music : Super Bowl Halftime Show

For those who missed it, you need to watch !

Madonna was performing “Vogue”, “Music” with LMFAO, “Open Your Heart”, “Express Yourself”, “Like a Prayer” with Cee Lo Green and she was also joined by Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. for “Give Me All Your Lovin”.  From Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, here is Madonnaaaaaaa!


(see the show after the jump)

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  1. ever

    In my opinion she put on a great show ,probably the best halftime show ever ,she did some stuff that looked kinda embarrassing at her age but overall she did amazing ,i enjoyed it ,i loved everything from the stage to wardrobe ,,she didnt dissapoint at all .

  2. john

    well she might have started it all but she is just to old to the dances like lady gaga can she needs to be careful she looks very winded but her music is still wonderful if she is not lipsinging

  3. trey

    So far the comments about Madonna have been judgemental… Why are people hating on her age? More power to her if she can still move like that at her age… She put on a deLl great show. And FYI she was dancing like that way before Gaga. So stop the comparisons, and appreciate her hard work.

  4. sean

    madonna did a fantastic show ,the greatest halftime show ever:)i love madonna and her performence love you for ever madonna :)madonna was amazing and she look good performing and beautifull.madonna rock the superbowl halftime 🙂

  5. Tab

    Madonna blew it out of the water! She has forever raised the bar by which any future halftime show will be judged. It was amazing to watch. Madonna is still at the top of her game for all those who insist on slipping in the “age” comments. She was having fun, so we were having fun. L-U-V MADONNA!! All Hail the QUEEN!

  6. 10000

    The Super Bowl performance proves old pussy rocks just as good as young pussy, its obvious as Madonna likes young dick evidenced in who she’s currently fucking,i.e. Madonna, 50, and Jesus, 22.

  7. Don

    She is just fantastic in any era anytime age should never be a barrier talent is the ultimate proof she has it still has it will always have it.

  8. Bob

    It was ok, but then I have never been a good mainstream gay loving Mudonna fan. Quite frankly I would have preferred Nickelback who was originally tapped to perform.

  9. erick1980


  10. odaddle

    that half time show is the worst one i have seen yet should of replayed tom petty halftime show rating would have been better

  11. Raul

    I just say this for first time I wish I was there … I was in straight bar during super bowl I swear I was the only one interested in even tryna see the half time show lol

  12. Frank

    All this talk about the halftime show and not one queen even understood that they watched part of an occult display of power!Channeling Isis?

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