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Yes, another post on The Madge… She is everywhere these days…

I just found the entire music video of her latest single “Give Me All Your Luvin” featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A, and I love it! I think it will really help the song to hit the charts! I have to say that Madonna looks stunning and the girls too. I personally really like Minaj’s part, this girl is soooo talented and different from other artists.

The video refers a lot to football….of course because she will be performing at the halftime Super Bowl show this Sunday!

Very nice video Madonna!

What do you think ? (Please noooooo comments comparing Madonna with Gaga again….act like adults not like little kids! So Gaga groupies, don’t start the fight with Madonna groupies. They are both amazing!!!)


(Check it out after the jump)


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  1. chris

    This was a sad day for this Madonna fan. Childish song and boring video. Madonna I hold out for you to record age and taste appropriate material. This is pathetic

  2. ever

    Madonna looks amazing ,but the song in my in my opinion is too weak to be a lead single ,I just wish her luck on the charts ,teens will probably like it I love her

  3. Roy

    Its just like any other video she is the queen of pop but I don’t like her voice she sounds the same in all her songs. She reminds me of britny spears.

  4. Fratboy786

    DAVEY DAVEY DAVEY! You really did it this time, you have utterly stolen my heart from my chest and have melted it. I’m in love, sweet hot blissful love and you have done it to me. BTW the song is pretty raddd, not really my “BOOTY SHAKIN” kinda music but it works! GIMME ALL YO LUVINNNNN!

  5. filip

    madonna s new song . I like it . It s just good enought . Not bad and not excellent song either … After hung up, and future lover songs . I dont hear any songs better than that

  6. Rob

    …GOD, i hope they remix the hell out of that mess. She does look better than she has in years though. Video was a “bleh”…

  7. terry

    She looks great, but the video, looks like a video, done by a new artist, low budget. The song is so juvenile, reminds me of stuff she did 25 years ago. I am very much a MDNA fan, have always loved her, but this is kinda cheesy. Hardly what I have cum to expect from her.

  8. mike

    The fact that anyone likes this is astounding. I know everyone has their own taste in music, but if you enjoyed this song, then you have extremely simple taste in music. Listen to something real.

    • blog

      Mike: ohhh u own the truth in music tastes ? I see… Do you like colour yellow ? I do, and I dont like red. Anything you have to say on this ? Like it or not I dont care, but don’t tell people who like it that they have “simple taste”


    MADONNA ROCKS! sorry to see so much negative vibes…she is the QUEEN of pop she can play and sing any style she wants..
    She is an example of great energy and great pop music, all the others will fade…MADONNA is an inspiration to many generations to come!, if She is over 50′ deal with it, Dont you wish your mama was hot as her! Suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Mike

    Madonna is the queen!! This is the first single which is catchy and radio friendly which is what she needs right now. The album is said to be amazing and if anyone has heard Masterpiece(which one a Golden Globe..sorry Elton)which is the total opposite of this,It just goes to show how much of a diverse artist she is! Her reign continues!

  11. erick1980

    i like the video and song as well. obviously not the strongest on the album but at least is something different very 80’s and like no other out there. so far she is # 1 in 40 countries and counting.

  12. LWA

    I hate to say it, but the song is weak. As others have commented, it sounds like an 80’s reject . . . heck, even Madge was doing better music in the 80’s than this song.

  13. Nightmare23

    Madonna just a GOD Queen of Pop and more… After 4 years this song sucks ass and not in a good way. The video wasn’t that good, of course she looks amazing AS ALWAYS… But the song sucks… ;(

  14. Fred-Claret

    Incredible how Madonna again manages to come up with an original song and a video which is cutting edge in every sense. This is so new, so different, so fresh. “Every record sounds the same” she sings and how right she is and how clever to wow us with such unbridled originality. How does she do it?

  15. T

    I agree…Madonna is looking most excellent but the song is childish and video lacking. not what I would expect from her especially if she wants to compete with you know who. maybe the teens will like it but a long time madonna fan…not what would be expected!! no edge, nothing original! pretty lame!

  16. Justin

    The video is fantastic and hilarious! Do people not get the irony of it? She looks smoking hot, can’t wait for the new album and the Super Bowl! (that’s the first and last time I’ll say that)

  17. JoshHarlow

    I’ve been a Madonna fan for nearly 20 years (since I was about 3) and I love this song. Something people need remember is that each of her albums are so different that they need to be judged independently and not constantly compared to every prior project. She doesn’t ever repeat the same theme or style once she’s already done it. I can’t understand why some people constantly rant about how music was so much better when they were young. Just enjoy it and stop over analyzing it.

  18. Tab

    Madonna IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the QUEEN! she looks beyond amazing and the song & video are alot of fun! Please, no more “age” comments..her talent is above that and what she gives the world transcends her age. Please dont ever stop doing what you do Madonna!! L-U-V MADONNA!!!

  19. chris

    The “simple taste” is a valid observation. It’s not insulting. This is childish music with a simple formula that is in no way a challenge for the artist or the listener. It takes no understanding of music to listen to it.

  20. Denis

    She looks great. Love Madonna, always have, always will. But this song is pure bubblegum bullshit. I only hope there are better songs to come from the album.

  21. chris

    this is bad, because I jusst about love everything with either MIA or Nicki in it, and I am not even remotely feeling this. Thumbs completely down.

  22. Joe

    Im a big fan. I love the video and song. This is Madonna having fun. She is in the business long enough that she doesn’t have to prove herself to anyone anymore. She has established herself in the music industry. So whatever she does from this point on she could care less if the critics don’t agree with her style of music or video’s.

    I can’t wait to hear the other songs. I love Girls Gone Wild and Turn up The Radio.

  23. GREGG


  24. Mike

    Well. I love Madonna and she looks great. The song however is too bubble gum for me. I certainly hope the rest of the album is better.

  25. Mikey

    Madonna is the queen!! The song is catchy and radio friendly which is what she needs to kick off a new album. Masterpiece(which she one a golden globe for, sorry Elton)is also on the same album which is totally opposite of Gimme all your luvin and proves how much of a diverse artist she is! Her reign continues!

  26. Jim

    Wanted to like it but just can’t. I miss the sounds of Ray of Light CD and Confessions. I hope the rest of the songs are better.. Good Luck

  27. eros

    So degrading for humanity in a large sense. I mean, two minority women on her side (both are non-white), she acts like a “never-aging” white botoxqueen. So sad of her. Very so un-cool.

  28. Rob

    I have to admit also, I’m a tad bit disappointed with the single especially after hearing Masterpiece but, I’m more than sure that MDNA will have some awesome material!! Plus, we have a world tour ahead of us!!
    Long Live The Queen!! L-U-V MADONNA!!

  29. B

    Its an awesome super fun video and she looks great in it. She chose Minaj and MIA not because of there skin color, but because of there talent. Madonna should get as much botox as she wants, her life, her business.

  30. Michael

    There will always be haters when your the queen of reinventing sound! If you are a hardcore fan of Madge…then you must realize that the bitch knows what shes doing shes been doing almost a million years. The album is number 1 in all markets before its even released. Last time that happened it was Celine Dion in 1997. Madonna forever reigns the woman everyone wants to work with ( look at the duets with not just this album but every other and the collaborations as well). This album will have the same life as Hard Candy and Confessions before it. Critics will pan her as overdue for retirement, Fans will wonder why shes doing it this way. Lets remember that the actual first single was Masterpiece to coinside with W.E. which got HRH a golden globe. Give Me is just the second single for the halftime show. And in the end if im wrong or right lets just rejoice that theres gonna be a WORLD TOUR!!!!!

  31. GW

    you must have mistaken me for someoe who gives a rodent’s rectum about madonnas new video. this is a guy site. show me some hairy chested hunk’s new video and i might give it a look.

  32. josh

    Mdna? Assuming a play on mitochondrial dna…smart. This song thought is far from the mother of all subsequent pop singers. Going to get flack here but reductive indeed. Been a Madonna fan since everybody but like the M have grown and matured. Frivolous and fun has its place but can be done smart. Would rather see her work with goldfrapp, thievery corp, kruder and dorfmeister. Let the bopsters have Katy Perry.

  33. Thom

    Look guys,I’m as big a fan of Madonna as any self-respecting gay man of a certain age- if for no other reason than her blatant sexuality and her AMAZING business acumen. As to this specific video, however… Sure! I’ll agree with other post that she looks better than she has in some time (easily accomplished with a good plastic surgeon and unlimited amounts of $$$), BUT the song is (in my less-than-humble opinion) a REALLY pathetic attempt at a come-back. It is SOOOO self-effacing it’s laughable. How many times can she mention her own name in the lyrics??? Sad, Madge, Sad!!!

  34. scott

    REAL madonna fans-like me appreciate her music and have for yrs. all you people who are critical of her-wish you could have 1/4 of her money and fame she has had for yrs. i gnore the negative comments about her cause i know how good she is-she does not have to prove anything.

  35. Really?

    Well, for once, Madge worked with people of color in front of the camera. There is something to be said for her finally catching up to everyone else. The song is catchy, and I am sure she paid through the nose for it to whomever actually wrote it. What disappoints me is M.I.A. opting to step in as a mamie to Madonna’s serial cheese. Same to be said of Minaj, but Nicki will show up in anyone’s song just to build the rep. But M.I.A.? I one thought she had credibility to not do this kind of fluffernutterstuff. My bad.

  36. Steven

    Love Madonna, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A..I was so excited for this video, but I wasnt impressed!! ๐Ÿ™ ..I have to say that my fav part was Nicki’s verse..

  37. TimTales

    for as much as she relishes the independent art/music community she avoided doing it herself and signed onto another major label….she is the 1%, on 20/20 she stated she cannot cook and hired help raise her children…..that middle class jumbo she sold to people is rubbish. The song is cute and some of the sounds are strikingly familiar, imagine that. Ann Coutler has more substance in my opinion. Madonna needs some “luv”, but why? her family anf friends don’t suffice? I find her music to be devoid and impersonal…I think she is quite evil and uses kindness and love as tools for alternate purposes

  38. Drew

    In the back of my mind, I had hoped that Hard Candy was a frivolous experiment. Maybe she wanted one last hoo-ha before parting with Warner Bros. With this latest song, I am disappointed yet again, and on different levels. However, I think the GMAYL video fits the song well and in spite of my opinion on the quality of work, I am ecstatic to see Madonna releasing music again. Plus, adding a piece by MIA to the track is a major plus in my book.

  39. Clive

    The song and video seem to have been put together in a rush. She hasn’t recorded anything very good since ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor,’ which I thought was great. And why do we have to have the token rapper in so many pop songs these days? Most of those ‘rappers’ can’t even talk in rhythm. They’re often half a beat behind the beat, and let’s face it – what they say doesn’t even make sense, unless you’re a gang member.

  40. BryBry

    I don’t hate the song. I don’t love the song. I do like the video of the song though. I like the look of it. I would listen and dance to it if I were at a party of dance, but it’s just there for me…Simply ok.

  41. Tracker West

    Weak lyrics, weak vocals. When a 50 year old woman sings a bubble gum song, the writing is on the wall. Long live the queen! She has. Now it’s time to abdicate the crown.

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