Music : 54th Grammy Awards / Tribute To Whitney

Yesterday was the celebration of the past year’s amazing music industry, the 54th Grammy Awards.

Bruce Springsteen aka The Boss, opened the show then Bruno Mars electrified the whole Staples Centre in downtown Los Angeles with a very “Motown” inspired number. Adele also sang beautifully and got a standing ovation for her amazing comeback after her vocal cords surgery few months ago. She won 6 awards last night; “Record Of The Year”,  “Album Of The Year”, “Song Of The Year”, “Best Pop Solo Performance”, “Best Pop Vocal Album” and “Best Short Form Music Video”.

But last night’s Grammy was a heavy night emotionally for all the artists. 24 hours before the biggest music party, one of the most amazing voice on the planet past away. The talented Whitney Houston was found dead saturday night in her hotel room. We were told Whitney had been drinking the night before and authorities believe a combination of Xanax and alcohol could have fatally sedated her  but  it is simply too early to draw any firm conclusions as the toxicology results will take up to 6 weeks.

Jennifer Hudson pulled off a touching “I Will Always Love You“, remembering the 48 year old legend who just passed away.

For the complete list of the Grammy winners, click here!


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  1. ever

    Definitely this year was for Adele ,I have to say she didn’t show being thankful about the awards ,lady Gaga deserved album of the year for born this way that’s just my opinion ,at the end I felt like Adele forced herself to show some emotions very faked

  2. tdotdude

    Tamyra Gray -former idol 2nd runner up – did a cover of I will always love you which is probably the closest thing that could match up next to whitney’s in her prime. Its up on youtube. She sounds just like her only a bit younger. I think Jennifer was good, however I had higher expectations. Tamyra would have knocked it out of the park

  3. Brad

    Whitney, though talented, was a terrible, mean, inhumane being. She was destroyed to save those left behind. Stop celebrating the life of a terrible person. Art is directly tied to humanity, and this awful woman had NO humanity. I loved her back in the day, but had to move on after I saw how cruel she was in life. Good riddance, bitch. Thank you for sharing your gift, but maybe that gift would have been more precious had you been more of a human being.

    • blog

      Brad: What’s your point? We all know that Whitney had problems and some of her real friends and family are all saying that she was an amazing person! I believe them! She was very fragile…

  4. juan de leon

    whitney houston, has been a inspitation, i love understandin ga sing, i will keep praying for her, god is the only one and can jusdge her, and keep her in the sky, i love, god always, will be with you, rest in peace, you are the the best for me

  5. BryBry

    As of Monday, February 13, the toxicology report had not been completed and the only “prescription” meds that were mentioned in the news blurbs I had heard, was Amoxicillin (an antibiotic). Yes, Whitney has had drug problems in her life, but let’s not jump to conclusions that have not been confirmed. The tox report probably won’t be released for another few weeks… Maybe we should wait instead of speculate!!

  6. trey

    I’m very happy for Adele. She worked hard and deserved everything she got. And it was really shocking and sad to hear about Whitney Houston. She will be missed by a lot of people, who really loved her, those including first and foremost her family.

  7. RP

    Adele is one of the best things that has happened to music in a VERY long time. I’m beyond proud to have witnessed her work being glorified the way it has been. She’s simply brilliant.

  8. pourhoneyonmyass

    Calling someone a bitch after they die isn’t very nice and it seems to make you a cruel as you say she was. Not mentioning Etta James was more than just a snub it was disrespectful to her name and her talent. I don’t think that the tribute was appropriate. I know that the night wasn’t all about her but just a rendition of her signature song was far less than enough.

  9. LKSK

    To Brad
    It is so sad and pathetic,that in a time of such deep sadness and sorrow, due to the lost of a “human being”, you chose to display hateful “bitchiness”.
    On Saturday aftenoon, a very bright and beautiful star was returned to heaven, and now reside there singing with the other angels.
    God thank you for loaning Whitney to the world.

  10. Tracker West

    I never met Miss Houston and choose not to pass judgement on her temperment, real or imagined. She had the voice of an angel and I was blessed to hear it. May she rest in peace. Amen.

  11. shyguy32

    Some speak as if they knew Miss Houston personally rather that view she was presented by media. I choose to remember the amazing gift style shared. And as far as the comment ” once a druggie, always a druggie”, this is sheer ignorance. As a person in recovery who works with addicts i know first hand that this comment simply isn’t true. This world so needs more love and acceptance.

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