Fantasy : Shower Room

When you workout in a gym – like me – you get to see hot men in underwear, wrapped up in towel or even naked. Many guys at my gym are not shy at all…some are maybe overconfident and should probably workout a bit more before taking off the towel that fast, but that’s another story! At my gym I see naked hotties all the time and woaaaa…. I like it a lot! I guess I’m a voyeur!

In my head, I have this fantasy of a hot straight man who looks at me and tells me that he is fucking horny and that his girlfriend doesn’t like to suck him and then he invites me in the shower to suck him off… Another fantasy would be to be gangbanged by all the hotties in the shower/locker room  lolll but those things never happen, or only in porn!

I know I’m crazy but I like my unreal fantasies…. they keep my libido high and you know what they say “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” Sooooo who knows, maybe one day !?

Anyways, let me know if you like the shower stuff or if you fantasize about it or if you experienced something hot …and check out some amateur hot pics after the jump !




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  1. mark

    Tell me about it! I’m an older student at a community college. So many hot young guys in the locker room. One in particular that I fantasize about all the time!

  2. cntryman

    Hell yes, I go to the gym and the best part for me is the shower and the steamroom area. I love looking at the hot men in towels, undies, or in nothing at all. Your fantasy is the same as mine, but I have had a little more than just a fantasy a few times in the steamroom. I have had a guy take me by the hips and pull me over to him and start sucking me off once. And I have sucked another really hot hung man, whom I know is married, several times in the steamroom and rimmed him there too. I wouldn’t even go to the gym if the wet areas didn’t exist ! Don’t give up on your fantasy.

  3. john lichty

    Really liuke the shower suggestion, am in love with the cheeks of a good man’s ass. Like to kiss them before I suck their cock. Bulges in the crotch suggerst such wwonderful ideas about how to help mgetting rid of the swelling…

  4. workoutbud57

    I totally agree. I am definately one that needs to workout more, but it’s fun and interesting to see who like to show off, who’s hard, and who just runs in, soaps up, rinses and leaves. Showers and watersports go together.

  5. Zak

    I belong to a gym that used to allow nudity in all the wet areas of the locker room until they caught on to how much action was happening in there. It still happens but it’s much more discreet now.

    I’ve had oral sex in the sauna, the steam room and the large shower.

    The best was when one of the two lights in the steam room was out so it was particularly dark and steamy. My favorite guy was came into the wet area. 6’6″, 290, black ex-college football with a massive cock what was always hard. He came into the steam room and sat on the upper deck which was in the darker area. There were probably 10 guys in there at this time. He loved showing off his fully erect, massive cock. As soon as he sat down, he threw open his towel. I rushed up to sit next to him and started stroking him. I’m not sure if everyone could see or not and I really didn’t care. After a couple of minutes of me jacking him off, I went down on him. I did that for a couple of minutes before he got up to leave. I finished stroking myself off and left. Funny how none of the guys left while this was going on.

  6. tim

    had a real live lockerroom experience when visiting Penn State last year. A real hot and hung guy in his 30’s was hanging out in the showers showing off a magnificent boner with a plumb-sized head. I sucked him while an audience of a couple of guys watched, then jacked him to completion. HOT HOT HOT. IT does happen 🙂

  7. Tom

    Last spring at my local YMCA after a workout I went in the sana to finish sweeting it out. 5 guys in there and a young tall blond guy came in. After the others left I followed soon after. When I hit the locker room and went into the shower He followed me in. No stalls and wide open to see each other I was soaping up and looked at him. He was super hard. I went down on him. We sucked each other and I even let him fuck me. It was 10 AM in the morning and anyone could have walked in and caught us. That didn’t happen. It scared the Hell out of me. Didn’t go back to the Y for about 3 months. Loved the sponanatity of sex in the shower. Now it is a fun memory.

  8. Lou

    Well, just like you I am a voyeur and I can tell you from experience I enjoy it a lot. I remember when I was in Basic Training and in my Advanced Individual Training (AIT), a guy used to get hard every time he sees me in the shower. Unfortunately, I was not attracted to him. On the other hand, I hide my hard on when I see some good looking dick in the shower. OMG! they come in all shapes and sizes. Some guys are very timid, some just don’t care if the whole world is looking at them. God! I used to love it. They know that I am gay, they just don’t care if I am looking or not.

  9. ajbbincubus

    The guy in the shower with the blue wall is sooo… HOT!!.. Man, I’d suck him and let him top me all day.. Love men with a tan. LOL!!.. But this is my opinion.. LOL!!..

  10. mike

    I discovered I liked men while showering after gym. I was talking to a friend on the other shower wall, when this awesome, perky, smooth butt went by in between us,,,, the hard-on caught me by surprise and I had to turn around and face the wall so my friend across would not see it. And that started me thinking,, and the rest is history lol,, thanks for bringing back memories,,

  11. Heyrod25

    I think the shower stuff hot, and at the community collage I went to a buddy i ran at the rec center would shower after word, we fucked in the sauna, the shower, and on a bench, it was always good thrilling sex!

  12. jimmyolson

    This read, reminded me of a guy I was dating (and fucking)

    One night that he and I spent together, we were naked in his bed pillow talking. He told me of a recent time when he was at the gym’s shower room that some guy came from behind him and started grabbing his ass. He told me that he quickly turned to see who he was when he saw it some cute guy he had been exchanging stares with at the gym. Some how, the “guy” happened to have a condom so of course, he fucked my prey.

    I remember getting so turned on by this anecdote that I didn’t even let him finish, I just simply turned him around and gave it to him good as I imagined that guy in his story did.

    That was hot…

  13. jesen

    shit happens in my gym all the time. i see guys stroking their cocks and/or getting hard in the showers. i usually give myself a hardon in the steam room and have even shot my load in there before. couple of weeks ago, this hot tattooed guy was checking me out, but then another guy (that he obviously knew) came in, and he started sucking him off right there in front of me. it was kind of late and thankfully no one else walked in, and tattooed guy sucked the other dudes cock until he drained his nuts down is throat! i was so surprised by it all but showed them my hard cock and stroked it while there were doing it. so see? stuff happens in men’s locker room all the time…

  14. Yungobruh

    Hell..I used to workout and get worked on at the gym! Gyms were better than gay clubs. Hell they were both full of skimpily clad guys showing off their bodies with dance music playing. Lights, mirrors, multilevels and the clientele was actually the same too. LOL I justified my behavior because I actually worked out before I got my freak on in the shower. Not like those hoes who just hungout and cruised. LOL Two different gyms I used to belong too had saunas where the hook ups got really hot. You could beat off with a group of guys and even get your dick sucked. The gym’s knew what was going on too so they redesigned the saunas to make them less private. Anyway… I don’t do that no more cause I did it so much its played now. But ain’t no shame in my game. I was a freaky gym rat!

  15. j

    I’m a fit straight man who’s curious and checking things out on here. I fantasize about getting seduced at the gym by some hot guy in the gym showers all the time! One of the downfalls of wanting to stay discreet is never making the first move. If only there was a way for both of us to get what we want…

  16. Tom

    I fantasize about this all the time. One time while at 24 Hour Fitness I had just gotten out of the shower and was back at my locker with my towel already in the laundry basket. Well there was another hottie at a locker across from me so I decided to put on my shirt first to see if he payed any attention to the fact that I was naked. As I put my shirt on I saw him rub a bulge in his pants. Well he went to the showers and I decided I needed another shower anyway.

  17. bi-is-i

    Hey Dave. Yea, I have a big shower fetish. Ha. With guys and girls. Love shower sex.

    But definitely HARD sometimes to keep from getting HARD in the gym shower. Especially the all open gang showers. Guys just finishing up a HARD workout, got the blood flowing and boners just pop up – what can you do? I jerked off a times with guys before in the gym shower. Not as a group. Just one on one stuff. Very hot.

  18. David

    I love these fantasies, the shower one sounds fun but the gangbang sounds the best. the best photo is the guy with the tattoo on his arm

  19. Jose

    showers are hot, I had an experience in the gym, started in the sauna it was hot felt good then there I met this married guy, we got to talking getting to know each other a little, then I left to go in the steam room and this guy just followed me there, it was nice and steamy in there then he makes it hotter by pressing this button so I started hosing myself down, he asked me he wanted to hose my back so I went along with the flow, but it felt good then he would gose my nipples then asked me to drop my wet drawers and he hosed my cock down but we never touched, then he wanted to go to the hot tub and he invited me to join him so I did, I knew what he was doing but I was just pretending not to know I can see him getting hard, we got to talking more then he asked if I wanted to join him in the showers there we jerked off together but we never touched the little fear to be caught by other people walking in on us was a turn on

  20. Rick

    I also enjoy the showers at the “Y” The one I go to has more than it’s share of hot studly guys. It’s right next to the university campus and gets lots of very nice men
    The showers a re gang style so there is a lot of eye candy available to peek at. When a guy stands there repeatedly washing his cock and balls until they start to pudge up it the best.

  21. EARL


  22. bi-is-i

    I still remember those open showers in school – ones like the last picture posted here – the round pole with the shower heads – so everyone gets a good look at each other. Played baseball all through high school and college. I remembering now showering after games until junior year in HS cause I thought it was too weird (and I was shy). And although nothing happened (in HS) there were always looks. I got over being shy in a big hurry. Finally just said F it and after all that, wondered why I hesitated.

  23. Dawgboi

    Yes!!! Gym showers and steamrooms are the best,just last week I was workingout doing squats and leg lifts when I noticed a good looking “married” man looking at my ass each time I moved so everywhere I went he was there I went in the steamroom to relax my legs and came in and wanted to rim me so I hit the showers and went back in and let him do his thing ( he was DAMN good)also sucking my dick the same time he was rimming me… there was 3 other guys in there and they was jacking and licking each other as became a freak party until some guy reported the fun because no one wanted to get with him….

  24. Peter

    At my gym, the showers are separated by walls with half glass that is frosted so you can see the other guys showering. THe hottest time was when this ute blond was shaving his pubes in the stall next to me.

  25. Eddie

    Once upon a time, a very hot black man and I played in the sauna at the gym. His big, uncut dick is and was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and sucked. He and I played only a few times, but I’ll never forget him!

  26. jackn

    i go to an out of town y for the wet areas. I am a married, discreet guy but lose some inhibition since i am not in my hometown. I have jacked off with 3 other hot guys in the sauna and we call came on the floor. Thats why you need to wear flip flops to the sauna. Usually I can get off with someone anytime I go. Its the best cruise place in this city but its only word of mouth. No one ever talks about it or publishes anything about it. Guess thats why its still good for cruising cock

  27. Chris

    I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and see alot of hot naked guys in the shower.Im str8/curious and all ive done is fantasize but would love to find a hot guy to experiment with in the shower. I think about sucking a hot cock in the shower constantly! ANYONE INTERESTED IN SATISFYING MY CURIOSITIES?

  28. David

    I have a mutual nudity/shower fetish so this is definitely the perfect subject. I enjoy the casual exposure with other men and it’s a relatively new attraction for me. I’ve even asked my friends to shower in front of me while we caught up or got to know each other, and they were all for it. I have also joined them on occasion and it’s always been a healthy bonding moment, being the solo gay friend in our group of guys. I’m glad they’re comfortable enough with themselves and me for it to happen. I think there is a level of intimacy associated with it and it’s also very exciting. Oh yes, and sometimes there is sex. 🙂

  29. Lorenzo

    Recently while I was at the gym, I was blowing drying my hair and I was naked, this hot guy was standing next to me and looking at my bubble butt ass, I could see his cock growing and growing, finally he said to me, come with me into this large shower, we can close the curtin because I sure want to eat your bubble butt latino ass and when it’s nice and wet I want to fuck you so bad, I looked at his cock and it was throbbing hard, I told him to cover his cock with the towel then we went to the shower, I got down on all fours, my bubble butt ass in the air, he stated to kiss lick and eat my ass, damn felt so good, then he covered his big cock with a condum and began to fuck my hot tight bubble butt ass, it was fucking amazing, now we meet at his place twice a week, love him to eat my bubble butt ass and he sure knows how to fuck me yum yum.

  30. Bobbylvc

    Love shower stuff – have had some hot times in my own shower as well as even some hot times at my gym. we had a whirlpool inside and past the showers so you could sit in the whirlpool and watch the guys shower. I messed around a few times with some of the guys in the whirlpool and j/o with a really hot guy one time in the sauna – which was also right of the showers. Even enjoyed the locker room when I was in high school … loved to look …

  31. Jon

    I find this disgusting. I see the gym as a place to work. I’m there to work on my body and get bigger. Constantly, I see old gay dudes cruising the locker rooms and its disgusting. Its a gym, not a fucking bath house. The point of a gym is to go there to throw weight around not to try to have sex there. I don’t mind people who check other people out but a gym is not a place to cruise for sex. People who do this at the gym are not there to lift weights and piss people like me off at the gym.

  32. Darryl

    Oh the fond memories of the gym showers in school with all the naked guys comming and going. The nice views of bouncing cocks, and tight assess going by. Even now at the gym where grown men in various stages of undress only makes me wanna hit the showers.

  33. Mikiey

    I have been to gym’s before, and believe me, I have had str8 men check me out as well as me checken them out. I have had some hot times in the jaccuzi, and steam room.

  34. John DelVechio

    I had a great time in the locker room at my local pool club several times with this hottie lifeguard,,, once I fucked him right in the open over a bench doggie and was lucky no one came in.. then blew each other another time.. played in the stalls ,, he was hot., Another lifeguard and I also played in the showers… those young hung lifeguards are so horny,,love it

  35. Ynottony

    I love your fantasy!! I love going to the gym’s locker room/showers, I feel like a boy in a candy store and wanting all and being a PIG! LOL

    Love the pix’s! =)

  36. Hottie414262

    Finally a topic many agree on. I started goig to te gym recently just because seeing it happen in porn wasnt enouh anymore i wanted the possibilit of it happening to me to increes so i started going to the gym and….THATS THE BEST CHOICE EVER…. had two hot occaions already. i go at night to my gym and many men do in this town also. Each time i was followed into the locker room after my work out and how the sweat did poor…. even more thatn during the work out.

  37. Greg

    If I see a Hott guy, in the shower or locker room, I just smile and wink at them, and lick my lips, and put my middle finger in my mouth, then I look at their cock, and they get hard so fuckin fast and they usually know what I am looking for… and they invite me over to suck their cock. I get lucky more than I don’t hehe. I even get guy’s that wanna meet me at different time durning the day and week, at one time I had a different guy scheduled every day of the week at the gym, and then I even met some right after them. I think they told their buds, that I give great head !!!

  38. man2man21

    A good fantasy is wrestling another man in a men’s locker room. Both of us would be wearing jock straps and wrestling in front of other gym rats naked or wearing jock straps as well. While we’re wresting,the two combatants bulges would rub and grind up against each others faces and all parts of the body. The wrestlign and jockeying for position would eventually turn in to love making and then full on fucking. The jock straps would be ripped off each other and the two would flip each other while talking trash to each otehr on how each of them thinks they won. In reality they both would win.

  39. Vinny

    Hi Dave I share your fantasy I see so many hot men at my gym who I would luv 2 suck off if they would even glance my way. I saw those hotttt pics if these are the guys at your GYM I would suck and them and u off mmm

  40. Jon

    @Steve Firstly, lay off the caps lock. Secondly, I do find it disgusting to mess around in the gym. I’m there to lift weights and don’t need some creepy dude staring at me the whole time. I see weird guys constantly in the locker room. The other day I was changing in the locker room and out of 250 lockers this old guy had to pick the locker next to me and kept staring at me the whole fucking time. Its a gym. You should be there to lift weights. Its not a bath house to have gross anonymous encounters. Don’t you people have any respect?

  41. Jack

    I use to love going to the campus pool in my hometown. Since my mom worked for the college, I got access to the gyms and pools. I loved going in and checking out all the hot college kids in the shower. To this day, the gym shower is still the biggest turn on for me!

  42. Bill

    Im a married guy who can’t get enough cock. Just started living my life long fantasies a few months ago and switched to a bigger gym with wet areas. A lot of nice crotches there, and once in awhile catch postings on CL of guys looking there. Never have I been fortunate enough to find any action there, but I’m hopeful. All the showers are individual so it’s hard to catch a good scene. The sauna is my best hope I guess.

  43. Arete12

    Once I had a hookup buddy tell me about the university’s old gym locker room that wasn’t used much anymore. He told me it had a reputation as a hookup spot. He said we should go check it out and I said yes since I am a horny bastard and curious.
    We got to the old locker room showers and some people were leaving when we arrived. So me and my buddy hopped in, started to shower. Little bit later a guy came in and started showering. he was on the opposite wall across & down from us. When me & my friend aren’t talking and there is silence the guy looks and me and says, “You’re uncut. You don’t see that a lot.” I said “yeah” but kept on showering.
    Then another tall, lean, toned guy came in and started to shower on the side with the other guy. We were showering in silence and all the sudden we’re all facing each other playing with ourselves. Then we came together in the middle of the showers and started playing with each other. The tall guy did oral on the three of us. When he was sucking the first guy he had his back to the wall and the guy was fucking his face, banging his head against the wall. We played around for awhile and then took turns cumming. The guy who commented on my uc cock came last and it was a fucking torpedo. it shot across the entire shower. it was so hot and fun!

  44. Bkdlbfreak

    Sounds hot im from nyc been trying to get action like this at my gym i usually go in the morning seen a couple of asses no cocks yet but i would love to get into one of those shower/locker room scenes i go to planet fitness in midtown on w27 st is any one a member here ???

  45. Bitheway

    I go to the gym to workout but I also admire other guys builds. I talk about what they do to get better results. I still have to say I think locker rooms are hot in porn but it annoys me when the same old (& usually fat) guys are in the sauna or showers or wherever they can see some naked cock.
    Dont get me wrong I still glance to see how I measure up but I catch alot of guys glancing I guess its normal to a point to glance.
    I also have seen stuff at a gym in buffalo ny also at my university lockerroom I met a guy in college we became workout buds, he would always want to go to the old gym cause he said it wasnt as busy which was true, it was in the rotc bldg. He was the one who opened me up to being bi eventually, aftrr a lot of drinking one night. Anyway he said he liked that gym cause guys cruised there, I never noticed until after he told me. I did think it was strange he always wanted to shower at the old gym but not the new one, the old gym had a gang shower … Took a while but I finally added it all up. Anyway OP it happens a lot of gyms, I notice the guys cruising after I was schooled on it in school

  46. debbiedowner

    Stop having gay sex in the gym. This is the kind of behavior that drives straight men to hate gays. They have the right to use the showers without having to wonder what gay slut is looking at them. This is what faggots do!

  47. Derryck S. Griffith

    In shape Straight Men are always good to look at naked. Regardless of whether they are at a poolside, a gym, or in the shower.

    I also find lots of straight men have no problem with being admired by other straight men too.

    But if you have the hots for one of them, it is always better to flatter them about their bodies, and good looks. I find it breaks the ice, and gets them talking too.

    Making out with straight men have been very gratifying to me.

    No baggage, or sexual issues like most Gay men have.

    As long as you keep it quiet, and between yourselves.


  48. Hapa 808

    Great topic, I love seein guys at the gym in the locker room. Not even naked, with a towel or briefs on actually gets me hotter.

    I’m a bit confused though, your fantasy is that of a straight man…. but your latest blog post asks why are gay men (some, not all) into straight guys. I think you answered your own question. Its all about what turns you on, that’s it.

  49. MarqueeTee

    Dave, HELL YEAH! You took the thoughts right out of my head 😉 As a pre-teen I was the water boy for my older brothers high school football team and basket ball team (Catholic all boys no less). I was in heaven! All ACCESS to the locker room. That confirmed my sexuality for sure and I’d bet a dollar to a donut is the reason athletic environment sex really turns me on. The smell of a locker room filled with sweat, testosterone, smelly jock straps, uniforms, bodies with hanging swinging cocks, soapy showers. Watching them lather up, jokingly simulate what they do to their girlfriends (if they in fact really had one), dry themselves off seductively to me all exposed. I loved gathering up their used towels, moist jock straps, soiled uniforms to smell their smell giving me an instant hard on and a fantasy to j/o that night at bed time. On a couple of occasions the fantasy became reality, but just for brief moments and of course “don’t tell anyone, so we can do this again, I like you but your brother would kill me if he found out…” Those were the days;-)

    I’ve always enjoyed locker rooms and my jobs I had kept me in them. The past couple of years I have re-discovered working out and the gym. NNNICE! Weight floor, cardio room, pool, sauna, locker room-shower are lovely places to be. The eye candy is just hot. Some really go to great lengths to not expose whereas others just let it all hang out. I find it very funny, like get over it already. I’ve even seen what would appear to be best buds and workout partners who do the extreme 1) select a locker in different rows from each other that appears to be empty. 2) lockers are side by side but go to extreme to not let the other SEE his junk.

    What I have noticed tho, a lot of guys don’t look you in the eye in the locker room or pool/sauna area for some reason. They’ll look off to the side, the floor, the ceiling, anywhere but you. Not that I’m cruisin’, but I like to be observant of what is around me. I could easily punch one of them in the face and they wouldn’t know who did it just because of that. Maybe it’s me, I have body piercing. A double left nipple and 5 frenums in my penis. But gosh, there are a lot of overly tatted guys there so what is the difference. But on the weight floor, OMG, ass and crotch all up in your face lifting and grunting and spotting with no problem, but locker room, go figure.

    There is one guy there I watch his work out routine. He, like clockwork, always gets a boner when he bench presses or squat lifts. I’d love to spot him on any bench press;-0 Even to the point I’d try to time our locker room change or shower for at the same time. and he never does go into sauna/pool area. On that note, let me inform you that my personal trainer now will put on sweat pants for my session. No more shorts, DANG! Yes, I’d flirt with him, eyes peeking right up his loose shorts when he’d spot me on presses. I call it incentive 😉 I want to know if the cock matches his face and hot body? Not like I’d ever experience it, but who knows. Still my now bedtime fantasy.

  50. BrothaMan

    Ahh locker rooms, particularly military ones. I like em. I see dudes in various stages of dress. It doesn’t turn me on like that, most of the time. I just like to see dudes that keep their bodies on point. It kinda motivates me to keep doing what I do. I’ve met dudes there but that was just being social…lol.

  51. ck2

    I love taking a hot man’s briefs from his locker – and going home and jacking off with them – and shooting my load of cum all over them. Love watching men in the showers and showing off my cock – and – bending over to show men my man pussy. Makes them hard every time!!

  52. Darryl

    Oh I have a shower story that’s pretty that happened along time ago. I just happened to be at a bathouse working out. After a good hour or so I happened to get some water turned around a caught a glimps of two dudes in the sauna fucking, or so I thought. It kinda shocked me at first so I went back to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me. They were still going at it so I decided to finish my workout. Once that was done I need alittle more water, I poked my head into the sauna and one guy was sitting in there. I asked if he enjoyed himself, he told me that the guy fucking him couldn’t get hard so he asked me if I would finger his hole so he could cum. So being the guy i’am I helped him out. He blew a nice load, and I was glad to give him a hand. He thanked me and headed into the shower to rince off. Wow what a hot ass on him, and if I were thinking with my dick I should have fucked him, but I wanted to be a gentleman. It was still pretty hot frigging his hole while his legs in the air. Hey guy if you’re out there reading this, thanks for making my workout extra fun…

  53. Scott

    I love it when I get a full hard on in the gang shower and there’s no way to hide it. I feel like all the other dudes are staring at my hard cock and I can’t get away and cover up until I finish my shower. Then I find a deserted corner of the locker room and jack off, usually getting off within seconds.

  54. goldenloverinmym

    as a older guy with a decent body and above average package, i’m not a gym rat but I workout twice a week and when I go it’s to do just that but always have my eyes open, I always get dressed and hit the sauna to warm up n do some stretches, on day I walked in on 2 YOUNG guys one was giving a HJ to his bud when I walked it the both blushed I said don’t let me interrupt they both said in unison we have to go and split hurriedly I laughed as the they left, after I finished my work out it was early eve I stripped it was pretty quit and I always get horny so I had just finished jacking in the steam room still kinda half hard a guy came in checked me he was wearing shorts but he never got hard so I showered n left but still hope to get a bj one day

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