Watch this : Andrew Christian’s Sexy Car Wash Boys…


Last week, the underwear company Andrew Christian made this amazing video and post it on youtube. In few hours it became viral!!!!

The censured youtube version (after the jump) shows hot boys wearing the brand’s briefs, and having fun in the water, under a gorgeous sun…and ohhh…. car washing dirty cars. Seems like the boys are actually more dirty than the cars!!!!

Check out the uncensored version here, where you can actually see more (think of a pair of cheeks cleaning a windshield…)

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(Video after the jump)


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  1. surfer3504

    Some hot looking guys, i love those body’s so much, they have nice butts and feet, i love giving them all a hot tongue bath from head down to their dirty toes good

  2. AbstratChocolate

    Mmh mmmh!! Damn!!!…. they takin’ too looong to wash the damn car.
    Trying to take a bath AND wash my car at the same time?
    Y’all too dirrty… Saop aint goin’ do nothin’ for you. HeLL NO
    Y’all need some holy water.
    Fine asses though. 😉

  3. Lorenzo

    That was so fucking hot. Seeing those tight butts in wet swim wear, shaking their ass and washing each others butt, so fucking hot, gave me a big boner. Would love to take off their swim wear with my tongue, eat every ones ass and slide my tongue in and out of each one’s wet ass while they moan, then turn them over and suck each cock one at a time or two at a time and if they want to fuck my hot light latino ass, oh baby, take turns, each hot guy can fuck me over and over again.

  4. Cali_Dude

    Some of those guys are hot….Until they start shaking their ass like women do in hip hop videos. I find that very unattractive, even more so if a male does that. But that’s just me.

  5. ajbbincubus

    OMG!!!… I would so let them wash all for of my cars. Hell, I’d drive them into the mud so they’d have to scrub and putt some muscle into it. These guys are HOT!!!… Thanks for the post!!…

  6. AJ

    Very hot. But the video I want to see would cover what happened after the car wash. I’ll bet those horned up hotties fucked themselves silly!

  7. storm17

    hey guys the name of the song is “Lets get soaking wet” and it is sung by Pepper Mashay, its a song from the series Queer as Folk, u can pull it up on Youtube

  8. beto

    i know andrew is trying to sale underware with hot guys wearing them and having a party n a “car wash”, but guess he is not very consious about wasting water. too bad.

  9. Lorenzo

    Every time I see that video I see HOT action like today, the guy bending over, his swim suit was wet and tight and makes me want to rip the swim suit off with my teeth and bury my tongue in that nice wet ass and to make it even nicer, I can see his big cock and balls when bending over want suck his cock until it is so hard then let him fuck my hot tight latino ass in any fucking position.

  10. Darryl

    Nothing better then a bunch of guys willing to get all soaped up for a good cause. My car is dirty as hell, and my hose is full lol.

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