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I’ve always been very active and love to play almost all sports and I have been lucky, with very few injuries, at least until last month.

When I was in college I was on the Junior Varsity Baseball team with the hope to get on the varsity team but never made it. I was also on the wrestling team, which was my real passion. At the time I knew I was attracted to men but I was in real denial about what that actually meant. Once in a while I would get semi-hard when wrestling, even getting rock hard once, which was hugely embarrassing, although I don’t think anyone noticed since I went soft pretty quickly when I got slammed to the mat on my back when my opponent realized my hard cock was against his back. Once the match was over, he looked at me, really pissed off. Anyway….

I have been out of college for several years now, but still enjoy playing baseball and I love to wrestling, both as a sport and as sex play. I’ve wrestled naked with some really hot guys I have met online! It’s a blast to wrestle to see who will top who.

I live in a townhouse and have a full basement that I have set up for wrestling, it works great, its cool, there is lots of room and it is sound proof. I have an old wrestling mat that pretty much fills the entire basement. There are wrestling posters on the wall and I even have a couple of old lockers to make the room look authentic.

The last time I was on Adam4Adam I finally made plans to wrestle with a guy I have been talking to for weeks. We chatted online about what we were going to do, how we were going to do it and it seemed what we talked about would never happen! But, when l logged on after pretty much giving up, he messaged me asking if he could come over. His timing was perfect because I had the day off and nothing to do. When he showed up I was not disappointed, not at all.

He was 32 years old, well over 6 feet tall, and somewhere around 185 pounds, his beautiful black body was as smooth as silk and his muscles well defined. Unlike some experiences I have had online, his pictures did not capture just how hot he was.

When we got to the basement I could tell he was as into me as I was into him by the huge bulge in his pants. When I greeted him I was wearing nothing but my trunks, maybe that was enough to get him going.

I stepped on to the mat while he striped down, all the way down to his lightly cum stained jockstrap. Once we both hit the mat and faced each other, I could tell I was in for a hard match, so I braced myself. I started strong, pinning him in less than a minute. My takedown was perfect, I slammed him down to the mat, and the look of surprise on his face was rewarding, but I could tell that he was as pissed as he was turned on. He quickly flipped to his stomach, as I slowly worked his arms behind his back, pinning his shoulders for a good thirty seconds.

While I was on top of him, with his arms pinned back, I could feel my cock getting hard, I was pushing it against his back while he squirmed to get lose. I slid my cock down his back, pressing it into the dark crack of his black ass. Unfortunately, I lost my concentration and he was able to pull up, knocking me onto my side, exposing my hard cock and making me vulnerable. He jumped at the opportunity, pushing me over onto my stomach, pulling my right arm back, and pinning me to the mat with his elbow.

He demanded that I surrender, but there was no way I was going to give in so soon. I twisted to my back which seemed to throw him off, I was able to grab his legs and draw them up while putting one arm under his neck and the other under his legs, clasping my hands in a crushing cradle hold. He looked beaten.

He slowly lowered his head and I took the opportunity to plant my lips on his, pushing my tongue in his mouth. Now only our tongues were wrestling! I lightened my hold on him, and slowly moved down to bit his left nipple, as I chewed on his nipple, I pulled his right leg up higher and slowly moved my tongue down his body, over high tight torso, to his navel, licking his outie, sucking it like a cock.

He sat up and reached for my ass. No way was I going to give him my ass without a fight! I let go of his leg, flipped around and shoved my hard cock in his face, putting my face under his balls, sniffing and licking the sweat that was dripping down between his ass and his balls. He reached up and pulled my cock out from the side of my trunks and stated to lick the head of my dick. I could tell I was dripping pre-cum, as he was slurping it up, swallowing, and going back for more like candy.

Finally he took my whole cock into his mouth in one quick plunge. I could feel his lips at the base of my shaft, just touching my balls, as the head of my cock rubbed against the back of his throat. I pulled my hips back, sliding my cock to the end of his mouth, and thrusted it quick and hard down his throat. He gaged, and thrust his hips up, forcing my face and lips to come close to his ass hole. Once he caught his breath, I started to fuck his face while I teased his sweaty hole with my breath and the tip of my tongue.

His cock was rock hard, pressing against the top of my chest as I started to rim his hole. This hot dark stud suddenly turned oral slut, begging for more cock with his lips, slowly rising his legs, his hole begging for more stimulation, winking at me as if asking for cock.

Determined to torture him as best I could, I turned around and pushed my ass onto his face, putting my hole directly over his mouth, grinding my sweaty ass into his face. He responded by reaching up and trying to push me off him, I grabbed his arms, holding them together at his wrist with both hands. He pulled his legs up and was able to pull my off his face with one quick jerk.

I went flying and he took the opportunity to flip me, pin me on my stomach, and shove his hard cock right up against my ass hole. Before I could get my grip on him to throw him off, he spit on his cock and slid the wet tip into my hole.

I don’t know if the initial pain was from the shock of his cock penetrating my hole, or from the width of his huge black cock, but the pain in my ass took my breath away. He seemed to sense that I was wounded, and took full advantage of my vulnerability.

Without stopping, he continued to slide his cock into my ass, as I moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure. He took me over and made me his bitch, his cock seemed endless and it entered my hole, penetrating me deeply.

Slowly the pain ended, leaving only pleasure and the amazing feeling of his cock filling my ass, slowly penetrating me with his manhood. I completely surrendered, giving him my hole willingly and he responded by taking it completely.

He flipped me onto my back, pulled my legs up with my knees on each side of my head, and my arms over my head as his cock penetrated balls deep into my hole.

He looked down at me with nothing but pure desire in his dark brown eyes, and he thrust his cock in my ass, while his tongue began to probe my mouth. I was pinned as he started to fuck me wildly. Over and over he thrust his cock deeply into my hole.

My cock was rock hard, and my ass was throbbing with pleasure as he fucked me hard and fast. I felt as if I was about to cum. He quickly pulled his cock way back, thrusted it in me as deeply as he could a few more times, moaned pulled out and shot his huge load so hard it covered my chest and hit me in my face, giving me the smell and just a taste of his jizz.

I reach down, grabbed my cock, stroked it twice and immediately shot my load over both our chests, mixing our cum into one slippery mess.

As we both relaxed, enjoying the afterglow of a great orgasm, spent and covered in cum, he looked at me and said, “oh, by the way, my name is Jayson”. Laughing I said, “Hey Jayson, I’m Mark”.

We both just lost it, laughing, tickling each other, knowing this would not be the last time we fought to top!


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  1. Lorenzo

    All I can say is WOW lucky Mark, damn I would have for sure let Jayson fuck my hot tight latino ass anytime and I sure would have loved to eat his sweaty ass yum yum, where is Jayson? I want to meet him, I want him to fuck me, I want to eat his sweaty ass and suck his big hard cock…OH FUCK!!!

  2. jamey

    You have to love wrestling matches – particularly when they turn out like this one. I wrestle whenever I can get the chance and some turn out that good! Way to go Mark.

  3. WildcatLes

    Great story about your wrestling match. I also have mats in the basement of my townhome in Kansas City. Would love to meet you for a match.

  4. healthmanws

    thanks for your story. my main reason for cruising social sites is to locate other men in my weight range (up to 160 lbs) who are (or could be) interested in erotic submission wrestling. I thrive on this scene!!!

  5. Jeff- busyb1

    Thank you for the article. Had to stop wrestling in High School because of the bulge. Was not able to control it. Loved listening to every detail, wish I had been there to see it. Thanks again!

  6. cosby704

    that’s crazy i have a good story just for this. this is true and really happened i was in a wrestling tournament and one of my matches came up and the guy i was going against happen to get a real a real nice hard on while he was on my ass trying to submit me but i lasted that round then it was my turn to be on top and he felt me on his back then we both knew what was going on this went on for three round and he ended up winning but after the match we ran into each other again in the bathroom and went into that last stall where we sucked each others cock and he fucked me so good and shot a big load all over my face it sucks because that was the last time i saw that guy

  7. udou2

    Thanx Mark for the great revelationand experience by way of your stimulating experience. I want an opportunity of same with you and Jayson…:) done a lil wrestling in my day. Let me know how to make that happen man.

  8. man2man21

    This is what we as men do. We know our pleasure spots and know what each other need. Women could never understand or pleasure men the way we know how. I love men and our parts.

  9. Jerrod

    This is a great story it had me cum several times! I would do anything for a moment like this where it’s not about ethnicity or sexual roll but it’s about dominancy in a game of wrestling and sexual pleasure!

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