Pornstar : Christian Thorn

Christian Thorn is one of the most adorable men around. Of Asian descent, his small frame is packed with tight muscles and his stiff cock is absolute perfection. This smooth muscular jock is adorned with lots of body art. Sexy tattoos wrap around his thick bicep and decorate his rippled chest and abs. He runs his hands all over his body, pausing to squeeze his hard nipples before he slowly feels his way down to his raging boner. He runs his hands over the perfectly round globes of his ass before he teases his hole with his finger. You cant look away from his perfect ass as he rubs his hands all around it. You just want to grab both of his hips and ram you own cock deep into his hungry hole but you know there is plenty of time for that to come. But for now his breathing increases as he stokes his dick and gets it nice and hard. Finally he shoots a thick load of creamy hot spunk all over his smooth tight stomach

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photos credit : Randy Blue

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  1. JUJU beans

    He doesn’t turn me on. Just don’t have it. Oriental men in general are less attractive, even with a tight body. SORRY
    Many share my feelings

    • G

      Wow! Your opinions do not represent the whole society. “In general they are less attractive”. Asian guys- many of them are very handsome and attractive and many of them are capable of satisfying their partner during sex; something that can be said about “other individuals” as a general rule because in “those other individuals” many of them are dissapointing in how they perform.

  2. Lorenzo

    sorry would not do him, not my taste, I love to suck big white cut cocks and I love to be fucked by big thick long cut cocks, I love to eat squeky clean ass on a guy with a squeky clean bubble butt ass.

  3. ajbbincubus

    I normally don’t find Asian men attractive at all. It’s rare if one of them catches my eye. Not trying to offend anyone here, but I guess it’s just a preference, but this guy is GORGEOUS!!!!….

  4. Jerome

    The tattoo of the Philippines on his chest makes Christian Thorn one hot Filipino. Manila is full of gorgeous guys with this tight firm look, and they are famous for their outrageously steely hardons. It is the porn world’s last discovered frontier of hot guys.

  5. Steve

    Very nice; love muscled Asian guys.

    Disappointed that so many posters felt the need to go beyond “sorry, not my type” with derogatory comments like “Asians creep me out” and particularly “Oriental men in general are less attractive” (an OPINION seemingly stated as FACT). These are along the lines of the same outrageous statements narrow-minded heterosexuals make about the gay community and have no place here; equality starts at home.

  6. Tim

    I think he is attractive. I like attractive men of all races. I wish homosexuals were more supportive of each other since we are a minority. It’s very disasppointing that so many of you have to bring race into your comments. It is racist whether you know it or not.

    • blog

      Tim; totally agree with you! Very sad that some of us act that way. Maybe not your taste but no need to think or even say that they “creep you out” !!! Very immature comment!

  7. Hunter

    The stupid tats. He’d be hands down hot without them. Why the hell do men screw up perfectly hot bodies with that crap? It’s a distraction that takes away from their manhood.

  8. Romeo

    Lol. At least us Filipinos have the clean ass hole and plus good hygiene! That’s a fact. I guess some of you guys like dirty smelly hole. I’m half Italian and Filipino. don’t get me wrong I dig some white dudes that’s clean cut.

  9. hihoneyitsme

    Finally I get it! So THIS is how white guys feel good and confident about themselves…by demeaning guys of other races and portraying them as unattractive. Who made white guys the “gold standard” in the first place? Oh right. White guys THEMSELVES. In summary: the standard of attractiveness is the white guy. The standard has been put in place BY white guys, FOR white guys, for the benefit OF white guys. Guys of all other races are to be compared with the white gold standard. Welcome to modern racism which is paraded around in the guise of “i don’t like asians because they are just not my preference”.

  10. Sinclair

    This guy is hot with the tats, but i’m sure he’d be just as hot without the tats.

    I see some people here aren’t into Asians(you’re missing out lol). Well i’m certainly into Asians, especially this hottie right here =D

    (and this is coming from a black dude)

  11. mikey


  12. timothy phelps

    i’m asian after read few comment i didn’t really the gay community are quite anti ASIAN shocking me we are also a human too only the color different

  13. Harry

    The truth is, racists exist in all places, gay, bisexual, or straight. Just because gay racists themselves suffer from gay discrimination doesn’t mean they’ll be able to realize their faults or empathize with those they discriminate against. Unfortunately for them they know not how little and ignorant they appear to the better part of society. I say let them openly identify with their prejudices, the stink of their fears and insecurities,, and leave us enlightened men to enjoy the company and friendships of others with open hearts and minds. Life is too short to waste on negative people.

    It’s great that Christian Thorn was included in this blog. I appreciate seeing more Asian beauty represented in porn and in gay media in general. I wonder though wouldn’t it be more positive to have Asian and Latino actors with Asian and Latino surnames rather than disguised behind something Anglicised? Still, we’re we’re glad for the progress being made.

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