Photography : Batman And Robin – Love Affair

It’s a true love affair between Batman and Robin. The fantasy photoshoot comes alive in the January 2012 issue of Männer magazine with the story In Der Stille Der Nacht (In The Still of The Night). The editorial is featuring Lucian [Izaio] and Yannik [Scout 1] and photography is by Rimus.

Very artistic, fantastic!



(more pics after the jump)


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  1. Joe

    Being a HUGE Batman fan…i think this is so wrong. He’s a crime fighter…not a sex fiend!! Batman is always with women in the movies…NOT Robin.

  2. Alex

    Cool Idea. But I thought Batman would be older and hairier. Only 16% of men have naturally smooth chests. Is it airbrush or CGI?

  3. Steve

    Er, why would I want to dress like an anime character? (It is a fashion layout afterall). Ya sorry, the guys aren’t attractive and what’s with the logo chest “tattoo” on “Bruce”?

  4. Mannois

    First pic (before the jump) is okay. I’ll pass on the others. “Batman” doesn’t look right, somehow. Too young, maybe?

  5. Ryan

    Just because they’re representing comic book characters doesn’t mean they have to look like cartoons. I’m sure the boys were hot before…

  6. blowie

    Yes, mildly disappointing all around — art direction is uninspired, to say the least – and the twinkishness of both characters (particularly batman ) is a let down.

  7. Darryl

    I’ve always wanted to know if the rumor of the relationship between Batman, and Robin is more then just a crime fighting partnership? I’am not a huge fan of the pic’s here but in my mind i see two hero’s doing what they do best fighting crime, and keeping the people of Gotham safe. So how do they decompress when they return to Whane Manor? Let’s discuss….

  8. Vic

    These are horrible — from the model selection to the composition, framing, retouching. Not even the implied fantasy makes any sense. Batman is an established piece of our collective psyche. His persona has specific qualities. To build a “fantasy” scenario in photos around the idea of that persona requires at least some faithfulness to the “Batman” image. Batman should not look like an underwear model. He should look like a man. These are kids playing dress-up.

  9. That's Gay

    Why do some people insist on “gaying” up childhood characters? Besides,this Batman and Robin would most likely need be rescue by Catwoman.

  10. max

    The idea is clever, but poorly executed. The costumes look silly. Why would Batman lay around in his cowl and cape, and only underwear? Couldn’t they have combat boots instead of drag queen ones? It also has a predatory-pedophile nature. Give us a grownup Robin. What intrigues us more is the possibility that two straight superheros could be gay. So when we actually see them ripping each others’ clothes off, the idea no longer mesmerizes. What is implied is more important than what is shown. Back to the drawing board with this photo shoot.

  11. Troy Moreno

    And then YOU wonder why American families don’t trust a homosexual scoutmaster to take their children into the woods? I’m a HUGE Batman fan and didn’t even bother to look at this photo spread. Only a queer and sicko reads something sexual into Batman’s and Robin’s relationship.

  12. Batman Felater

    Two men who spend a great deal of time together, possibly live together, clearly loyal and intimate, saved each other’s life repeatedly, forever being tied-up together in garments that leave nothing to the imagination – why wouldn’t one read something sexual into it. These characters belong to everyone because, um, reality check, THEY ARE NOT REAL. So if I or anyone else wants them to be pounding each other silly every night when once the batmobile is back in the cave then I’ll project my fantasies onto them just like everyone else and just like I did when I was a kid thought they’ve evolved over the year (but really only slightly to be honest), the tied-up scenes always gave me wood even when I was very young. So who are you to dictate what anyone reads into it. Sicko? Who’s the one having a coronary over a comic book/photoshoot? Queer? You betcha… You say that like it is a derogatory word or something. But only queers? I doubt it. Troy, get a grip… And go jerk it to Strawberry Shortcake or whatever gets you off and stop trying to assert your non-existent authority over others’ fantasies.

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