If you are a transgender person in Sweden today looking to legally change your gender, in the 21st century you are still forced to undergo surgery that will render you permanently infertile and forever unable to have children. This barbaric practice of forced sterilizations has to stop! 

The majority of the Swedish parliament is in favor of modifying this law – but up until now Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has let a small conservative party block this long awaited reform.

Let’s make sure the Prime Minister knows that the majority of Sweden, and Europe – wants to see Sweden on the right side of history – by eliminating this archaic practice.

Please take one minute to sign this urgent letter to the Prime Minister of Sweden asking him to stop playing politics with the fundamental human rights of Swedish citizens. Our friends at RFSL, the Swedish LGBT Federation, will deliver your signatures directly to the Prime Minister’s office.

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  1. Yungobruh

    Wow! That’s weird! I think forced sterilization is wrong. There are noted cases in history in this country when it was done unknowingly to poor African-American women in the south. It’s also been done to developmentally disabled people. I don’t think transgendered people should be required to do it either. However, in this case though it’s law it’s not being done without their consent so awareness can help change the law. However, what I can’t get, is how/do/would transgendered people use their ability to conceive? Would a female to male, like the man in the piece, still want to bear a child? Then if a transgendered person goes all the way to gender reassignment surgery, how could they conceive anyway? Enlighten me dammit puleeze?

  2. M

    Sweden is definitely NOT the place I expect to see these kind of reports from! It goes to show the filthy evil “conservatives” all over the world spreading their poison!

  3. W

    I think there are too many people in the world already anyways. So what if a small percentage of the global total who elect to have this surgery(hopefully knowing that they will be sterile afterwards) will be incapable of having kids.

    Besides, couldn’t the men go to a sperm bank and the women have their eggs frozen pre-surgery just so they have a contingency plan in case they want to have kids in the future.

    But I also understand what the article means and is aiming at, but i think the article title is a bit misleading.

  4. Albert

    A person shouldn’t have to sacrifice their ability to reproduce in order for their gender change to be recognized. I think the point here is that it’s wrong for a government to tell a trans man or woman that in order to be recognized as the gender they identify they have to give up their reproductive rights. Those are not interconnected things. If a person chooses to be sterilized as a part of their surgical procedure that’s one thing but to make legal recognition of their gender change dependent on it is wrong.

  5. Sam Schutyomouff

    Governance over the body is fundamentally wrong.

    Overpopulation and shit like that are things the world takes care of on its own to balance out any ecosystem (disaster, epidemic/pandemic, the probability of which, increases with respective populations) or we do on our own through war or suicide (which seem to be interrelated if you follow the state of our Iraq veterans), or the possibility of abortion, which, hey, is about governance of the body (funny how these issues are so homologous to each other). If there seems to be any sort of overpopulation, it is not of people, but of ignorant people. If the government mandated the sterilization of people below a certain IQ (hypothetically, of course) maybe then some of you would have a problem with this sort of thing.

  6. E


    All these guys want is FREE COSMETIC SURGERY! If someone wants to be a man than they should realize that men do not have kids….. if being a woman upsets them THAT BAD than why would they want to get pregnant and than look like a real woman for 9 months and than have the HUGE SURGE in hormones. ** PLUS ** It is not yet proven what will happen to babies who are born from trans women from all the hormones and etc.


    It is CERTAINLY NOT like the blacks in the South in America because the people in Sweeden are going VOLUNTARILLY to get an operation NOT being DRAGGED THERE!

  7. mick

    i have to ask myself, thats one of the biggest problems of the united states. do you think i give a rats ass what they do in sweden ! for one thing if the person is not right in the head in the first place i can understand just what they are trying to do, secondly it is not are place to get involved!

  8. Iamready29

    I was not aware that a transgendered person was able to reproduce, unless you consider freezing eggs or sperm and serrogacy, before the actual procedure. I do not understand why this would be such a hot button issue with their government, considering they cannot reproduce. seems like a lame law to me.

  9. Jerome

    Of all the things to get one’s undies in a bunch about! An arcane law that applies to perhaps a few dozen people. BFD. And it is not without some basis: even as a gay man I find transgendered people odd, and, at the very least, their mind is a bit off-kilter, so I am not surprised that it is considered on balance that their offspring would be equally off-kilter. On this point, it is the socialist health systems of Europe that make these determinations when they seek to mitigate long-term costs to the system – in this case for the psychological therapy that transgenderism requires. And, importantly in this scenario, that they are asking others, i.e., taxpayers, to pay for.
    If one is to be appalled by this, take note that in private systems of free markets, these determinations simply aren’t made by a Prime Minister or a bureaucracy. Sweden is the template for Obamacare. If you’re offended by this practice, you should be offended by the politicization (giving it by the State) of health care.

  10. Eddie

    Illegal aliens crossing our borders-absolutely…Sweden, NO. Where is there any common sense nowadays. These people have the right to conceive- they’re normal not the criminal insane or rapist. Who’s running Parliament over there anyway Dick Cheney and George W(whatafuckingjoke) Bush? Hitler wasn’t that bad after all.

  11. W

    No matter how you look at it, they aren’t being forced. It may be the only option in that country, but that doesnt stop them from going to a different country to have the procedure done properly. At least they have they have that option until they pass the law.

    Kids are little money/life sucking demons anyway. Who would want them? Lol.

  12. cravenmoorhead

    I often think their is way to many people in the World, Well after reading what some had post stating what I thought I realized that I’m an evil motherfucker and will always try and love my fellow man or woman. Like they say the More the Merrier. The Handsome Fellow in this video is quite smart and obviously knows what he is talking about so I will sign THIS URGENT LETTER knowing that Life is something everyone schould have the right to Fuck with and something good may come of it like a happy soul and some bratty kids to call their own.

  13. Christopher

    1). It’s SWEDEN. This is America.


    Testes cannot replace ovaries, nor can ovaries replace the testes. Jesus, people, get educated about things!!!

  14. Joe Thomure

    I am an American. I respect the right of another nation to make their own laws to live by. I am not the “Judge” of the human beings. That job is left to the “All Mighty.” I do know that if do not like the laws in the State where I currently live; I am FREE to move to another State where the laws are more to my liking. Which I have done.

  15. Strawberry

    Um, aren’t trannies infertile anyway if they surgically mutilate their parts? I’m pretty sure a man who cuts off his balls and his dick to make a vagina is considerably “infertile.”

  16. Cravenmoorhead

    Where is my comment Dave? Do you pick and choose or Post all? And shat us moderated really mean? I would like to be heard for I am Jason Stein! Thanks Dave!

  17. davod

    The evil socialists are at it again, progressive when they want to be, controlling freedom otherwise. I say, control the crack babies and welfare baby momma’s from having 17 kids and getting paid $30,000 a month for it. I’m gay, but I’m a sane man first.

  18. Boris B.

    The Swedes will have to guard their own goodies, I’m protesting the ungodly property taxes & sewer & water rates here in Portland, that’s worse than them not being able to pop out kids like popcorn

  19. SML

    Hmm.. if you have your nuts cut off and what’s left made into a vagina – isn’t that pretty much sterilizing you? Sweden is one of the most progressive countries in the world. This is a total BS article.

  20. keify

    @yungobruh: I was thinking the same thing, but after viewing the vid, I think the issue is that: in order to legally change the way you’re identified gender-wise (just on paper), you must be sterilized. Some trans people are happy to go through the transition and stop just shy of the reassignment surgery. Some, like the “pregnant man” from Washington, who bore two children for his wife, are equally as happy to maintain the ability to reproduce. As is true in all civil rights matters, this basically comes down to the freedom one has to live as one chooses sans government intrusion.

  21. J

    Is this some kind of joke? It is not possible for a transgendered person to conceive a child. A male becoming a female has no uterus, and a female becoming a male has no sperm. This article makes no sense. Being sterile, is a direct result of the surgery to change gender…

  22. Itanaman

    I can not believe that there would actually be those insensitive enough to respond with agreements to this law on here or anywhere else for that matter in this day and time.

    HELLO, this is the 21st Century. This law is not going to help at all with overpopulation (nor was it ever meant to), as the percentage of transgender in Sweden looking to change their gender is an extremely small portion to the population of the world that are actually having children.

    Also, to those of you not understanding of this article, I take it you did not watch the video. This is not about people changing their physical sex, such as a man becoming a woman. This is about transgender individuals who are looking to make a change on their ID cards ONLY to reflect how they feel.

    In other words a man who feels like a woman wishes to have the Identity on their cards changed from Male to Female on the cards itself, and are not talking about actually having a sex change operation.

    Swedish law states you can change this on your ID cards, however, you have to agree to be sterilized in order to do this.

    Now, their are many children of gay/lesbian parents, and I have yet to hear of any of them being gay themselves, either through searching the internet, watching the news on the subject, or any other means of information pertaining to this. On the other hand, ask any gay child/adult, and you will find that all of them are the product of heterosexual parents. So sterilization would not curtail this percentage in the least, even if this group of individuals posed a threat of some type to humanity, which, they don’t. In fact in my opinion, if all humanity had the love and sensitivity to others as the average transgender person, this world would be a much better place.

  23. W

    Well if thats the case with the ID card, fuck that country. If they dont change their law, then move. Or illegaly have your card changed to reflect what you want it to say.

    But again, a sperm bank or freezing your eggs is a way around it. He/she didnt say they order the destruction of stored reproductive matter of a transgender person.

  24. Conversative-Liberal

    If you have a cock, you are a male. Simple – doesn’t matter how pretty you are or if you ‘feel’ like a woman, take hormones and have huge tits. You shouldn’t be able to go to women’s restrooms or compete in female sports.

    Ditto for the reverse. If Chaz Bono still hasn’t had the surgery, then she’s still a woman.

  25. yoshikun1980

    I’m a bit confused… does not removing the testicles of an m/f trans render her impotent and infirtile? Does not the process of f/m transformation involve similar organ removal, thereby rendering him infirtile, having no ovaries, and only artificial testes?

  26. S W

    This is why Sweden and Europe are not the forces in the world that they once were. All this, everybody is the same bullshit, is ruining the world. If you were born a woman, you are a woman and if you were born a man you are a man. Sweden is wrong in allowing someone to change the sex on their id. Europe leads the way in the feminization of the western world. This is what is leading to the downfall of society. Get over your lgbt-selves and just be who you are supposed to be. I am sick and tired of all this whining bullshit!!

  27. Reaity Check 2012

    1.) How can a transgendered person produce children (specifically if they undergo the entire operation) especially sincechanging genders usually results in changing one hormonal balances as well as removing some critical gender-specific organs…

    2.) A few months ago, planet earth celebrated the borth of its 8 billionth child. The world is pretty overpopulated as it is, a few less kids wouldn’t hurt us, it mught better help us all streamline what resources the earth has left.

    3.) I actually believe in sterilization, of the following people:
    a. Career criminals (Once they commit so many crimes, sterilize them so our tax payers dollars won’t be spend caring for their illegitimate children)
    b. long term drug abusers… crackheads, methheads, heroin addicts, etc. All they will produce is drug addicted children who will not be able to positively contribute to society.
    c. Mothers with multiple children who recieve social services… If your on welfare and you are on your eight child, there’s no hope for you…. you’re just a baby making machine, charging your services to the government.

    d. Men who father random children and suffer from
    “multiple baby mama syndrome” Since they don’t know how to put a condom on,our society won’t have to suffer with the aftermath of his poor decisions.

  28. Michael

    I feel… This…That…The other… The facts are that the government does have an interest in your lives. You expect the government to provide you with services such as Fire Protection, Police Protection, National Security, Roads, Law and Order so that your not murdered simply because someone wants to.
    The government in return asks you to pay for these services with your taxes, and your adherence to societal rules and regulation.

    The facts are that if you were born with a penis and you still have that penis you are a male. If you want to change that M on your Government Issued drivers license go get the damn thing chopped off, dig a mine where it used to be and actually become female. This process sterilizes you so what’s the problem?

    Oh I see, YOU FEEL and that’s much more important than the facts. Well I FEEL that I don’t have as much money as I think I should, so hows about ya all pony up and start sending me the checks? FUCKING REALLY?????

    If you want to live your life as a different gender then feel free, but why in God’s name would the government be responsible for LYING on an official form? You want to change the letter on the license then change the FACTS, not the FEELINGS.
    This is a non issue.

    Now having said all of that in my opinion (I FEEL LOL) that this is a stupid law, but not for the reasons stated in the video, but because it’s really not needed.

    Just my opinion

  29. G Burton

    It goes to show you that the politicians in governments have too much to say about our lives. We’re like puppets on a string. People should have more control on their own lives, no matter where they live. Freedom of choice should never be questioned, or deprived from anybody.

  30. Daryl

    If those people who want to change their sex are truly committed to it, then sterilization is just part of it. At some level they have to know that they are asking medically. And, if a man wants to be a women..they couldnt possibly think they they some day will give birth to a child or father a child. If they or we or whomever want those transgendered people to keep their reproductive parts then whats the point in being reassigned? Some could say its not natural…or nature this or nature that….well, nature up and deal with what is given. I say GO SWEDEN…fix those dogs.

  31. Chuck

    Stay out of another countries business. We have far more pressing matters here at home. The American so called leaders and its people do not rule the world. Continue to try to rule others and we are sure to lose our own nation. As we are clearly on the path to the end of the United States of America.

    • blog

      Chuck: our website is the biggest gay website in the entire world! Not limited to US…open your mind…not only america in the world.

  32. Rob T.

    Bad Dave(the reporter). Christopher nailed it. If YOU are having a LEGAL sex change…. You will loose the parts that are needed to reproduce.

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