Music : Madonna Reveals Her Upcoming Album Cover

The Queen of pop just revealed the artwork of her highly anticipated album MDNA and I love it!

2012 seems to be Madonna’s year, as she is everywhere! She just premiered her movie W.E. last week, everyone’s talking about her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl, there is a huge buzz on her album that will come out March 26, she was crowned Best Selling Female Artist Of All Time by Guiness and yesterday, Québec city just announced that she will be performing on Les Plaines d’Abraham September 1st! What’s next ? lol

Let me know your thoughts about the artwork (It is right below the jump)




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  1. sean

    i have been a long time madonna fan for many years.i am happy that madonna is coming out with a new album !!!!
    i love madonna music she is amazing and beautifull and talented:) i love the album cover work its very beautifull!!
    madonna fan for ever 🙂

  2. GARE

    The Cover is awesome as usual 🙂 Madonna does not look like a drag queen lol Drag Queens want to look like madonna…duh haha Been waiting for so long for this… YAY

  3. Darryl Fraylon

    A daring cover….it grabs your attention….very Warholesque (Warholian?)…..The concept behind the title won’t be very clear to the average recordbuyer….& that’s O.K.!

  4. filip

    the album cover is very simlpe . Nothing special . It s ok , if she use it for single s cover … Look alike fly s commercial for the night club… Remind me one of her cover before is erotica . It is not too good also…

  5. Jeff

    I have been waiting and hoping patiently that our girl would put out a new album. She has been and always will be the best artist to have graced my life. I hope she tours also so I can get another chance to see her. “Long Live Madonna”!!!!!

  6. Ken

    the album cover looks pretty cool, looking forward to seeing her new album will there be any preview downloads? Been a fan since the 80″s and still looking good madonna!!!

  7. butterfield8

    eh, an for her next trick? the music has to hit this much pressure on her. no matter what , she will always be the one to watch. many blessing my beauty

  8. D.

    Love the New MADONNA CD-Cover!!! Hot and harkens back to Debut Album-Cover simply entitled;’MADONNA’. Can’t wait 4 the NEW CD!

  9. Randy

    The cover looks great! But what else would expect from Madonna?! I am always excited when she has a new album being released. I will be buying it & can’t wait to listen to it. I have loved all her music & have been a big fan for years. No one does it better than Madonna! That’s why she has so many amazing & record breaking acomplishments. There will always be imitators & wanna bees, but there will always only be one true Madonna!

  10. Parker

    The cover is great, stylish and not to revealing, smart, great colurs! What more would you expect from perfection, can’t wait to here the sounds!!!

  11. Michael

    Seriously awesome – yeah Dragqueens are not pretty. So not sure where Juan sees any similarities. Madonna surrounds herself with the best, because she is the best. Awesome!

  12. 2Out

    Madoanna – I remember seeing her in the very beginning stage of her career singing Lucky Star in San Francisco; this a little overweight girl and now look at her…you did us proud girl(the gays cause we knew she was a Star herself). You’ve truly come along way. Bravo. And I adore the cover – its simply delicious.

  13. Sunny

    I am looking forward to listening to her new music and see if it lives to all the expectations…but then again Madonna has never been the one to care for others expectations LMAO!!!!!!

  14. Gary

    It actually looks like one of the older album cover photos just thrown onto a new album. Very boring look to me, but let’s see what the new music brings out?

  15. Eric

    VIVA Madonna ! but please lets stop the Diva comparsions boys, there is and always will be one and only Madonna!she was a huge trail blazer for the gay community way before any of these wannabes came out on the scence, Love the Cover and the album will be a huge hit for sure!!!!

  16. Vinny

    I have been a big time MADONNA luver since I was round 8 yrs old she is beautiful amzing and yet so awsome and controversial at times hell wouldn’t b here is she was not. I think the new album cover is cool retro looking way 2 go Madonna u are the 1 I would hope 2 c in concert someday xoxo.

  17. ever

    I guess u meant to say former queen of POP ? As far as everybody around the world knows lady Gaga is the queen of POP now so move on people

  18. reznoir

    Ok ladies, a couple of things about some of the comments posted here…lady Gaga is the queen of POP…for now! By the time spring gets here, she will slowly fade away like many before her n Madonna will b about to get her summer tour ready n releasing her 12th album.

    About the cover, comon now people, it does not take a rockets scientist to find what its all about…twelve pieces-the number of albums she has so far released. MDNA, really, do i really have to say that u have to use ur brain n if u dont get what the unfolding would spell…anyway that’s about all I can write…
    EVER…Madonna does not have to competition with anybody out there bcause she has alreay accomplished what a lot of others only dream of. The only thing she might worry about is pleasing her millions of fans around the world.
    JOSH…what ever she has done or is known for, u still know her n she is still here isn’t she?

  19. Jason

    Love the cover. Its great and I get the 12 mirror image look. Its like when Britney Spears released her last album Femme Fatale. The bottom of the F in the word Fatale was curved into making a number 7 because it was her 7th studio album. I know Madonnas new album is going to be great.

    And let me add althought I’m 24 years old I know Madonna IS the queen of pop. Lady GaGa has ripped her off in so many ways. She is not taking it to the next level. If it wasn’t for all her horrible get ups and the whole “I’m just being me ths is who I am” she wouldn’t be famous. Look at her before she got famous. She definetly wouldn’t have turned any heads then she was just an average looking girl. I think gaga has tried to copy both madonna and britney. Look at her first 3 videos for Just Dance, Poker Face and love game. Sure they were hits but they were all sleeper hits. She wasn’t dressed like she was in a frreak show or talking about her little monsters. She played the role of just another blonde girl half dressed dancing and singing to dance – pop. Once she performed bad romance with blood and stuff she realized she could pop out instant hits. Which her Born This Way album singles don’t have the the staying power on the Billboard charts unlike her previous ones did. So many gay kids listen to her and her antics and think because I’m gay and was born this way I may be a freak.

    As for madonna her music has never been about being an outcast because of your sexual preference. Well I’m done. I’m sure all the little monsters will come out and do their bashing as always.

  20. maxculo

    I hope she does well. the colors in the cover remind me of her… What was the name? Disco, dance? Okay it was like late 2005 or 2006. I’m a long time fan.

  21. myopinion

    I am not a true Madonna fan, I listen, I never bought one record. But, I must say I have always been impressed with the way Madonna re-invented herself. This time she DOES NOT! It sounds like recycled stuff that never made it to other cd’s in the past. And the lyrics! Any else feel she is talking to Lady Gagme?
    “every song sounds the same” and “I’m a different type of girl”

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