Music : Madonna on ABC tonight!

Tonight on ABC, Cynthia McFadden will interview Madonna about juicy stuff… Probably about her new album comming soon, her love life, her career, the superbowl show …

But McFadden also asked ABC viewers to ask questions to Madonna on twitter with the ashtag #AskMadonna. In the interview teaser (below) Cynthia is telling Madonna that many questions were asked, but one that comes up repetitively is ” What do you think of Lady Gaga ” ?

I can’t wait to hear the answer, so you can make sure I’ll be in front of my TV tonight.

The first part of the interview will air on ABC’s Nightline on Thursday, and the rest will be on 20/20 & Good Morning America on Friday.



(Video fter the jump)




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  1. jake

    what do you THINK she thinks of Lady Gaga? I mean really? I’m sure she loves her and finds her brave and strong and all that nonsense. I mean seriously. What I want to ask is, what does she think about marines peeing on dead bodies? Now that’s a good question for the Madge.

  2. ever

    I guess that’s the only reason why I will watch the interview “what she thinks about lady Gaga? ” isn’t it sad ? She better give a good answer otherwise this will be her kiss of death along with the halftime performance at the super bowl ps ,I love both of the BTW

  3. Joe

    I love Madonna, I can’t wait to watch the interviews either. The Super Bowl is going to be awsome. 2012 here she comes this is going to be Madonna’s year.

    Come on (Jake, Jim) peeing on dead bodies ? That is awful but thats not a question for Madonna thats a question for your President. Get real man.

  4. Harlow

    Woo hoo! I’m sacrificing sleep to watch this lol…@Psubigman I’ve loved and worshipped Madonna since I was 3-4 before I even knew what gay was. Music is music. The great thing about it is that if you don’t like it then don’t pay attention to it.

  5. Christopher

    DAMN! Have you ever heard Cynthia McFadden on the Cello? Now, there’s something WOTRTH listening!

    WOW! Who’s that ‘has been’ blond bimbo standing next to her? As Cher did with the gay community when (then) Chastity came out, Cher was SHOCKED. Now that Chastity is “Chaz”, and Cher saw what happened to her “gay following” she bucked up and “showed support”………too little too late? You bet…….

  6. ever

    I think Madonna just dug her own grave by talking like that about Gaga ,I was gonna support her career like I always have but after this all I can say is good luck girl

  7. Lou Skunt

    Name 1 thing Madonna did for the gay community that made it better, for you. Just one thing? See, you can’t think of anything. She pandered to the gay community to support her own agenda and market to them. She is a fraud. A no class, tacky untalented white trash HO from Michigan. She can try to act British all she wants – she’s just trash from Michigan.

  8. Eric

    Madonna said nothing Wrong fellas!! She is the True Queen of Pop And has been trendsetting way before gaga came out on the scene looking like Madonna on Crack! VIVA MADGE!
    She is the top selling female artist of all time btw, Its in the 2011 Guniess book of world records. Look it UP!

  9. erick1980

    very true ”madonna” advocate for all the gays before go back in time and you will find that gaga has done nothing new that ‘MADGE” hasn’t done way b4…

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