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Arts : Short Fashion Film : Photosynthesis

I love how the web can widen boundaries and  bring a photographer to express his work into a short film. An image can now come to life with a model, a great soundtrack, special effects, colours… it’s pure beauty. If you like fashion, photography or art, this might give you goosebumps! The short movie below shows the exceptional talent of these artists.

Credits: Photographer Philip Riches, stylist Frank Strachan, model Arran Sly , Attitude magazine, in Photosynthesis.


(Check out the amazing short  fashion film after the jump)

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  1. eddie

    It’s interesting but I don’t get it – how does photosynthesis relate to the guy? Humans don’t photosynthsize and there seems to be no correlation or connection of the man to the plants. For that matter, all of the plant images were of flowers, which don’t photosynthesize either – foliage and sometimes stems photosynthesize (requires chlorophyll). I appreciate creativity when there’s some kind of connection – just didn’t see it here. Maybe something that flowers do would have been more relevant like “emergence” or “blooming” of somthing like that – something maybe this young man is also doing.

  2. Scissory

    I love most fashion films but this one is a dud. The flowers are interesting and when he takes of that vest it was stunning. The rest wasn’t enough.

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