Would You Do Him : Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is ripped….

How old do you think he is now ? He is 65!! Can you believe it?

He looks amazing for his age! If all older guys w0uld take care of their bodies like he does… lol

The man has 3 action movies comming out in 2012, I bet he’ll stay fit!

Do you find him hot? Would you do him? Or let him do you?

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  1. James

    It’s easy to take care of your body when you’re phenomenally wealthy, can hire personal trainers and private chefs and buy HGH and testosterone injections.

  2. Dane

    I could think of so MANY other men that you should be asking that question about. Don’t even think Sly’s name would ever come up.

  3. leo

    Nah he is not my type, he looks like a piece of dried leather. Don’t get me wrong I like both older & younger guys, but he doesn’t do it for me.

  4. cntryman

    I would so suck his cock and he could fuck me anyday of the week. He’s not as hot as he once was, but just to get between those thighs would be hot to me. Heck yes, anyway he’d want it !

  5. Walt

    Always had a crush on the younger Slyvester from his Tango and Cash days. I had dreamed of being Kurt Russell in that brief shower scene in the movie!

  6. Lynn

    I let him do me maybe he could tun me on to some of the testostrone shots he take . if your ric=h and you dont look good then its your own fault ..

  7. Jose

    he does look good for his age and maybe if I was drunk enough and lonely, he starting to look like Jacky Chan, maybe I’ll have a threesome with both, lol

  8. TrulyMasculine

    30 years ago….HELL YEAH WOuldv’e loved to romp with Rambo or Rocky….Now ehhhh not so much. He was hot then but now ahhhh I will just say not so much 😉

  9. Craigger

    A group of friends and I were staying at the same hotel in Rio De Janeiro as Stallone in 2008: he was scouting locations for an upcoming film. He would be front and center at breakfast, facing incoming diners- which is cool. While I never saw him as he breakfasted later than I, my friends were aghast: “What happened to his face? Did he have plastic surgery in order to look horrible?” Rio being the plastic surgery capital of the world, the front desk filled us in that he’d had cosmetic surgery to look fantastic on camera…but the facial planes necessary for that were not ones that by any means looked good in real life. Very sad indeed. His body looks fantastic, at least in pics.

  10. RA Parker

    hell yes, I think he is hot! and kind of a great actor except for the rocky crap, lol, really nice body and if you have had a chance to see it the cock is fine as well!!!

  11. Brian

    I’ve always found him to be fit, ripped, with a hot body, that I had absolutely NO SEXUAL connection to…I think he’s hot, but I would not do him.

  12. EverHard

    He’s got a nice bod, thanks to all the steroids. I suppose I’d let him do me, but I wonder what all the juice has done to his dick!

  13. bigredfan

    I do him in a minute have you ever seen that video of where he ia young puuk doing porn. hot his hot Ive fantasied many a time about ol Sly buddy

  14. happyagain52

    Never done anything for me and teenie weenie would not bother me if anything else turned me on. Might be a keeper but you can keep him

  15. John38111

    I’m curious what he looks like without the face & body makeup, hair dye (toupee?), etc. Tony Curtis looked great *in makeup* with his wig; you’d hardly recognize him without all of it.

  16. Tom

    i saw the Italian Stallion
    he had such a small one it looked like a little boys cock
    and no i wouldnt do him or let him do me either

  17. Trunzo

    He was, is, and always will be The Italian Stallion. God-willing, we’ll all be 65 someday. And when we are, if we look half as good as Sly does now, we’ll be lucky. Oh — and yes, I’d do (and be done) by him.

  18. italiansausage

    Never had the hots for this guy, though he keeps himself in great shape for a real short man.
    He doesn’t have a dick, u can see it on his old porn flick he did many years ago.

  19. phuqqer

    I loved him from the first moment I laid eyes on him in 1975. I know we will never meet but if by some crazy twist of fate we are brought together I would worship him like the god he is!!!! I will love him till the day I die and then for all eternity.

  20. Steve

    In a heartbeat I would lie with him and bevtotally absorbedbin the momentbwrapped in his arms with our legs intertwined and our bofybheatvwarming each other to the point of explosion. I would love to just kiss and swp spit with him for hours! I love big, dark men andvhe fitscthe bill to a t.

  21. Mitch

    HELL NO> This guy is disgusting looking, are you guys blind or truly so desperate even your fantasies don’t have to be attractive?.
    Gramps needs to lay off the plastic surgery, his eyes just keep looking more and more fucked up.

  22. Akron8Guy4U


  23. Dan

    I usually have a rule to not do anyone older than my parents, but; come on … it’s Sly Stallone. I would do him just to say I did!

  24. michael stanton

    it seems that the consensus of the posts in here are leaning towards no but i would let sylvester stallione (my pet name for him) do me in a heartbeat. to be 65 he looks amazing and for those going on about him having plastic surgery, so the fuck what? most of the folks in HOLLOWwood can’t stand in direct sunlight as it is because they’d friggin’ melt! sly still looks good and for the record so does ah-nold “the governator” schwarzenegger, and jean-claude van damme, two other 80’s action stars i’d let take turns passing me around like a fuck toy lol!

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