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Anderson Cooper is one of the most popular TV host right now, and I wanted to know if you would “do” him ?

I personnally really like him on TV because he is obviously very talented, but I would not like to have sex with him. Even though I tend to like older guys, I am not into pale hair and blue eyes…I prefer dark features, hairy muscle chest, darker skin etc… So, no,Β Β I woud not do him!

What about you? Would you like to spend the night with the man? And why?


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  1. Hot for Anderson

    Hell to the yes I would do Anderson…..He is soo hott and smart…. YUMM. If he was under my tree I would unwrap him first…

  2. Reggie

    I thin he is a very handsome talented man. Love his beautiful gray hair. I’ve heard he is gay, nobody has ever confirmed it. Luv to see him naked.

  3. Ryan

    Oh, I would definitely want him to do me…and I’m predominantly a top. With his intelligence, silliness, fitness, success, the list goes on I wouldn’t imagine any guy would say now.

  4. Ace

    Yea, I’m with you on liking darker features, hairy chest, etc. but I still would do him. I think his blue eyes, cheeky smile, and whiteish hair are oddly sexy. Plus, he’s funny and smart.

  5. Joe

    for me, intelligence is the biggest turn on…and Andy is that…and there is something so very sexual about him…i keep my personally signed autographed picture from Andy on display in my home…

  6. tom

    Such a nice guy, i remember when i was in middle school and he was on our daily news back in the 80s. Thought he was so nice. Premature grey hair. still hot.

  7. jacob merski

    I would do him in a heartbeat but he already has a man. They are a very cute couple and I see them adopting very soon. He’s been a wet dream of mine for years. He’s boyfriend is a sexy beast I him in bathing suit on day hot. And there home I saw pictures when they were renovating the place I bet the put in a sex room. Leather and Latex grrrrr.

  8. lasttime101

    No way I would do Anderson Cooper…..he would do me πŸ™‚ omg I love silver fox. He is so amazing, his talk his walk. I’m a young black guy that likes the vanilla

    Luv you Anderson Cooper

  9. eightjohn

    Ummmm, Anderson Cooper, he is so hot; but he is much, much too famous, and you know just what that would “entail.” And besides, he already has a lover, a partner… I understand…so, would juat have to be a fantasy….

  10. happyagain52

    No way. I like all types from twinks to bears but can’t make him at all “do able”. I would love to have him as a friend so we could spend some time together but that is all.

  11. gw

    whlie he a very attracive older man, i don’t really find grey hair or older men appealing. i prefer the hairy, butch, manly type of guy.. no body shaving. that’s for girls. so if you want to look like a 12 yr. old boy who hasn’t gone thru puberty go ahead shave it but i had rather jace off than have sex with a shaved body.

  12. D

    HELL YES! Anderson has been my biggest crush for a while now. I usually prefer dark features too, but he is just too sexy. The body, personality, and intelligence. He’s the total package.

  13. Randy

    I would love to sleep with Anderson Cooper! I’ve had a cruch on him for years! I’d let him pound me all day everyday if he wanted. Anytime, anywhere!

  14. Miguel

    Yes, yes and YES! Beautiful, sensitive, intelligent. I’ve seen him in person and he is fucking hot. I might fall in love, though…

  15. GreyUnicorn

    abso-fucking-lutely! He is a goreous man! Allows been told to check the size of the ears, nose and thumbs. IN that case he can cum to me any time he wanted!:)

  16. SoundGuy11901

    I once saw him in person. He has stooped shoulders and a pointy hammerhead. But would I do him? Hell, yeah. He’s a Vanderbilt.

  17. Leshus400

    Of course, who wouldn’t? He’s got the whole package, name, fame, money, charisma, good looks. When I was a child I saw him at Studio 54 with his mother, shit, if I knew then what I know now.

  18. Moreforlovin21

    O Anderson Cooper! I would love to have some fun with him. Those deep blue eyes the sexy white hair and amazing skin honestly makes me crazy the when he talk lol o boy he could do anything to me. In my opinion hes pretty damn close to prefect, I think he would make one of the best boyfriends and I would love to date him!

  19. Markiss

    For sure! I’m not usually into older men, but Anderson is sexy! my friends like i’m crazy glad to see some others agree with me

  20. Justin

    HE IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND. He doesn’t know it yet, however. I would do it with him sideways, upways, doggystyle, and any style. Oh Anderson, when are we getting together?

  21. wammo

    No, not in a million years. Sorry, when I see him I think of albino! Couldn’t do him. I would do David Muir over and over again and he could take me from behind for as long as he wants. So gorgeous!

  22. Breezing

    I would love Anderson Cooper mind, body and soul. Full packages are rare. His smile completes every longing desire I have to be held and lose myself in his warmth. The white of his hair and blue of his eyes are the many facets of the worlds bluest diamond. Desired by many but possessed by one. That person holds his heart.

  23. Ted

    I would do him. 1. I think he’s quite good-looking. White hair or not and 2. He’s a Vanderbilt. I know that makes me sound like a gold digger (which I’m not) but it’s definitely nice to know that we could occasionally go to some place actually nice.

  24. mj

    Hell yeah. I’d be so nervous, I probably wouldn’t be able to get it up. He’s intelligent and sexy in all the right ways. Love me some Anderson C.

  25. Darryl

    For some strange reason many people think he’s this or that. I myself thought that he may be gay, and isn’t ready to tell the world. I”am sure someone has seen him naked as a jay bird πŸ™‚ He does have a way about him that either makes you think he’s a cutie ba tooty,or a naughty boy. So would i do him? Fuck Yeah!

  26. A

    Woooo he’s a very dreamy individual I must admit! πŸ™‚ Not into older guys but dang he could be an exception. I heard he likes his lover ethnic too!

  27. marvin

    Fuck yes…. 20 years ago, 20 years from now! He is sexy, intelligent and his laugh is intoxicating. He is the kind of guy you want to get to know, plus he is hot. Silver and blue forever!

  28. james

    Many many times I would, the fact that hee is rumored to be gay but not out is super hot. His intelligence is the sexiest thing about him, that and his dreamy blue eyes.

  29. JJChace

    I Think I would do it… I do like his professional persona however I have seen him behind the scenes as well and seems quite friendly…. I like his TV personality he seems so upfront but i suspect hes secretly shy in the sack

  30. mario

    HELL YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! i would do him in a heartbeat…i just love the way he looks and that pale skin just turns me on all the more, plus u should hear his girlish laugh…i eat him out all nite long…yum yum yum yum (^-^)

  31. Steve

    I think he’s pretty hot physically but as a journalist he’s descended into Geraldo-Rivera-douchebag territory so no, I couldn’t do him; got to maintain *some* ethics …

  32. Kenny

    No doubt about it! Anderson Cooper is the definition of hot anchorman. I would kill to have a chance to be with him. That MAN is all the sexy anyone could ever need, want, desire, etc.

  33. Gr8Guy75

    Ohhhh, Hell YES πŸ™‚ In a heartbeat!!!! I have always had the hots for him and would thoroughly LOVE a night with him, if not many!!!

  34. Rawandready

    Here is the thing about Anderson Copper. He is on hell of a bottom or one hell of a top. His partner/husband is lucky no matter what. Anyone up for a 3some?

  35. ajbbincubus

    HELL FUCKING YES!!…. He’s very handsome with a good personality. I’m thinking he’s the type that’ll like to cuddle after hooking up.

  36. shawn

    Yes I would like to sex with anderson cooper I have a thing for him I would satisfy all his sexual needs and more very sexy man indeed.shawn

  37. Eddie Keene

    I have always liked anderson cooper he has that hot geek style which i find truly adorable and the eyes are stunning in all i would see myself marrying him and raising children and having indepth conversations while carressing his swimmers build physique

  38. Sunny

    Of course I would do him, I found him so sexy and he is so intelligent and a caring man. I really would just take him on a romantic dinner and then go from there to my house and then all the real fun would start. He is the only reason I watch his show.

  39. Charles Gabler

    As a slutty Alaskan might say- You betcha. I find him drip-worthy, I get all moist looking at him…yum, dream of him sitting on my face….for a long time…..

  40. Warren

    Anderson Cooper? Absolutely! I’ve always found there’s something particularly sexy about him. I’ve seen videos of him in his younger years (pre-grey hair) and I think he’s much hotter today! He went from nerdy to hottie in .5 seconds! I would soooo do him!

  41. Greg

    Yes, for sure. πŸ™‚ When I first layed eyes on this man, I thought damn he is hot. πŸ™‚ Would really like to get to know him, then cook for him and then have some great sex with him

  42. Slimman

    I think Anderson is very sexy with that white hair, his intelligence, that sexy body. He is the total package in a very handsome man! I’d do him in a minute. And hearing he is gay the thought is even hotter!

  43. Patrick

    Christ NO! Have you seen Anderson without make up? he needs some colour and to lighten up!! way too pale – I am not settling for seconds… NO WAY!

  44. Cosimo

    Well it looks like a very long line of men that would sleep with Anderson. I would wait….I don’t get to NY very often but if he was in California I would love to make dinner for him and get to know him and make him laugh….I love his laugh. A very handsome man…bello uomo

  45. T

    I don’t know about spending the night with him, but I would ride him hard til he giggles like a little girl. ( YouTube search it )
    Yeah, my tastes are like yours but, I still think hes hella sexy.

  46. jack

    Did you see him with his shirt off on his show during spray tan with Snooki?? The dude makes it to the gym daily and has a great defined body. FUCK YEAH ANDERSON, BEND OVER AND LET ME DO U

  47. Lorenzo

    Hell yes, I would do anything for a guy with blue eyes. Anderson Copper can do what ever he wants to me. I can just imagine him fucking my hot tight latino ass, damn, I would be moaning for a week. Would love to be on my knee’s while he slides his cock in and out of my oh so hungry cock loving mouth, my nice wet warm latino mouth FUCK!!!

  48. Apollo

    No. If you like watching paint dry, sure. The man is average everything: looks, brains, etc. even if he is a Vanderbilt (but why that notation is significant can only impress those who follow the celebrity crowd). And why do black guys here always have to say they’re black? (scratching my head on that one) It’s not significant.

  49. phoenixbluestar

    Ive had a dam crush on this man for the dam longest time, ive had wet dreams about him hell yes i would love to have this man in my bed for all times after him i wouldnt want anyone else

  50. michael stanton

    oh my dear lord YES!!!! in a heartbeat!!!! anderson cooper has been a major crush of mine for years now and he seems to just get better (and hotter!) with the passage of time…that silver hair, those killer baby blues and those lips! damn i’m getting hot just thinking about him lol.

    and for the more….mercenary gold-digging dudes who replied on here emphasizing that he’s a vanderbilt, big effin deal! just shows me where your greedy heads are at! get a job whores!!!!

  51. CPguy

    If all the butch guys, hairy guys, and 20-somethings with beards were suddenly gone, and he was the only hard cock left and he would top without ever asking to bottom, then maybe. He’s too twinky and not good looking at all.

  52. james

    I admire him so much–he could have been just another trust fund baby–his mother has more money than god–but instead he’s in war zones, natural disasters, tornadoes–because he wants to be a reporter–and looking smashing while he does it. OF COURSE I”D DO HIM–99% percent of the people on this site would and the others don’t know quality when they see it. Another big fat crush I have is on Don Lemon, CNN reporter.

  53. Ronald

    OMG, hell yeah i would do him!! He is very sexy for his age and there is somthing about his hair that i think is a real turn on and i bet he’s packin a nice piece to πŸ™‚

  54. Jay

    I’d want us to try to make a baby together every hour of the day until we were successful…I can watch is show and my mancunt just drips.

  55. Mike

    YES! anytime, any which way. Im a sucker for blue eyes. And im mostly all top, but for him, i would make an exception. He needs to make sure he keeps his hair silver/gray, and not let it turn white. other then that, he has a cute, goofy smile and hes smart. 100% fuck-able.

  56. Daniel D Martin

    Not only do him,marry him!
    he is more than sex ,beauty and talent ,also very human ,informed ,fair and sort of in need looking ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    so my type!
    call me babe tonight ,please,lol

  57. scott

    nice looks but not really my type-i wish he would come out of the closet-he is gay. now if it were george clooney πŸ™‚ i would have no problem saying yes.

  58. Rucute2

    OH My My My!!! Do him I would, I would do anything the beautiful Anderson Cooper would want me to do. I would sit and stair into his beautiful eyes, I would lay at his feet, I would do anything he wanted me to do. When he speaks there is something in his voice. I am a 48 yo man and I have had the shear sound of his voice make my cock get hard… Since I am not such a small fella I wound up sitting with a blanket over my lap till the newscast was over… LOL we had company… Later my partner asked me about and he said the same thing… And hell that was before we even realized he was a Vanderbilt… Hell the man is beautiful and sexy without even trying to be sexy… On a scale of 1-10… he gets a 10 in my book:)

  59. EverHard

    Fuck, yeah! I’d do him! In a heartbeat. I’d love to kiss him all over, and suck him off! Fuck, yeah! What a question! Du-uu-uh!

  60. harry hopkins

    dear folks,
    anderson may not be the choce to some people but then he a smart intelagent man. if i had the chance to meet him , i would just like to have a hot coversation about the t.v. and how luck he ids to travel and see the world, its a mans dream to see most of the world. but to report it its a talent. anderson,a person with all those talents. maybe thats what scares guy most is his talent to speak, and say, how thing are. i like that in a person. to me to just be a great freind to anderson it would be and honor.
    if it was all possible i would like to date a guy like him. i love his eye. like james dean, “say it in the eyes”. well i feel that also. what else could it be. but i like anderson for how intelegent he is. i feel his personality is a great man.i know if i meet him, and chatted with him, and got to know him, i would want to love him. see i don’t think i let a great person like anderson pass in my life, with out chatting to him, and chacking him out. just doing a host show with him be hot. just want to say i love anderson cooper for who i see him as. i think to me hes a great, and sexy man. if you all didn’t see his talent, then you have no open mind.
    seincerly harry hopkins

  61. JoHe

    Where do I have to sign to do him????? not a single doubt. Must be because we dark haired and brown eyed guys are attracted by our opposites??? whatever… please tell me where he lives and I will inform you all if he is gay or not…

  62. lilsexyman

    I’ve always said that if i was into white men(which I am but I’m VERY picky) I’d want an AC because he’s just so f’n sexy he could get it EVERYDAY! But I fear he’s a bottom, because he’s too pretty,lol.

  63. Scott

    I met Anderson in person a few years ago — he is more handsome in person than what you see on tv! He is a very attractive man — who wouldn’t do him??

  64. David Colina

    If I would do him??? I would propose to him if I would live in the same city and if I would have the luck of dating him. I would absolutely do him!!!!!!!

  65. JohnCMcM3

    You fucking bet I would. He is yummy and he isn’t a dumb fucking twink. I would eat his ass and fuck the shit out of him and slap his face and blow my cum all over him. And then I would…to be continued.

  66. wolfean

    As with most talking heads his perceived talent is directly proportionate to his perceived good looks.He is good looking so naturally he is one of the most popular guys reading from a teleprompter.See ‘Broadcast News’ with William Hurt and Holly Hunter.

  67. Don

    When you consider he already has a hot muscular lover, a ton of money to go anywhere he pleases, why would you think he’d want anything to do with people on sex boards?

  68. Todd

    Of course I would, he’s been a big fantasy for me. I like the dark type as well, but he’s got it all going on and getting topped by Anderson would be a very good time! He’s intelligent and super sexy, I bet he knows what a guy needs!

  69. athensdav

    OMG I do him no in my dreams, and it would be a Disney ride if I did him in person. The only thing is would he let me do him again and again.

  70. Lobster

    Anderson Cooper is a very attractive fellow, and his look is just one ingredient that makes him a unique person. I would enjoy spending the night, but not just for sex, too pick his brain for life experience. He wears his heart on his sleeve and wants to make a difference in the world.. who in their right man would turn this guy down. Not me!

  71. PDXLeatherGuys

    I am amazed at the number of guys whose expectations are all about having Anderson satisfy THEIR fantasy’s without any mention of satisfying his desires. Unconditional love is what acheiving wretched sexual excess is all about. Thus, they have already eliminated any possibility of that happening. The Supermarket tabloids have him living with a hot guy for a couple of years of his own choosing, which is fine with me. Nor would I stoop to the level of bedding him down because he is a “Vanderbilt!” While I am not a “sub” for any man, if I had the chance, would want it memorable for him as well…See those eyes twinkle and watch him leave with that hot grin raging from ear to ear. Oh,Yeh!

  72. Robert

    I used to have the hots for Anderson Cooper but as of late he turns me off. He seems to have an undeserved swag that irritates the hell out of me and an arrogance that comes with the fame he’s acquired over the years. Nah, I’ve been around a while and have had and still get (although not as many as when young lol) teally top notch hot sexy young and old guys so I wouldn’t miss not having Anderson Cooper.

  73. Lynn

    if i was a top id do him .. I can’t imagine him sticking his cock in anyone … he looks to me like he would like to be controled and someone dominate him … he is a cutie though

  74. Michael

    I would love to have the chance to lay in bed and just stare into those baby blue eyes. Kiss those lips, whew just made myself horny.

  75. Reco

    Coming from a young African American male, yes I would be all on over Anderson in a heartbeat. Nothing is more sexier then intelligent, charming, older man. Tis the season to be jolly, jolly Mr. Anderson, I want you naked in bed with a bow on your forehead.

  76. jaeb

    No way! Not manly enough. I happen to love middle aged fair haired and fairskined types. But he’s almost an albino..yuck. Oh and hate his reporting….must be be on every damn channel on TV?

  77. Todd Krough

    He works for the 1 percent on CNN. I don’t find him attractive at all. He looks like a Top. I hate grey! It’s Ugly! I like Dark hair very much and some reds and blonds, but not too many. Not in a Billion years even if he were the last dude on the planet. I’d rather have the best or I choose death.

  78. Ernie

    Hmmmm, Yum, Hell Yeah!!! I haved always had a thing for him. Very seldom I do whites guyes, but he is the frosting of my cakes for sure. Tell me when and where, Hello!

  79. cntryman

    Like Dave, I usually like darker guys with muscular hairy chest and legs, but Anderson HELL YES, I’d do anything he’d want in an instant. He is sexy, love his eyes and smile, and I don’t care how white his hair is. I’d love to do him right NOW !

  80. JimS.

    There are some real pinheads on here…dudes, he’s not in the closet. He’s gay, and everyone knows it. He says “we” when he talks about gay people and nobody thinks he’s straight. Some of you guys need to buy a clue and watch something more informative on your TV than porn all time. And BTW, he’s not squishy either. He’s been working out and he is F-I-N-E.

  81. Dean

    He’s so sexy, his eyes are so intense and I love his silvery/snowy hair. He’s got a great body and a great mind and seems like a nice guy. Too bad he’s already taken, but YES, I’d do him, he’s super hot.

  82. Troy Moreno

    “I prefer dark features, hairy muscle chest, darker skin etc…”

    Yeah so does he! I’d do it just so I could donkey-punch his prick ass.

  83. bottomjr

    anderson has always been a hottie to me. He is quite attractive and a heartthrob everytime I see him on TV. Of course…I would do him…but would rather have him do me..anytime.

  84. Paul

    No I would not do him. He is cute but he is a liberal and I would never do a liberal. There just nasty people to be around. Look at Howard Stern. You get my point.

  85. TopDogDaddy

    I would do him up right…. on his back, holding his legs up, burying my meat and making him look up and thank me for nailing his ass good!!

  86. Dave

    Yes, I would so enjoy some play time with AC. Great face, smart mind, nice body. Not only get the sex, but some good pillow talk after!

    And Dave, if you like older, you know where to find me! πŸ˜‰
    Happy Holidays, all.

  87. tomas

    hell yeah, he,s not only hot, he,s intellegent ( that alone make,s him hot ) and i,m dying to know if the carpet matches the drap,s….mmmm

  88. Eric G.

    AC is a noted power bottom who is often seen wi very dark athletic ethnic type guys. Though he is not yet out I think he might get inspired to come out soon since his colleague Don Lemon bravely did

  89. Charlamagne

    Definitely, if he were single. I’m very attracted to extreme intelligence and extreme confidence. Any dude who’d not only go Great White Shark hunting WITHOUT a cage AND head to Egypt in the midst of a civil war to get a story wins the first prize with me. Love this guy.

  90. Erik

    I’m not usually into those “Nordic” types-it’s too much like doing myself.There’s something about the sum of his parts(pardon the pun)that makes him overwhelmingly appealing,though.

  91. Marcus

    Something about him is just offputting …..
    Maybe Gloria Vanderbilt, his mother, forced
    him to wear her designer jeans to tight and
    his manhood was compromised …..
    His closet door is open, he has just not
    come out ………..

  92. kevstar

    Anderson Cooper is one of my celebrity crushes. Of fucking course! The fact that he is gay makes him even hotter! Those of you saying that you wouldn’t do a liberal makes me think you are a self-hating fag who never gets laid!

  93. Ricoperosuave


  94. Don Z

    Yeah, I’d do him in a heartbeat. However, unlike some guys, I’d kick him out of bed! THERE’S A LOT MORE ROOM ON THE FLOOR!!!

  95. Derryck S. Griffith

    Anderson Cooper is not what you would call A Man’s Man.

    Probably has a small penis too!

    He is too delicate looking, and comes across like a person that would have sexual issues in bed too.

    Though good looking, he lacks that thing that makes you want to go wild in bed.

    Figure out what I mean!


  96. HolePunchSD

    It bugs me that he’s still in the closet–and I refuse to be anybody’s “little secret.” He’s so disconnected from what I consider the real world and that’s frustrating. And I’m sure you’d have to listen to him go on and on about how hard it is being Anderson Cooper.
    Not to mention, I’ll bet AC would never in his life fool with a brutha–Cornelius Vanderbilt would probably roll over in his grave.

  97. 44107

    Anderson is my total package. I would make love to Anderson every night and our bed and please him every way possible. I am so in love with him, I would love to just take him out to dinner and look into his eyes.

  98. Scarpien

    HELL TO THE YEAH!! I would so do Anderson. I’ve had this major crush on him for umpteen years–since I first laid eyes on him and heard that adorable laugh of his. The fact that he’s older–and I too usually don’t go for older men but I’d make a notable exception for him–means nothing in his case since he has a “youthful spirit.” He’s a very charming, smart, funny, playful & well-travelled guy so all of those qualities overshadow his age.

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