Sex Toys : Xmas Gifts 2011

Like last year, I thought about sharing with you my suggestions as sex toys for Christmas gifts. Not only I listed my favorites but I also listed some that are on sale. Who said gifts always have to be expensive?

First of all, there is the Ball Plug With Cockring. This Unique item offers a dual role: A cock ring that will help you maintain a longer-lasting erection and an anal plug in one product. So when you penetrate your partner, the anal plug will move inside and offer enjoyable stimulation.

Then we have a full section of amazing Dildos that are willing to fill any bottoms. I’m sure you can find something for yourself, your friend or your loved one! Huge dildos for size queens, glass dildos for cool sensations or my favorite section, the realistic cocks. I just bought Cole Rider dildo last week and wow wow wow! It’s the perfect size for me… Long and thick… I wish I could actually meet Cole to offer him my ass, he is soooooo my type! (see below)

Other gift option could be the Lean Luke, with its 8 inches long but only 2 inches wide, it’s not a big challenge, but you still get satisfaction! If your boyfriend likes them chunky, Monster Mark is probably the best choice. Monster Mark isn’t the pretty boy of a cock, but he makes up for it in brutish penetrating bulk.

The Doggie Style David Compact Masturbator is another great toy. If your friend or BF is traveling a lot, it’s perfect because it is small enough and realistic to attend his needs. Another option for your versatile dude is the Versatile Vaugn Fuckable Cock and Ass. He is always glad to bottom, but if you climb up and direct his sensitive cock in your heager hole, he’ll let you ride him, no problem!

Hope you like the few suggestions, but for thousands of other options, check out our toystore for condoms, lube, dildos, sexy outfits, cockrings, books and many more !!

Happy shopping!



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