Pornstar : Samuel Star #fuckinggorgeous!


Samuel Star reminds me of a casino in Las Vegas where every hour a group of Roman sculptures come to life and act out mythological stories. I could easily see him with a group of naked gay muscle hunks standing on pedestals and coming to life to act out a Roman gay orgy, all hung bodybuilders showing off their incredible bodies. Samuel spends countless hours at the gym, perfecting this mass of gluts, pecs, biceps and triceps. His incredible physique perfectly chiseled to show off every muscle group. Samuel must be something to see at the gym because even laying on the couch and working his huge handful of cock is a stunning site to watch. And when he flexes his guns you can just imagine what it would be like to have them wrapping around you as your worship every inch of his smooth skin. And when he shoots his thick creamy load you wont help but think of how the deep guttural sounds that he makes would sound perfect floating through the air as he was ramming his cock deep inside you.

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  1. SouthernBoiSB

    Why do so many articles think all of us readers are bottoms or versatile? Why not give some love to those of us total tops?

  2. David

    I’d prefer some chest hair and hairy legs – too. Personally think muscles look better with a little as nature intended accessories – aka. fur! But…..he’s pretty damned perfect otherwise. I’d do him! (with a great big happy as Hell smile on my face – too!)

  3. Hotazzz

    Aside from his ripped body he’s pretty much average. Its wierd, he’s very ripped yet has a double chin. Average face. Small cock.

  4. throbbin7

    He IS gorgeous…but the sexual chemistry is missing for me…although, I wouldn’t turn down a good deep fuck from him…sure as hell wouldn’t mind trying to FIND the chemistry…LOL!

  5. Dave

    I would not kick him out of bed. Not sure I would try and get him in bed, in the first place.Pretty boy’s with hard bodies, think to much of themself and are not really good lovers.

  6. homieg44

    I personally think the best thing about him is his dick. It’s not huge, but not too small either. He’s a little too ripped for my taste, lay off the roids. And his face isn’t too much to look at either. All around he’s bleh.

  7. Darryl

    I’am with you Southernboi, he’s a regular kind of guy which isn’t a bad thing. Nice looking ass to play in. I hope he enjoys a good fucking, that would put a weird look on his face 🙂

  8. AJ

    Wow, Dave, you take offense pretty easily, don’t you? If your readers don’t like someone, that’s their prerogative, just as it’s yours to like someone. A thicker skin might help. 😉

  9. Wut...

    Wow, how many of you are ugly queens who wouldn’t even close to compare to this guy? He’s in shape and handsome. I can guarantee that half of you judgmental shits are fat/overweight and ugly. The gay community SUCKS.

  10. pdxguy

    I think he is very attractive and a nice very nice body and cock…. lets see some of that are so picky and judgementel post pics of yourself and let us rate you!

  11. Lorenzo

    Damn he is so fucking hot. I would suck his cock while listening to him moan with pleasure. I would turn him around so that he is on all fours, his ass in the air while he begs for m y tongue to eat his fine fine ass. As I eat his ass he is moaning and beginning to pre-cum. I would slide in under him and let him fuck my hot tight latino ass for as long as he wants to. FUCK ME AGAIN AND AGAIN PLEASE.

  12. 32934

    He is fucking hot! Would love to have him in my bed for a night, fuck a weekend! As far as being hung, he is only average, but the muscles in his body make up for an short falls. Would love to stroke those muscles!

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