Photography : Alejandro Salgueiro by Rick Day

I had to show you this! I lovvvvvvve Rick Day, I might actually ask him to shoot me, I think his style is very nice and he always chooses hot models!

What do you think?

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Photo : Rick Day

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  1. texastopper

    The photos are nice and the guy is nice also but looks like hes starving to death this gives other guys the wrong picture makeing other guys thing that a guy needs to look like this all the time lets get real not everyguy is going to look like your model take pictures of real men not guys who have bodies like a girl be real

    • blog

      texastopper: starving ? are u kidding lol? It’s not a girl’s body… Because ur lean means ur starving? Anyways, you’ll never see fat guys in front of Rick Day’s camera…he shoots models, that are very fit and cut.

  2. RA Parker

    With a model like that who could help but take a great photo! Well may not be able to hold the camera stady for wanting to beat off!!!!!

    Style is wounderful, if he can make me look like that I will sign up for a session.

  3. charlie

    Dave….wow! Texastopper was merely saying he’d like to see photographs of everyday men….men who are fit and healthy….that can includes all shapes and sizes. To suggest (in your mocking tone) that Tex is fat was uncalled for…com’on!! and so what if he is??
    ….and I think we all know especially in the gay community we only worship cut, fit, muscled men….but is that really alright?? maybe…maybe not

  4. charlie

    Thanks dave….respectfully, we know that….texas or I are not just talking about health. We were talking about what can be perceived as “Hot”….that range is wide….it’s not always about the tight, ripped muscled body.
    and to Texastopper…I’m sorry, i don’t mean to speak for you and i hope you don’t mind…. I probably should speak on my behave, only…LOL

  5. ajbbincubus

    Man!!… He’s very handsome/hot. I love that 5 o’clock shadow look I always melt for guys that have that. His body is amazing and his facial structure is beautiful. I guess the only thing I’d say, is I kinda of wish his skin was a little more tanned, but other than that, very gorgeous man!!..

  6. Steve

    Sorry, but have to agree with the comment implying the guy looks a little emaciated; ya, 0 body fat may be the ultimate aphrodisiac for some of y’al, but I actually don’t regard this model as heathy-looking. Based on the remarks so far, that seems to mean either I’m fat or prefer overweight mean or something; no, it just means I prefer someone with reasonable proportions and I don’t think this guy is an example of that … or, frankly, even a reasonable example of anything: he’s a badly photographed, okay-looking, underweight man.

  7. Stiles

    Dave: Just curious. You said that you were thinking about asking him to photograph you and then said in a comment that he only photographed people who looked like that model in terms of fitness.

    I want to know more about where you were coming from with charles and texas. Looks change your world view VASTLY even more so in our culture. Also, I have always wonder what kind of person is writing all this stuff! 😉

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      Stiles : I have a body similar to this guy, I think I told you already guys no? I did model in the past, but I’m very into fitness and gym…

  8. BlkSlt4WhtCck

    Starving?? Well if he is starving then I know what I’d feed him and I’d give it to him morning, noon and night!

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