Hot or Not : Water Sports

Piss is not my thing at all…but I wanted to know your opinion and try to understand why some guys are into that. What is the satisfaction behind pissing on someone or to get pissed on? Is it to dominate/to be dominated and humiliated ? Because obviously piss doesn’t taste great, I mean I’ve never tried but I can imagine! I just can’t imagine people into scat…And I won’t talk about #2, sorry for the fans…

So tell me first if you find it Hot or Not and then the reasons why?

And for those of you who like it, here is one site that shows pissing action, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it!


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  1. Tom

    HOT HOT HOT!!! Here’s the trick i find. If all involved drink a ton of water, and I mean a ton, and get at least one bladder-full out of you before the fun begins, the subsequent piss will be clear and (if you taste it) will taste mostly like warm water with a little bit of salt. Think of getting a mouthful of ocean water. WS is way hot and need not include anything going into the mouth. Beginners should just try having your partner piss on you from waist down. Then work your way up the body. You can always stop at the neck.

  2. Jesse

    That’s just disgusting and degrading, I’d never let anyone do that to me nor would I do that to them. Just gross.

    Too each his own on this one.

  3. Throbbin7

    NOT…the whole humiliation thing just doesn’t do it for me…not even considering the hygiene issues…but as already stated, to each his own.

  4. Doug

    Im a sub bottom. I enjoy it in the right place. The right time, im into total kink bondage so. If it makes him feel better. Mmm bring it on

  5. TopDogDaddy

    I am dom and love to piss on and in a guy. I have made guys drink it from dog bowls, from the spout and even put funnels in them so they don’t miss a drop. I like to piss on a guy. Makes me feel like I am marking my territory. Where I am dom its makes me feel like the guy is my cocks sex toy and to be there to please it and take everything that comes from it!

  6. BradSF

    Love it. First time freaked me out – I was in the Eagle in New Orleans and was stoopid horned for cock. Got down on my knees under the bar infront of this beautiful man (5’10, I’d say, no shirt, huge pecs so his nips pointed down, blond buzz haircut – total alpha). He laughed, nudged his buddy, took out his half hard cock, and when i opened my mouth pointed it down at my chest and let out a little stream of piss. He laughed again, put his cock away and went back to his conversation.

    I about nut right there. I’d never thought of watersports before, and if he (or anyone else) would have asked me I’d’ve said no, but it was the hottest fucking thing.

    Since then, I’ve had a couple of other dudes do it and I fucking love it. I’ve not taken any in my mouth yet, but being on my knees in front of a man and having his warm piss cascade down my chest… it’s a turn on. Mad turn on. I’m not particularly submissive but I am a cocksucker, so if any of you other guys have ever wondered – or like me, even if you haven’t – give it a try!

  7. cntryman09

    Well, water is fine. Now scat is another whole matter and is out of the question for me. Like one of the others has said, if your man drinks tons of water, it’s just like warm water with a little saltiness. I just like having anything my fellow can offer, so piss is good in that way. I can sit in the bathtub and he can piss all over me, including my face and in my mouth. I like to have my mouth opened and let him piss it full, but let it run out as I keep my mouth opened for his target. It just makes me feel even closer to him. But I wouldn’t let him do anything involving scat ! Would love to meet TopDogDaddy above !

  8. TrulyMasculine

    OK I have pissed on guys before because they were hot and liked it….But I don’t really understand it. Is it just a mental thing because you’re being degraded?I just don’t understand, someone please shed some light on this one. The guys who have wanted me to do it were all super hot…

  9. Stephen

    Initially I thought there was no way i would ever piss on someone let alone taste it or drink from the tap. The first time I was introduced to it I was not sure. It was pretty strong in smell and taste. Later I tried it again and it was clear and not bad at all. I love watching guys at the urinal. Hot to watch them pissing.

    It is not a huge requirement for me but there is something about submitting to it and also giving to a wanting bottom. It is sterile so no worries about anything like hiv in it. The virus is dead.

    There are also a number of websites that talk about the urine therapy. Something to read about.

    While it is not for everyone, I would suggest try it once….as either a top or bottom. If nothing else you can say it was not for you from experience. If you like it, something to spice up the play.

  10. MXY

    Black DOMINATE top who loves to give orders and piss. Put a guy on all fours in the shower and have him open his hole with hand underneath and watch it spill off his ass into his hand and take it to his mouth and drink. Yes WS makes it hot!

  11. Patrick

    To each their own. We all have our own things we are into, that others aren’t. I have tried ws, and although I didn’t find it gross, it’s probably not something I would do all the time. However, for me it wasn’t about dom/sub. The partners I was with the couple times I tried…we weren’t doing a domination thing at all, so it doesn’t always have to be about that. And to the guy that commented that this is why he has to be on the DL, I disagree completely. You are on the DL because you don’t want to come out, and that’s your choice. But saying gay men are gross because of ws is just ridiculous; I know plenty of straight people who do it too.

  12. wsguy4fun

    HOT….started pissing on myself, made piss dildo and filled it up and would spit it on my face while JOing…but eventually got some guys to feed me and hose me down..I think its hot to be pissed on and marked like a dog..makes the top feel super while he feeds you his yellow juice..and do the research..its much safer than swallowing cum..been doing it for years..hardest part if finding willing partners..many are curious but afraid to ask…just do it…you’ll like it..oh and one more thing..once a guy pisses and refills fresh..there is little to no smell or taste…just salty water …

  13. NVaGold2

    HOT! I’m not into dominance nor submission. I love pissplay because it is highly sensual, intimate, and very erotic. The primal aroma, feel, look, and sometimes taste are a turn on. I’ve always been aroused by the aroma of men’s rooms. Urine is sterile and, you may be surprised to discover, is contained in more than a few consumer items such as tooth whiteners, anti-fungal creams and lotions, and the list goes on. Swallowing piss isn’t for everyone so, if it doesn’t turn you on,then don’t do it. If it’s a turn-on for another, I wouldn’t ever disparage them for their sexuality or their “kinks”. One persons Kink is another persons idea of “Vanilla”.

  14. ForNownTR

    The idea has interest for me to some extent. When I had an occassion where a guy wanted me to piss on him I found I could not do it. Just not my thing. And still the idea has interest for me. You figure.

  15. Phil

    TopDogDaddy, you honestly need help. That’s not being “dom” — that’s being outright unstable and abusive. To each his own? Right…

  16. twoorangesandastick

    It’s really hot to see a guy piss. I like seeing ‘stuff’ come out. I never do it in a demeaning way and I only do it under certain conditions.

    1. Only in the shower so we can wash it off
    2. Always completely naked so clothes aren’t soiled
    3. I will not take it in the mouth

  17. Lorenzo

    The one and only time a hot guy pissed IN me was right after he finished fucking my hot tight latino ass. I was just kinda wondering what that warm stuff was. Never happened again and I don’t want it too. Love when a guy eats my hot tight bubble butt ass then sticks his hard cock in nice and slow, pulling it in and out and teasing my wet ass as he rubs his hard cock against my ass hole, love it, just love it.

  18. oi81rmore

    love to be pissed on totally hot as far as that goes I love to be covered in piss and cum. not too sure about the dom thing I don’t really care to be humilliated or dominated just love to be pissed on it gets me really hot and horny

  19. Kayne

    Piss play is a Power thing. If you are a top you’re marking your property. if you’re a bottom you’re accepting bein a bitch
    Piss play makes those who are into man scent go crazy

    Piss it actually safer than cum.

    there is something about piss that is primal and i fucking love it top and bottom

  20. Paul

    It’s not a matter of “bad hygiene” As a matter of fact many cultures and areas of holistic medicine discuss drinking urine because there are so many vitamins in them. Drink lots of water (most people don’t drink enough anyway) and there is virtually no odor or taste. If your piss stinks, lay off the coffee and sodas. Ghandi drank a glass of his piss every day for health reasons.

    As far as it being a dominant/sub/humiliation thing… I suppose it CAN be but it doesn’t have to be. Pissing standing up is a extremely male thing (many women envy the ability) and can be something kinky or taboo to spice up a boring vanilla sex repetoir. However most people rely on a variety of partners to spice things up rather than add variety to their sexual likes with the same person. Think of it as a wolf marking his territory and symbolically marking your partner in the same way.

    The first time I was asked to piss for someone, I was neither turned on or “disgusted” by it. I was cmpletely neutral to the idea and didn’t think of it as a sexual act. When the guy arrived I had been drinking a LOT of water and had to piss like a racehorse. Rather than pissing through a soft cock, he sucked my cock till it was rockhard (think of how a morning pisshard feels like STEEL). The need to piss went away and we stood in the shower while he waited for it to start. Once it did, there was no stopping it. He sucked and spit the piss out of the knob like a snake bite and OMG it felt like an orgasm that lasted two hours without ending!!!! my knees shook afterwards. And I hadn’t even cum yet! This wasn’t an act of subservience or dominating someone to feel superior. This was more like a taboo act shared by two people that wouldn’t become part of my regular routine. If it were, I doubt it would be much of a turnon anymore. This was more something that I enjoyed doing with someone I had sex with regularly with two adults exploring their sexuality. An open mind can lead to intense sexual experiences.

    • blog

      Paul : my vanilla sex REPERTOIR is perfect! Not borring at all.
      And I’m NOT a wolf and I don’t think we need as human to MARK our territory….
      But eh…again…to each his own πŸ™‚

  21. BostonGuy

    Hot. Enjoy taking a mouthful as part of a bondage/domination scene. Urine, unlike feces, is a sterile liquid. Safer than rimming. Why do I like it? Who knows? Why does anybody get turned on to anything? Why does Rex Ryan (NY Jets coach) like feet?

  22. Dave

    No, I don’t care for it. Not even when showering together and partner pisses on me with water flowing on me. I know it is sterile, but it just bothers me.

  23. Allen

    I think it is hot. I have tried it once before. It was with a guy that we talked about it for months before we finally did it. Soon as it touched me I came everywhere. So i was covered in his cum, my cum, and his piss. And i think alot of times you expect “pigs” or “bears” to be into this. But I am a young attractive socialized BLACK college student. To each his own.

  24. Dane

    I truly wonder what is lacking in a person’s life that makes them want to pursue something like water sports or defecation. What can you do beyond that to satisfy any future “pleasure” you might seek? I just find it very disturbing.
    Besides, it is better to be “pissed of” than pissed on.

  25. InOverMyHead

    I expected to hate being pissed on, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Enough to get swimmer`s goggles so I can keep my eyes open to watch no matter where they aim. Previous poster is correct, drink enough water (or beer) to dilute the output enough to be nearly colorless, odorless and tasteless. If stronger, just wear it. I’m fine with being marked as somebody’s territory. Often degraded, never embarassed.

  26. ariesk

    Whatever floats your boat but if you piss on me you’re gonna get your ass beat.And if you ask me to do it is a deal breaker. I promise you.

  27. FirstExperience

    My first experience with pissing…was in a backyard of a Chicago bar. I was giving this guy a blowjob and he started shooting his load down my throat….but the load never stopped….and I finally realized that OOPS…this guy is pissing down my throat…EEK…then…WOW!! I loved it!

    I never dribbled…no one left a mess…and I really did not feel as if I was being dominated or being used as someone’s toilet. It was just incredibly awesome to feel his tool working as was designed….but strangely what I was enjoying was the guy emptying his bladder.

    I never like to create a mess when enjoying myself…so it would be hard for me to have the facilities around where it would be extremely easy to clean up after ourselves.

  28. seniorsub

    i find ws very hot. like Top DogDaddy said it is a sign of domination and ownership. as a submissive bottom i believe that it is my purpose to please and take what i am given.

  29. Dyerstr8

    NOT! I have had several young guys ask me to piss on them. Some have even asked me to piss IN them, which I totally am grossed out by. I did finally agree to piss on one, in the shower. Didn’t thrill me at all, and I didn’t honestly pick up on enjoyment from him, although he wants me to do it again. I don’t get it, and I also find the whole idea degrading to the piss-EE. lol. But, whatever floats their boat!

  30. Jose

    I don’t think its hot at all, think its disgusting,no guy better piss on me, one guy I dated once spit in my face and I almost wanted to punch him in the face happened while I was sleeping, he said he was dreaming, Jesus just saved his life, the point is that I don’t like it but hey whatever blows your hair back

  31. Ryan

    It’s disgusting, piss is waste. At least with cum you can justify it being mildly nutritious. If it’s the warmth you want then take a shower/make up a bath while doing the naughty.

  32. steve

    It is great. A DOM does this for total control and to mark his territory/property. A true bottom would not object to this. The bottom should do whatever the top wants .As far as the taste it does get better

    • blog

      Steve, are you on crack or what? ” A true bottom would not object to this” ! You are hilarious….Not because i’m a bottom that I’m a slave or a dog…

  33. Gregoryphotobug

    Find it hot to watch but have never had the experience. If it came right down to it, I would probably bale. Although it is said to be sterile and is a trick in survival training, when one is without water, they tell you to drink your own piss to survive. Thank god I live in the midwest where drought right now is not a problem and lake michigan isn’t rock dry. πŸ™‚

  34. Yungobruh

    Gross as fuck! Piss stinks. Can make you sick and ain’t sexy. A guy wanted me to try it and asked me to piss on him and I told him hell no. Whose gonna clean it up anyway? I ain’t pissed the bed or pissed my pants since I was 5 years old so I damn sure ain’t gonna do it now as a grown ass man while having sex. More porn is showing it now too. Is it because it’s getting popular in society or is the porn popularizing it? Has it been widespread all along but kept quiet or is it on the rise? Just another way to spread disease. CENSURED. People playin water sports are bare backing too.

    • blog

      Yungobruh : Yeah from what I’m reading here…seems to be true that people enjoying piss are usually adept of barebacking also..And this is sooooo not my cup of tea….never tried bareback once…tooo scared !

  35. Cubkev

    You know what. For me, its not a DOM thing or a Humiliation thing. It just feels good. Hot piss on the asshole or nut sack is …well…hot.
    For me its an animalistic/masculine thing for both parties,pisser and pissee.
    I had to work up to tasting, but as mentioned above, lots of water helps..and then BEER piss…total warm water, not piss taste at all.
    Also, it is actually a form of safe sex play, and no more bad for you than anything else…not really high on the health risk scale.
    Anyway. It is hot, in my opinion, and I think loads of dudes are curious, but the taboo of it keeps them at bay.
    Lighten up…forget what you learned about piss in school. And spray and friend next time!! HA HA!

    • blog

      111111: Yes finally someone has the same opinion. There is so many “sane” and pleasurable things to do in sex, why get to piss and scat and spit..

  36. Eww

    Comments like TopDogDaddy’s make me feel concerned about the people he’s been with. God knows how many infectious diseases can be found in urine….

  37. Navyboi6869

    I enjoy being pissed on! Something so hot about being dominated by a guy and getting pissed on. Love to suck on a hard cock as its pissing all over my face and in my mouth.

  38. Trousersdown

    I didn’t think I’d be into it really, but it’s a fetish of my boyfriend’s and I’ve come around to it. We don’t really do it in the degrading way it’s often depicted in porn. Once he pissed on me after we wrestled for a bit and then we had incredibly animalistic sex, it was really fucking hot. In an outdoor setting it is an entirely different experience. Honestly though pissing through a boner feels amazing…it’s kinda like cumming for a long time. And having someone getting off on you spraying on them, and drinking it down…it becomes really hot, and is loving, even if it encourages some dirty talk (which is always hot)



  40. uchot69

    Pissing on one another is very hot and erotic. Guys think it is taboo and won’t do it. Just drink lots of water or beer and the piss is clear and odorless. One of the hottest things for me total turn on.

  41. brizatx

    i enjoy a guy unloading his cum and piss deep in my hole; its not often that a guy can do it but it sure does feel warm inside. getting pissed on, well its not as big a turn on for me as being pissed in…

  42. baldwinta

    water sports can be hot, can be humiliating, can be an extension of love making (believe it or not). truly depends on your partner and your own state of mind.
    having tasted my own piss, i can say it really isn’t bad (unless it’s the first of the day). i have not been pissed on (but would allow it), i drank from only one ‘spigot’, and i did piss on one guy. and yeah – it can give a powerful feeling.
    personally – don’t knock it till you try it. and you have try at least 2x to make sure.

  43. Dan

    I used to think, “why would anyone do that?” Could comprehend the interest. Seemed kind of gross. But, strangely, after I got into the LTR that I’m in now, I began to want it. I’m the top in our relationship, so it had nothing to do with domination/submissiveness. I just wanted to try everything and anything to do with my wonderful man. We started out in the shower, and I liked it. Now he pees on me whenever we shower together. I’ve never done it with anyone else, and I don’t think I’d want a total stranger pissing on me, but from someone I love, it’s HOT!

  44. maxxx

    i was sexually abused as a kid, this is one of things that happened to me. how can there be ANYTHING good about having someone piss on you. even comments above about dominance, marking territory, making someone else feel good, justify something like this? jesse and throbbin7 are on right track. There is nothing absolutely nothing acceptable about this, and i am appalled as a victim of sexual abuse you would even allow a discussion like this. you exspell these fluids because they are waste and by products of what your body doesnt need, accept for abuse, humiliation and dominance…. why is this acceptable???

  45. NewToThis

    I tried it for the first time in Tokyo (as in like a month ago) and it was kinda fun….Made my boy drink it and then funneled it into his ass…..he loved it

  46. Allan

    Comming from the medical aspect, piss is sterile,so no need to worry about “hygine” issues for one. being pissed on is hot, whether doing it yourself or with others, some consider it humiliating, other a way to “mark” something, others its just a kink to get into. I for one like water sports.

  47. pigtrash

    Another vote for HOT. i’m a sub pig that loves to do whatever it takes to please men and get them off. If a guy wants to piss on me (or in me), and it turns him on, i say go for it.

  48. Mercury

    I have had a guy suck my dick while I was pissing in his mouth. It actually felt really good. So as long as I am not being peed on I am just fine. Lol.

  49. terrence

    that is just plain nasty sex is suppose to be a pleasurable experience not about bringing someone down below their level just to make another feel superior over you NO NO NO NO.

  50. FreeRangeRadical

    Here are a few things most people don’t know about piss:

    1) It’s sterile unless the guy has a bladder or urinary tract infection. It’s more sterile than blood (obviously, saliva, even tears.

    2) Until the advent of sulfa drugs during World War II, piss was used to flush wounds.

    3) It only smells when it comes in contact with air as the nitrogen compounds in it react with oxygen. If it goes directly from the guy’s dick to your mouth, it doesn’t smell at all.

    4) It’s not so much waste as surplus. Yes, it does contain small amounts of “waste” products produced by cells and carried off by the bloodstream where the blood is then filtered by the kidneys. But it’s also the body’s method of getting rid of things like salt, vitamins, and minerals, especially today in the era of overuse of multivitamins.

    5) Gatorade is piss. What??? OK, it’s not piss per se, but its chemical makeup is almost identical to urine. Why? Because it’s meant to replenish the electrolytes that the body uses, especially during physical exertion (sports, for one…sex, for another πŸ˜‰ ). The researchers at the University of Florida, where Gatorade was invented, added the lemon-lime flavor specifically because the people testing it (UF athletes) said it tasted and smelled like piss in its first, unflavored, incarnation. That’s why the lemon-lime flavor was the ONLY flavor for years.

    6) Watersports doesn’t have to be about domination, degradation or humiliation. Sometimes it’s about intimacy. Sometimes it’s just hot! Straight guys usually LOVE it, partly because their girlfriends won’t do it (although they’re learning to. Thank the internet for that…).

  51. hottietn

    I love the whole idea. I love for my partner when I suck him off I swallow his cum and I want him to piss the rest of the cum out and I drink his piss. If you drink alot of water like the other guy said it dont taste bad at all. It makes me hard and him too. I love his piss and sweet cum….

  52. BareGrills

    Hygiene issues? Urine is a typically *sterile* (in the absence of a disease condition) liquid. You can drink it to restore hydration when other water sources are not viable. You can use it to clean out a wound if you have no other antiseptic.

    The only reason there is a taboo on urine in sex play is because so many people have been raised in such a puritanical method that everything that comes out of their body is either sinful or unclean.

    Why are watersports as sex play hot? Because of that taboo. Because of the power play inherent in the act. If your idea of “power transfer” is just having the bottom ride it cowboy style, you’re not going to understand the intensity of real power transfer… either letting a top dominate you and surrendering to His will … or being that top yourself and feeling the rush that comes from doing the same.

    • blog

      Baregrills: i like to be controlled in bed…and no the “society” like u say didnt tell me that it’s gross…I just realize it myself πŸ™‚ To each his own !

  53. Randy

    Well, I am not into it but normally, urine is sterile. Unless you get the first piss of the day when it is concentrated and dark yellow there is minimal taste or smell. It also depends on what you have had to eat and whether or not is processed by the kidneys. Asparagus makes your urine very strong.There are many reasons men like to be pissed on. One the whole dom/sub thing and another one is there is some research that men who pissed the bed find some enjoyment in it. Years ago, I had a guy piss in my ass while fucking me and since I am into enemas, it was one of the hottest times of my life. I still fantasize about that time and it was 20 years ago.

  54. knoxphilman

    if you’ve never tasted it, why assume it’s gross? actually, it’s supposed to be sterile. I’ve had more guys in the medical field drink my piss than any other men. I’ve only tried drinking it a few times. the first time it just tasted like warm water. other times it was too salty, but that was old piss the guy had held for a while. it’s much better to drink a lot of water, so there’s a fresh supply in there. also, let a guy literally fuck the piss out of you sometime. this works best in a sling I’ve found. enjoy!

    • blog

      knowphilman : gross because it a human waste that’s it… to me it’s just animalistic and i’m a human being, with a brain. I guess it’s just psychologic. If you like the taste of piss well good for you, I prefer drinking apple juice πŸ™‚

  55. Musicafman

    I think its totally HOT!!! First of all piss is sterile out of the body. Like someone said earlier, “DRINK A LOT OF WATER BEFORE and purge you bladder then tank back up and let the good times begin. It tastes like a mouthful of warm ocean water. Contrary to popular belief, piss is safer than cum and when I dom its so hot. I fuck a lot of twinks and they love it and their piss tastes really sweet like their cum. Give it a try guys! Its like having a huge load shot all over you and no one says you HAVE to drink from the tap. Step out of the box!!

  56. Piss Receptacle

    The thought of a guy tieing me up and forcefully pissing all over me and in me is very EROTICA. My first time was what led to it. People need to open their minds to more than what is acceptable only according to society’s perspective. If it ain’t for you, so be it, but don’t harp on the ones that actually enjoy it. It does wash off. Definitely drink lots of water prior and lay back and the good times flow.

    • blog

      Piss Receptacle : Open their mind ? Dude look at your nickname…I think you need help more then to open your mind. Fine if you like piss…do it. But if you call yourself a piss receptacle, you are close to senile.

  57. Thirstywpb

    Need to used and Abused by Black tops here in West Palm Beach area….
    Am average height & weight…… and love to SWALLOW ALL CUM & PISS Black Guys can feed me…….
    My mouth & ass are yours to use & abused!!!!!!!


  58. Will

    I used to be disgusted by this, but after sex with a guy who asked me about it (and said he thought I’d really like it if I tried it), I was taking a piss and he walked by the bathroom & said “hey, that should be going all over me.” So I stopped and went into the other room where he laid down on the floor and pissed all over him. I’d never done that before and was laughing the whole time. Not that I’d ever look to do it again… but if asked, who knows!

  59. Ajax

    I’ve only gotten into this one-on-one. As a top, the trip of WS is in fulfilling the desire of the bottom. The few times I’ve been on the receiving end, it has been a very special connection and all about the intimacy. I, as well, don’t “get” the scat thing, but we have to be very careful of what we label “disgusting.” Don’t forget all those who just don’t “get” Gay. Live and let live, kids!

  60. Bob

    Piss is totally hot. I love to be pissed on, especially by a group of hot guys. Most guys I ask to piss on me or in my mouth are more than willing. I am also into humiliation and being pissed on can be a large part of that scene. Have had several group piss sessions over the years, most when I lived in NYC, don’t find as many willing guys in SW Florida.If there are guys in the Sarasota area into it, let me know.

  61. turner clint



  62. ThisBoy

    I used to really be vanilla.. by no means boring.. but just the IDEA of any body fluid other than cum touching my body.. was a turnoff.

    Was raped a few years ago.. and not sure if that changed it.. but I still hate it.. but I like the degredation in it’s own filthy way.. I like to be dominated and used.. very obviously a psychological connection. I don’t go LOOKING for it.. but if a guy wants to do it.. Pee!
    As for scat.. can’t say I even have a curiosity about it.. Hepatitis.. EColi.. not sexy.

  63. mikey

    Watersports, like life, is what you make it. It can be about dominating and degrading your partner (or yourself), but it doesn’t have to be that way. Most people I know that enjoy it, do so because it is very tactile. You feel the warm fluid all over your skin.

    Someone once said it was like being ejaculated on (some guys love the feeling of cum on their skin). Watersports is a similar sensation, it just covers a larger area than a puddle of cum. You feel it all over rather than in one localized area.

  64. Cyber58

    I have pissed on myself in the shower and have drunk my own, but haven’t done it with anyone else….yet. I don’t think it is degrading to be pissed on. It’s just another way to share intimacy if you are both into it. It’s sterile, so it’s safe. I’ve been chatting online with a guy who wants to try it also. So far we haven’t been able to get together, but I’m looking forward to my first experience.

  65. Fry

    For me, I’m not generally sub or anything, but I love it. It’s just one more thing I can take from a cock. It’s better for me after a few drinks because then it’s clear, and inhibitions are lowered. Well, I guess that’s for when I’m taking it. If I’m giving the piss then I do get somewhat dom.

  66. Vaughn

    I must say I love it. I’ve never been completely naked and doused with it but I have let one guy piss in my mouth a couple of times. I’m a submissive bottom but im so not into the bdsm thing but there’s something about letting a guy unload his piss all over me that down right does it for me. Again I’ve never been pissed on completely but just the thght of it arouses me to a point that a regular suck and fuck session doesn’t do.

  67. blacktruth

    just started getting into it after I turned 40. And I was with a younger guy and it was amazing. He first asked me to piss in his hole which was difficult until I just relaxed and then it was like people had stated before, a never ending orgasm. It was incredible. As long as there is a showere and your hot and willing, then it is an amazing feeling for you and your partner. I am a top and love for my bottom boy to piss all over himself while I am fucking him. Nothing hotter. Just take a fucking shower.

  68. guysguy84

    I vote hot. Here’s the thing, my ex did it to me jokingly while we were showering one day and it didn’t bother me, so we experimented with it. I found that I really liked it once in a while because it was part of him connecting with me. I can’t really explain it, I just know that now I really like it. It is sort of an aquired thing, and its best when you are not pressured into it.

  69. Jeff. It is f

    All you guys with hygeine issues should realize that urine is the only sterile body fluid. It is far safer than sucking dick or rimming or even kissing for that matter (since the mouth is the dirtiest part of the body.) There are urine bars in japan it is considered to be healing. I have tried this from both sides and while it isnt really my gig it was okay. I prefer if from the pissing side but then again I like being dominant over guys (and getting them all tied up and having fun.) There is something for everyone in this world that is what makes it interesting. Piss on my friends

  70. chefj

    i think its hot….there is nothing hotter than standing over a man and letting loose a fresh gush of piss, or having it dont to you…i think for me its the taboo of it that makes it such a turn on….and the fact that that someone is letting loose their hot man liquid on you can be very erotic for me….hell i’d be the first one to drop to my knees for the hot fickers in that photo you posted!

  71. John

    I have been pissed on too several times. But I researched it before I did it and that nothing nasty about Piss it is sterile like others have said so many times previous. Now scat is risky cuz you can get hepatitis and other things but you can’t get HIV from it. So I have done the scat thing too more than a few times I must admit it is extreme but each to there own, I’m discret about it and I never let any fluids enter my body so I still have a clean bill of health. But ws and scat are both hot

  72. Deepthroater36

    Very hot!!! I watched it on porn and it turned me on so I had to try it. I piss on myself when I jack, and it makes me cum so hard when I have piss soaking my face and in my mouth. To me, it is like taking a huge warm load, I imagine it is cum and that turns me on to have big loads shot on my face!! I will piss on myself for as long as possible, it feels amazing when I piss on myself with a hard on while jacking off.

  73. SoWhat-WhoCares?

    FreeRangeRadical is 100% correct. In my graduate-level organ systems physiology class, we learned that in a healthy individual you won’t find anything in urine besides water and some salts.

    In the absence of a urinary tract infection, urine is sterile until it hits the urethra. Cum exits the urethra too, so you cum-guzzlers that think that urine is somehow more gross are just plain stupid. Saying that “cum is somewhat nutritious” as a rationalization for drinking cum is idiotic.

    No, not all piss-players are in it for the D/s aspect of it. My long-time partner likes to piss on me, and he likes me to piss on him. I get nothing out of it personally, but it turns him on, so why not? And oh, yeah: neither of us bareback.

    You all need to judge people a lot less. Listen to Ajax’s wisdom: “we have to be very careful of what we label ‘disgusting.’ Don’t forget all those who just don’t ‘get’ Gay. Live and let live, kids!”

    • blog

      SoWhat-WhoCares : Dude if you have the right to say your opinion that you find it HOT I certainly have the right to say my opinion that it’s gross, on MY blog ! right ?
      I understand the “live and let live” concept as well…did I beg you to please stop doing that? NO
      Did I say that it grosses me out…YES
      You should read properly!

  74. Metro

    HOT HOT HOT love being pissed on and love pissing on guy. I also enjoy pissing up a guys hole. Piss and feet are one of the hotest things to turn me on.

  75. nicejay

    I’ve been asked to get pissed on periodically from guys who were really turned on by it. I never really liked it in my 20s, but would do it to please the guy I was with. Now I’m in my 40s and I have to admit seeing pictures and videos of guys engaged in watersports is a complete turn-on. Maybe we just get more jaded and harder to arouse as we get older or maybe I finally get the attraction to it. It’s the judgment I used to get from my gay friends who were disgusted by it that gets to me the most. It’s like they thought a lot less of me for even participating in it. They will never let you live it down. So before your friends find out, make sure you are completely comfortable with yourself, because there’s still so much of a stigma attached to it.

  76. dynasty05

    I love piss!!!! Love to have a group of guys fuck me, cum in my hole and all over my body, then piss on me. Nothing hotter than a cum bath then end with a piss shower

  77. tom

    I agree, definately hot. Weather your by yourself, or with your buddies, at home or camping, piss play is always great. If it’s not your thing, so be it, but I suspect that more guys than not enjoy it weather in public, or private.
    Soaping in the gym showers, and letting it flow… who else enjoys free flowing in the showers?

  78. goldluvr40

    it is absolutely hot! i’ve only ever done it with myself during masturbation. if i’m in the mood i’d sit in the tub and spray my hot piss directly in to my mouth and drink it up. occasionally if i’m in an extra kinky mood i’ll drink almost nothing but my own piss all evening from a glass. i would love to find a hot dom to “mark” me or a hot guy who’s into golden showers as much as me.

  79. Someone

    Some of the hottest sex I ever had was when I used to hook up with this older guy, that we used to take turns servicing each other. Never anal, though I no wished we had, but we used to deep throat each other,rim,man it was so hot.
    One time he asked if I’d be willing to try ws in the shower. I said ok, but was pretty nervous about it.
    He told me next time you come over make sure you drink a bunch of water so you’re nice and loaded.
    Not much of water drinker, I had a couple of cans of ice tea on the way there that night.
    Man by the time I got there I had to piss so bad, I almost did in my pants standing there ringing his doorbell in the cold!
    By the time I got up there, he was waiting, as usual, on a chair stroking his big cock. Of course I undressed quickly and dropped to my knees and too him all the way down to his balls, and the feeling of having to piss went completely away but I had an enormous hard on. So we played for a while back and forth, maybe an hour,when I finally told him I could not take it anymore I had to piss.

    So he led me to the shower, and he got down on his knees, and sucked me a little more and while my cock was in his mouth I had to let it go and tried not to drown him so I let it go slowly. He gagged and let it fill his mouth and dribble out, never swallowed, and I’d little by little give him more. Seemed like I had a gallon there, but eventually I was empty.
    So then he told me he had to go as well and I did the same thing,got down on my knees and sucked him. He let go a little stream of his piss, on my chest first. Then I took his cock and guided it into my open mouth and he let go a little more.
    It tasted fine, no bitterness whatsover,though I didnt swallow either I just let it cascade from my mouth down to my rock hard cock while I masturbated furiously. That feeling of having a cock piss in your mouth is just indescribable!
    We both came to enormous orgasms both of us shaking!
    We would wind up doing that almost everytime for about three or more years, until I moved away and he got serious with a partner.
    I miss that and wish I could duplicate those days!
    I don’t consider it gross,subservient or whatever, it’s just hot to me cause it’s so unique, and different.
    And as has been stated, if a lot of water is consumed it’s really a pleasant taste.
    If anyone is curious about it,I’d suggest drinking your own after you drink a ton of water. Do it next time your masturbating, pissing with a hard on is superhot but you need a little practice.
    Anyway,that’s my little contribution to this topic.

  80. Tony B

    For me…. pissing can be very HOT and Erotic… but is more of an advanced sex act… you have to know or be introduced to it the first time… I really dont like to be piss on however i do like to be pissed in my ass while having my ass tapped or if i am with a beer drinker, i will drink from his tap and recycle his beer…
    I use to think that i would never do such a disgusting thing, however i was with a FB of mine who did like his bud light… He told me to get on my knees and suck his dick…. then after a minute or two he slowly started to piss… at first i was shocked and wanted to bolt … but almost instantly it was very erotic to me… he continued to piss his beer into my mouth as i swallowed and ended up busting a nut without touching myself….

  81. JackAction

    I think just about anything in sex can be done in a DOM/sub way or in a loving mutual way. At face value, I don’t see anything more sub about getting pissed on than sucking off a guy or getting fucked. I don’t see anything more DOM about pissing on a guy than fucking a guy’s ass or getting a blowjob. In all of these situations, you can choose whether DOM/sub is a factor at play, if at all. It’s very trite to assume that just because there is a perceived passivity or receptivity, or a perceived aggressiveness or insertiveness, that degradation is involved for either partner. However, if that’s your thing, then add roleplaying to whatever sexual activities you like. No judgments.

  82. Kenny

    A lot of interesting points I’ve seen here about WS and piss play. I have to admit, I wasn’t too hot on the idea with my first experience with it, but I peed on my ex a couple of times and I used to see him use piss when we’d take showers together to wet his dick so he could jack it. Now, I have yet to be pissed on or in, but I honestly don’t think I would be opposed to it.

    I personally find it to just be simply a fetish. Some like it, others don’t. Some like it for dom/sub encounters, others like it just because. In the sexual world, there are a lot of things I’ve seen and done as well as things I probably will never do again if I do them at all. Everyone has their fetishes and no one should have that be held against them. Sex…of any kind…should be something that should be enjoyed. πŸ™‚

  83. Dave

    Sometimes hot. But only with someone I know and trust and only in certain circumstances, generally role plays. I don’t drink it, but have been pissed on or had my ass pissed on as part of “punishment” in a role play

  84. Bob

    Lots of comments, mostly positive. Been into piss since I was young got into it heavy in my 30’s, lots of wild memories. haven’t been able to find much ws action since I moved to Sarasota, FL 8 years ago, but still looking. If anyone in the area is into it, let me know. Beer piss straight from the tap is great.

  85. PissInsideMe

    Nothing hotter than a hot load of piss hitting you all over your bosy, except when your husband has just came inside your asshole, then unleashes a hot stream of piss deep inside my hole… He owns me fully and I love it!

  86. roger

    my first was at a 24hr video store. had my ass in the glory hole getting ramed nice and hard, felt the hot cummming deep within me and then the hot piss filling my insides. wow that was hot, i tighten my ass hole and held all that piss inside of me without loosing a drop. than walked out of the booth and let it all out in the restroom and was cleaned out for the next hot fuck for the nite. my best time in colorado springs movie house. man try it i bet u will love it. πŸ™‚

  87. HarryNSmooth

    I’m sexually adventurerous so am curious about a lot of kinks, but I’m pretty conservative about hygiene and health. The first time a guy pissed on me was when I met this handsome guy at the 1808 Club in San Francisco. We ended up going home to his place. While we were showering together he asked me if I’d ever tried a Golden Shower. I said I’d never tried it and he said, “Now you are. Look down.” He’d been pissing and talking all along. That was the extent of the shower for me, but I’d have probably gone further had he wanted. A man I continue to hold dear. Now I’m in a relationship with a doctor who’s fantasy is to be Master to me as sex slave, including WS. I’m totally submissive to him and that’s the only reason it’s all a turn on to me; submitting to my superior, pleasing him, his pleasure is mine. To be honest, I’m not 100% into WS, but because he knows that too, he also knows that when I do submit for WS that I am giving him a depth of submission to please him. So, I’m selective about kinky safer sex. Still, to each, their own. Maybe someday you’ll find your pleasure boat floating on a soulmate’s water. Never say never.

  88. Cecil

    I suppose the thing I don’t understand is how urinating is digested internally by some people as being SEXUAL. I get that its a humiliation thing to in a lot of ways, its not necessarily the piss that turns you on but the act of being urinated on- but gah. NOT for me. I don’t think I could ever do it, it would just gross me out to much.

  89. jackdc

    Only tried it once, I believe at Cell Block in Chicago where this guy pissed in my mouth until I couldn’t swallow fast enough and it ran down my bare naked chest and body. Didn’t really taste that bad and oh so warm on thisw cold night in the back room. Since then I have only pissed on a few guys at parties lying in bath tubs ready to get drenched. It was really quite hot at the cell clock especially when he spanked me quite hard after I could’t swallow any more and I had to lick his boots clean.

  90. mikisit

    LOVE seeing a hot dude desperate for a piss… then watching him struggle until he pisses his jeans. Watching the butch of his crotch bubble with piss then streaking wetness down his legs is very hot.

  91. Dave

    Piss play, drinking from the tap and recycling is about the hottest safest kinky play there is. I wanted to point out (especially in regard to Tom’s post on 12/14/11) that drinking a β€œTON of water” as he put it can be risky since it can cause hyponatremia (water intoxification). I know, because a friend of mine started having symptoms of hyponatremia after tanking up one time for some piss play. The best way to tank up is to just have a glass or two of water, tea, or beer, then every 10 minutes or so for a couple hours, just have a few sips of water and be flowing like a racehorse. Plus your piss will be watered down, which is what I think Tom was suggesting for a flavor many people enjoy over very strong piss.

  92. Bob

    Hot, still looking for somebody in Sarasota Fl area who would like to soak me, bring a friend, drink a few beers and let it flow.

  93. Jd

    I say “fuck yes!”… Ive only done it a few times but when you get a bottom who’s so down to get pissed on..its an INSTANT hard on.. sometimes its hard to keep pissing on someone because I get a rock hard erection in seconds when I start. Theres something about it.. it feels like your in total control.

  94. latinbottom4u

    love a hot guy pissing on me…..if there is a hot group better…i like ws but is something that i ll do w anyone…def the guy has too look good…..

  95. AL

    Have seen words like GROSS, DISGUSTING, EWWW and more spilled as reply to a simple question HOT OR NOT….yet we accuse the straight population of being unfair when they use such words on us GAYS.

  96. michael

    I think that everyone should set boundaries for them selves and respect them. And if your man is into that and you aren’t, then TALK about it first. Or if you are a sub just go for it if your dom wants it, but even then be careful. I enjoy ws but I wont do it with just any joe blow. And I believe that, as stated above, to each his own.

  97. Thom

    I have to admit that this is one of my naughty, occasional, guilty pleasures. In the right situation, with the right guy, it can be a very hot, intimate moment of bonding (not bondage).

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