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I had just turned 18 and because I liked to cause trouble, I was sent to a boarding school in Montana for my last year of high school.

I did all I could to get out of going, but it was either that or my parents were going to get the state involved. Because I had friends that went through youth services and I saw what happened to them, I finally gave up and decided I would go to the school and see what I could do to get home once I got there.

The trip to Montana was long but the ride from the airport to the school seemed to take forever. I could not believe how isolated this place was.

After lots of craziness and getting settled, classes started. The classed were very different than in my last school. For one thing there were no girls, which seemed really strange at first.

I found the classes to be harder and the teachers to be much less tolerant then at my old school, which made things tough. On top of school being harder I was far away from my girlfriend.

One spring day after class I went for a walk around the mountain behind the school. The trail was a place I went to as often as I could, just to get away from everyone and smoke cigarettes.

This day turned out different.

As I walked up the trail I saw an old playboy magazine on the ground. It was in pieces and pretty dirty, but some of the pictures were still clear enough to get me hard. I took some of the best pictures and went off the trail to a secluded spot, surrounded by ferns. I went through the pictures slowly, enjoying each one as my dick got hard and my heart pounded.

I was so horny that I had to cum.

I unbuttoned my pants, pulled down my underwear and started to jerk my cock. I was go into it that I did not notice Derek as he walked up. I looked up and there he was, starting at me, I freaked out, I dropped the pictures and reached down to pull my pants us but he stopped me and started to unbutton his pants.

His hard dick bounced as it was freed from his underwear. He reached down and picked up the pictures, handing me a few of them, and we both started to jerk off.

His dick was huge and straight as an arrow, he jerked off wildly, going really fast, up and down the shaft of his dick. I like to jerk off slow and rub the head of my dick.

I was not long before we were both ready to cum, Derek leaned back, pushed his cock forward, moaned and shot a long stream of jizz on to a tree that was about three feet away. I was right behind him, I arched my back and tried to shoot my cum on the tree. I came close but my jizz feel just a little short.

Without saying a word we both shook the jizz off our hands and dicks, pulled up our pants, and walked off. As Derek walked away, I noticed some of my cum on his shoe, I liked that a lot.

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  1. Mike

    I attended boarding school from grades 7-12, and had my first gay experience in the eighth grade. Boarders in the boys dorms required rooming with one other classmate. Toward the end of that year, my roomie and I were wrestling and we ended up groping each other’s cocks outside of our pajamas. We made out quite often during lights out, but never engaged in sexual intimacy until we entered high school. Then again, I was further ahead of the game at that point since my math teacher seduced me one late afternoon in the empty classroom. But that’s another beautiful account to share for another time.

    Clay and I were in high school and in separate dorms. The feelings we had for each other were wrong in our minds, as I assume it may have been for many a confused adolescent males on the verge of discovering their sexual feeings. But the urges to ccnsumate our hardcore attraction to each other were too great, and so it was on that one afternoon after basketball practice, he came to my dorm room, closed the door behind him and we embraced while kissing each other passionately. i ran my hands up his gym shorts, slowly tracing the the two straps that held the now-straining ribbed pouch of his jock. We kissed harder. We undressed together and I knelt to the floor, slowly pulling his jock to his ankles as his massive tool sprung free nearly hitting me in the face. We were two muscular teenagers about to engage in our first sexual experience, but we were not nervous. His cock was beautiful, and the taste of his sweaty ballsac made me want him more. It felt natural and we let ourselves give in to each other. Ultimately, we ended up on my bed clung together in a 69 position; our cocks buried in each others mouth. We skull-fucked each other until we could bear it no further and I felt his thick load surge down my throat. I came as his his orgasm continued pulsing in my throat, and he let out a deep soft moan as we held each other tighter, not wanting to let the other end this beautiful climax.

    We continued seeing each other throughout the remainder of our high school years, while still contending with those feelings of guilt…but very briefly. Frankly, it was that guilt that actually intensified our anticipation of when either one of us were ready to succumb to another dorm room visit.

  2. Hilver

    My only rgret about being gay is that i repressed it for so long.
    I surrendered my youth to the people i feraed when i could have
    been out there loving soemone.
    Don’t make that mistake yourself
    life’s too short damn short.

    Armistead Maupin

  3. A4Ahole

    Wow, my opinion of the story wasn’t posted. But all the positive comments were. Does a guy have to agree that the story is hot to get posted here? What’s up with that?

    • blog

      A4Ahole : Every comment that lacks class is indeed removed 🙂
      Bad words are also removed…
      Stories are submitted by our members and posted by us.
      I didn’t ask people to bitch about the story…

  4. Douglas

    Great stories I have one just about like Mike’s. This is when I really knew I was gay. I was 14 years old was playing little league baseball in my home town. I had a best friend on my team Larry. We hung out all the time we liked to fish in the creek close to my homewe liked to ride four wheelers ect ect. One night I was staying all night with Larry we decided to camp out in his back yard. We decide to get into his parents wine cabinet. We had a few drinks started wrestling around a little and before we knew it we both were hard and reallt really horny. I wasnt for sure what was going to happen next. We decided that we both wanted a massage. So I gave him a massage he keeped his underwear on and everytime i passed by his stomach i would run one fingure under his underwear and would feel the head of his cock. Finally he said it would be better if I slide these off. And at that point I started to soflt jack Larry off. Soon after I started he reached over and started to pull my underwear down.I helped him and removed them quickly. We both jacked each other off he reached orgasm before me shooting it all over me.Then it was my turn.I filled his stomach and belly button. After we cleaned up a little we layed down together and kissed and hugged all night long. This started something really good for us it lasted all the way through our junior year. It was awesome.

  5. william Austin

    Everything is so sexy hot when you’re in your teens! My only regret is fear of being different! Everybody wanted it!

    The only things I really regret is saying no to all the fun innovations to play sexy…..

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