Photography: Adam Parker by Joe McCormick

What an amazing photoshoot! I loooove black and white photos. With a hot model and an amazing photographer…it’s perfection !

Check out after the jump and let me know your thoughts.



Photo credit : Joe McCormick 

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  1. ariesk

    Dave you always find great stuff for us to look at and he is quite beautiful which I don’t mind at all.
    Of course, I am feeling a little guilty about all I ate yesterday looking at his incredible body. Lol.

  2. Lorenzo

    Those men are HOT. I would LOVE to spend the night with each one of them. What I would do to them yum yum…what I would let them do to me OMG, would be the hottest sex ever!!

  3. jomish

    Ya know ever since i saw lukas ridgeston in the 90s, no man since has melted my heart and hardened my cock at the same time like he did/does.

  4. BiBeaufortguy

    Love his looks and have always like to look at semi-hairy pits. Don’t like the bushy ones, but the guys with just a little are sexy

  5. Greg

    Hate to throw ice water… If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. He’s ok. Nothing to write home about. I think the common guy is sexier than the made up model.

  6. maxculo

    I like the second and the forth photos, The rest were basic in shot and pose. The model… um there’s a lot to be desired, and he has not found that yet.

  7. ajbbincubus

    Black and white photos are really nice, they have lots of emotion and expression for whats lacking in our world of perceived colors.

    B.T.W. He has a very nice body.

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