Music : Nick Carter Is Back?

BackStreet Boys might look like something from the past, but Nick Carter is still trying to make it as a solo artist. His first albums didn’t make a noise in US and Canada but was a hit in japan. He is back with a new single called “Burning Up” talking about partying with a electro/dance floor/pop sound that really sounds like some other artists that we hear these days… I’m thinking Usher, Kesha…

I find it a bit weird that he is talking about booze and clubbing after having drug and alcohol abuse problems….but eh, who am I to judge ?!…lol

I was never crazy about this guy, even with the BackStreet Boys…He looks like someone not confortable with himself and shy, things that dont go well with being a performer and being famous.

Anyways, let me know what you think and listen to his track after the jump!


Burning Up (clipe) – Nick Carter from on Vimeo.

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  1. Dave

    Saw him in concert twice during the NKOTBSB Tour and I’ve gotta say he was looking really hot – not as hot as Joey McIntyre – but still tasty. His solo project is pretty good too but I bet it won’t get too much play in The U.S., probably more so overseas and in Canada.

  2. ajbbincubus

    The video didn’t impress me. It was like any other pop performer today. I kinda of thought he was the cutest one in the backstreet boys, LOL!!.. I never really got into them like some of my other friends.

  3. bigem196

    Mother Effer, would you be soooo bitter if he had hooked up with you or offered to do a threesome with you? the song was’nt that bad; just not for me.

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