Music : Gaga at X-Factor


Gaga was performing her latest single at X-Factor UK yesterday, and let me tell you that she looked amazing.

Some might criticize her outfit (lol) but the performance was amazing.

Check it out after the jump and let me know what you think!


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  1. ever

    I totally agree she looked just gorgeous ,she sounds amazing live ,she’s by far the best live performer out there now, that’s just my opinion. No fighting !!!

  2. theantigaga

    her music sucks, I can’t wait for the gay world to man-up musically and stop listening to the same music as 8 year old girls

  3. homieg44

    She is a great performer and I do love her, but she’s definitely not the best performer life. Adele is the best live performer out there. Just the way it is.

  4. rabbitpaper

    ill give it to her… he knows how to put up a show… but hasnt anyone noticed that she’s singin from a womb of a headless torso… i think its kinda sick 🙁

  5. ever

    Homing44 no doubt adele is a good live performer I love her too,Gaga is an entertainer ,she sings ,dances ,plays the piano etc ,she likes action ,while beautiful adele only sings ,Gaga has got the whole package

  6. David

    I honestly find her to be one of the best performers – ever! The lady is super talented and the somewhat eccentric costumes is what helps keep her in the spotlight.

  7. Ondra

    theantigaga…I wouldn’t go as far as too say her music sucks. I think she is very talented. However, her music does nothing for me.

  8. No

    She is nothing near “revolutionary” as an artist, in my opinion she is trying way too hard to play the role that she created. If you want to hear ground-breaking music, you are in the wrong place.

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