Hot or Not : Taylor Lautner

November 18 will be the release of  the latest Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, part 1. With that in mind I wanted to ask you what you think of Taylor Lautner, one of the main actor in the saga. I know that allllllllllll the little girls love him a lot, but I dont know what gay guys think of him…though I have an idea….

So answer my question : Taylor Lautner, Hot or Not ?

Personally, I’m not crazy about young hairless dudes, but I have to admit he has a nice body….actually very similar to mine 🙂

Now check out more pictures of the hottie after the jump…or click here to see more sexy celebs!



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  1. so

    Well, like a lot of ole men waiting for Mary Kate and Ashley to turn 18, TAYLOR was well worth the wait. I mean he isn’t twenty until February and the man has an EIGHT PACK! His self discipline is astonishing and he is very goal oriented for such a young age. I wish I had that much direction when I was his age. Either way, he should thank his parents for me; job WELL DONE!

  2. Jesse

    He’s gorgeous. Nice ass. Looks amazing when his shirt is off and has jeans on and you can see his “V” and his bubble butt is in plain view….yummy, lol.

  3. Jerry

    1000% yes he is one of the Hottest movie stars.Not just because he is Hot on the outside but he has a great personality and is do down to earth in every interview I have ever seen him in

  4. blog

    Guys, look at last picture I just added… I found it online…I dont know if it’s him, but if it is, it’s a nice piece of meat !!!

  5. edgar_truth

    he’s hot, the nose is kinda meh, but i like it when guys aren’t just straight up attractive with no physical flaw. That body is on point and that butt is splendid. He is pretty much the only reason why I, a 28 yr old man will go to a movie theatre filled with screeching female adolescents ,who deserve to be beaten about the face and neck for not observing the silence is golden rule, and endure that twilight shit…. so in short, i would fuck (top and bottom) taylor lautner every which way, and then make him breakfast in bed with a song in my heart.

  6. Fly&Hung

    Super fu(kin hot n he is hair they make him wax… Me n my girl want 2 a party in Hollywood he was their she got 2 meet him n said he has a big fat DICK… But I know he has a great ass!!!

  7. Douglas William Card

    without a question. OMG. he is my fantasy cum to life. Can’t say much given my ticket already purchased for midnight premier of breaking dawn part 1

  8. Eric

    On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being I am gonna jizz just looking at him and 1 being no sexual response at all, I give him a 8.0-8.5. Yes Dave, you should do a Hot or Not on yourself and we the people can decide! :)~

  9. shawn

    OMG yes lol, when I went to see the second installment of twilight and he took off his shirt I was like…. yep Im in love….. lol I think I drooled a lil

  10. marsgem

    Nah… I don’t find him hot either ! Luv lil bit hairs, gud smile (no need to force smile like he does) and ofcourse a bit of mature attitude !

  11. Jason

    He is good looking, my issue is he tries way too hard and looks like all the other hollywood fakes! Few if any people look like him in real life, he is waxed beyond words and looks a bit fake with the makeup to even his skin tone. Also if you know anything about how they do celeb photos you will know all pictures of him are photo shopped. Personally, I think a more up to date slightly less stiff haircut would be damn sexy on him.

  12. ChunkyChippewa

    Oh my gosh, yes! He is hot hot hot. I was counting down the days when he became legit. If he ever did a movie with a nude scene — hell, even a partially nude scene (i.e. ass), I would go to see it! However, I’d probably be arrested for masturbating in the theatre lol

  13. Heights89

    Sorry but when it comes to guys, it’s not just the looks that count. I have a friend who’s a producer out in Hollywood who’s worked with Lautner…suffice it to say, Lautner has a “better than sliced bread” type of attitude, definitely something that I DON’T look for in a guy. Add in the fact that he’s a HORRIBLE actor (See: Abduction…poor Segourney Weaver) and you have basically, a piece of flesh to look at, an quite frankly, he looks like a teenage boy…I’m only 22 and I find that thought gross…

  14. Jeremy

    He is hot, ever since i started watchin the twilight saga i have been into him ever since. I would have my way with him one day and night if i could!!

  15. ?????

    Gay guys love guys with amazing bodies (I’ll give him that) and tend not to care when the ones with the bods have mutant, caricaturish faces. LOOK ABOVE THE NECK, GUYS. LOL.

  16. terry

    He’s definitely got a hot body.. Kind of feminine though.

    Have you seen the movie that he made when he was a kid?….
    Shark Boy and Lava Girl.?

    He was so cute even then. I would let him fuck me, for sure!

  17. JohnJohn

    he is friki hot ..def my future exhusband and idk why people dot find him gorgeous i mean perfect teeth smile neck hair eys boddy but i mean what more can u want in a man

  18. mario

    FUCK YEA!!!!!!!! thats one hot papi, love to do him all nite long…from the first time i saw him i wnted that little papi all for my self…and now he’s getting close to that age for the taken….yum yum yum yum….(^_^)

  19. Ru2bmy1

    Nice Face, Nice Body, Nice Butt. :-3 I think my sheet’s would be torn up on my bed from our actions if I was in bed with Him. Fuck Yea, ” HOT ” 🙂

  20. John

    OMG he is HOT……I would drop my pants and bend over and let him fuck me as hard as he wants and as long as he wants to cause he is so fucking hot i have a huge crush on him

  21. OnlyTellTheTruth

    Laughing at some of the hate comments. That boy is hot and if he came up to any of the haters wanting to be with them, they’d do it in a heartbeat, LOL!!!

    • blog

      OnlyTellTheTruth: Not at all. I would not want to see him naked in front of me. Seriously NOTTT my type of man. I dont like your guys. Usually I hookup with 30+ because of that…My ex was 20 years older than me 🙂

  22. Darryl

    In the future he will be hot once he reaches his late 20’s or early 30’s. He’s got the makings of a real hot man. Now all we have to figure out what team he plays on lol.

  23. Nico

    Not really my thing. Nice body, but I’m not into his face. And he looks too young. I would fuck him though. Just to make the guys who would die for him jealous 😀

  24. blackslut4whitecock

    He is quite handsome, has a beautiful physique and it’s not just a gym body, he’s fit as well. Don’t know about his personality but based on looks alone…and that meaty cock I would definitely do him in a heartbeat.

  25. Jo

    If I ever had the chance to fuck him (21 year old top) I would blow my biggest load ever! No kidding, that ass is perfect. There’s a picture of him walking to his car and you can see the outline of his dick, can’t tell if he’s hung or not though from the picture quality but google it and you’ll see it.

  26. draven

    taylor….. ummm that dam guy is so fucking sexy i would do more then lick sweat off that body and then the nude pics of him yummy i would fuck the shit out of him and ride that lil bitch like a hurricaine

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